Thursday, 3 January 2013

Review + Swatches: ELF Baked Eyeshadow - Enchanted

Not too long ago I tried one of these new eyeshadows from ELF in the deeper Burnt Plum, and as you may of seen from my latest tutorial, I was a little obsessed! So I decided to pick another up, this time in a shade that I was hoping to be a great cheek highlight shade. But we all know what the pictures are like on ELF's website, so this is actually a bit dark/orange for that. But it won't be wasted, my eyes will use it! 

As always I've included a summary at the end :)

The Basics
As I've already said, these are a relatively new product here in the UK, not so much in America, but that's just how it goes with ELF. Here in the UK we have 6 different colours, all in what look like pretty 'normal' colours, but actually the two I've tried are actually a little interesting! The packaging's very simple, but does the job and holds lot of product, although no actual figures are given on the site. This is part of the studio line and comes in at £3.75. 

The Formula
Being a baked product means that it can be used both wet and dry, but I personally only use it dry as it's too much of a faff to use it wet! The texture is silky soft and blends nicely. Although I wouldn't go as far as to say the blending is perfect! The longevity of this one seemed to be better than the other shade I tried (Burnt Plum), lasting around 7 hours before creasing. But being a paler shade may just disguise the creasing for a little bit! 

Colour & Pigmentation
The colour of this is not what I was expecting, not necessarily a bad thing though. It's a golden champagne shade, with strong peach tones to it. The finish as expected is a strong pearl/shimmer, just like we'd expect from a baked product! The pigmentation is good, even when used dry, but can be sheered out, whilst staying even. 

The Good - cheap, lots of product, pigmented, beautiful finish.

The Not so Good - small colour range, creases earlier than I'd like. 

Would I repurchase? I've already repurchased one, but I think they'd need to release some new colours for me to repurchase! 

Price & Availability - £3.75, ELF's Website

Quite a pretty colour really, although perhaps not my cup of tea. But if you like this kind of thing, I'd say go for it! But please ELF, we need some exciting colours! Anyway as always thanks for stopping by and I'll speak to you soon, Hannah 

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  1. That color looks very pretty! Seems great for a quick look with a flicked black liner =D

    1. Yeah it's a simple look, I have a quite light matte brown in the crease too.

  2. The colour looks amazing on u....

  3. I've been surprised with elf as of late. They've been putting out great items!

    1. Me too, I'm quite excited to get some of the new products they have in America over here!

  4. Stunning! I adore shades like this :) it looks beautiful with your brown eyes x

  5. Lovely shade, they really do need better pics though- I got a nail polish recently and it was nothing like what I was expecting :(

    1. Oh no :( I agree they really need to sort it out!


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