Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Review + Swatches: Sleek CC Cream - Fair

Those of you who are regular readers will know this by now, but for those that are new.. I always post before and after pictures with my foundation reviews. Actually I always show pictures of the product on in my reviews - although rarely with primers as there isn't really much to see! I think it's the most helpful way to show a product - it's also very helpful for me writing the review too! Lets end the intro with a funny fact - I really disliked the Sleek BB Cream, so this is me giving Sleek bases a second chance!

As always I've included a summary at the end :)

The Basics
CC Creams as a concept are designed to be colour correcting, so generally I would think of them as having pigments to correct certain colour issues such as a green pigment to cancel out redness in the skin - not to say that it would be green! Sleek's take on a CC Cream claims to have a complexion corrector with colour adaptive technology. The product comes in a hard plastic tube, which holds 25ml of product - a little less than the average 30ml we usually get. The product has an SPF 29 in it, which is a very random number. It does have UVA + UVB protection though! There are only 4 shades available, which for Sleek is very limited - the foundations have about 30 available! The CC Creams do seem to be available in deeper shades than other brands though! It is priced at £8.99 and available from Superdrug & Sleek's Website. 

What did I think?
The problem I had with the BB Cream was that it made me incredibly oily. I have the same problem with this, I hate to say it. It is a very luminous product, and I mean very! Even after applying a matte powder this still looks luminous! I think that's why I have so many problems with it looking oily on me at the end of the day - it's literally sliding off of my face! It does say it boosts radiance, there's no denying that, I'd say it does it too well! The colour though is very good though, a tad too dark - not enough for me to not wear it though. It's the undertones that I like, it's slightly ashy and not too yellow toned, which for my cool toned skin works well. It is a nice light base, with a medium coverage.

The Good - Not too yellow, SPF29, colour options go quite deep, slightly hydrating.

The Not so Good - Makes me really oily - perhaps a good radiance booster for dry skin though?

Would I Repurchase? Nope - it just hasn't got the longevity for me.

Price & Availability - £8.99, Boots, SuperdrugSleek's Website

I think after this experience I may have to stay clear of Sleek base products, it seems like they're not for me! It's a shame though as when first applied (and powdered) this actually looks pretty nice. I hope this works for some of you though - those will dry skin might have more luck with it though! PS the Bourjois CC Cream is to die for! 

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  1. Sleek base products don't suit my skin either, which is a shame as I adore their lipsticks! Great post though hun, and lovely pics. It's a shame it doesn't agree with you as it looks lovely on in the pictures xx


    1. Thank you - the lipsticks are so good aren't they!

  2. Such like BB Creams, CC Creams doesn't make me wanna try them.. they're probably good for some people but i prefer a good tinted moisturizer or a light coverage foundation than BB or CC creams.. I also agree with them being in correcting colours such as Mac ones.. makes a lot more sense..
    Great review xx

    1. It definitely makes much more sense with the CC Creams!

  3. Think I best steer clear of this then, my skin is oily at the best of times and 'luminous' or dewy things do me no favours. Great review though.

  4. I love your hair in this! I think Sleek bases are hit and miss for some. I remember when a blogger tweeted that the BB Cream made her breakout really badly - it scarred me for life!

    Danniella x

    1. Thank you! That would put me off a little too!


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