Friday, 11 January 2013

Review: TwistedSista 30 Second Curl Spray

It's very rarely - if ever, that I review hair products here on my blog. The main reason for that is pretty obvious, I have dreadlocks! But not too long ago, I was invited to the bblogger christmas event, where they had the whole line of TwistedSista products out for show. And after hearing that they were aimed at frizzy/curly hair I was keen to hear more! I will go over the brand here a little as well, but first lets talk about the spray! 

Before + after pictures are at the bottom. 

The Basics 
This is a spray aimed at activating curls, I can't talk you though that too much, but I will be able to tell you about how it works at defrizzing and the product itself! The brand is available from Tesco's, with this particular product coming in a cute spray bottle holding 150ml product. The price is a very reasonable £4.99* - the same for the other products in the line! Ingredients wise these are sulphate and paraben free, with this product containing argan oil and green tea

What did I think? 
First off, lets talk about the scent! It reminds me so much of summer, being a beautiful tropical fragrance - heavy on the pineapple side! Some may not like interference of a scented hair products with your perfume. But personally I think it smells so good that I don't mind! As for curly I can't say much, but I do notice a considerable reduction in frizziness, which lasts all day as well. So a definite winner! I would say it makes my dreads ever so slightly 'crunchie' but nothing more than a light hairspray would - I had real hair once! But I don't get this in my fringe, so most of you girlies should be free from it! 

Other Products 
As I've already said the TwistedSista line is available from Tesco, with every item priced at a bargainous £4.99. They are all also paraben and sulphate free and formulated for curly an wavey hair - but it still does the job on my straight haired fringe and dreaded hair! The products currently available are... 

Straightening Thermal Protector (150ml)
Hot Curls Perfector (150ml) - enhances curls and protects from heat styling. 
Leave-In Conditioner (Detangler) (150ml) 
Different Strokes Serum (30ml) - Locks in Moisture, whilst blocking humidity. 
Straightening Blow Dry Cream (100ml)
Curl Activator (100ml) - To nourish curls and give volume. 
30 Second Curl Spray (150ml) 

With the glimps I've had of TwistedSista they seem like a really great brand. I certainly like the product I got to try anyway! Have you ever tried these products before? I'd love to hear your thoughts. And as always thanks for stopping by, Hannah x 

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* This product has been provided for review, however this has no sway on my review. I write honest reviews and plan to continue to, to keep the respect of my readers! 


  1. Really want to try this, I have curly hair but it needs some serious taming, x

    1. Oh no, you'll have to let me know how you get on! x


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