Sunday, 20 January 2013

How Much is my Face Worth? Blogger Collaboration!

A couple of weeks ago I was talking with a couple of really lovely ladies on Twitter about doing a collaboration post. We decided on the 'How Much is Your Face Worth' tag, where basically we have to work out the value of the products we used on our face daily. I tend to rarely wear the same look twice so instead of creating a new look where I would have been conscious of using cheaper products, I have priced up a recent FOTD that I posted!  Make sure to check out the other two posts as well!

Gaelle at Lipstick Ergo Sum 

Ayshe at Discovering Beauty 

Primer - Benefit Porefessional (£23.50)
Base - Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream (£6.99)
Foundation -  Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - Shade 51 (£10.99)
Concealer - Sleek Correct & Conceal Palette - Shade 01 (£7.99)
Powder - ELF HD Powder - Corrective Yellow (£6)
Blush -  Natural Collection Blush - Rosey Glow (£1.99)
Contour - Sleek Contour Kit - Light  (£6.49)
Highlight - Accessorize Duo Baked Eyeshadow - Venus (~£5?)

Face Total = £68.95

Primer -  Too Faced Shadow Insurance (£16.50)
Lid - Sleek Curacao Palette - Blue Hawaiian, Blue Lagoon & Apres Midori (£7.99)
Crease - Urban Decay Vice Palette - Unhinged & Black Mark (£42)
Inner Corner -  Fyrinnae Loose Shadow - Winter Again ($2.25 = £1.42)
Browbone - Urban Decay Vice Palette - Anonymous (already added)
Lower Lashline - MUA Pearl Eyeshadow - Shade 6 (£1)
Upperlashline & Waterline - Collection Lasting Colour Gel Liner - Black (£4.99)
Mascara - Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Mascara (£3.49)
Brows - MUA Eyebrow Pencil - Blonde (£1)

Eyes Total = £78.39

Lipstick - ELF Matte Lip Colour - Natural (£3.75) 
Gloss -  Barry M Lipgloss - 11 (£4.49)

Lips Total = £8.24

Grand Total = £155.58

Well that's a bit scary! Especially since I used a look I already had instead of creating another one - I didn't want to subconsciously be using cheap products! I don't think the inclusion of the Urban Decay Vice Palette helped! Anyway make sure you check out the other two ladies posts, both have very nice blogs! And I will speak to you soon, Hannah 

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  1. Great post hun! I love the 123 perfect foundation. Love the colours you put together!

    1. Thanks Gaelle, loved reading yours too!

  2. Your eyes look amazing! I’m so glad our totals were similar, I was feeling really guilty! hehe

    1. Thanks lovely, it made me feel better to see that we had similar totals as well!

  3. I did ths post a few months ago and it came out at nearly 400, I nearly had a heart attack! Compared to that yours isnt too bad haha :) Love your eye shadow, it looks so pretty :)
    Poppy @ lets drive far away x

    1. Aww thank you Poppy! £44 is quite a lot, but at least you're using it if it cost that much ;)

    2. Sorry I meant £400, my hands are half asleep!

  4. You eye makeup always looks amazing! And your eyelashes, wow!

    1. Aww thank you Taylor :) I assure you it doesn't always look like that - especially once I've been out in the snow like today!

  5. omg..pretty expensive ur always

    1. I know! It's quite embarrassing really!


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