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2012 In MakeUp - My Random Beauty Favourites!

Welcome to the fourth and final (sort-of!) post of all my 2012 beauty favourites! The last three have been my face, eyes and lips favourites. But I wanted to do an extra post this year featuring some skincare, haircare, nail products, you get the idea! This is a smaller post than the other three, so hopefully you'll all be able to stay with me through this. I hope you enjoy! 

Favourite Skincare Product: DHC Deep Cleansing Oil*
I was never going to buy this type on cleanser on my own. I had to have it thrust in my face, firstly by Glossybox. And then a week after I'd used that one up I got given another one at an event. Which I was super happy for! This is my favourite face product as it removes all my make-up with a quick massage, leaving my skin lovely and soft - not greasy either! Which reminds me, would you like to see a skincare routine? 

DHC & Palmers 

Favourite Body Product: Palmers Body Scrub 
I did rave about this very recently, so some of you may know my obsession with this! But it's my favourite body scrub of the year - shower gels and lotions tend to just be what smells good! But this actually does good, moisturizing and scrubbing at the same time to leave lovely soft skin. And a beautiful scent in the shower too! I really urge you to try this out if you like a good body exfoliation! 

DHC & Palmers 

Favourite Haircare Product: Batiste Dry Shampoo - Diva 
As you probably know, I have dreadlocks. So I don't tend to really use any hair products that a 'normal' haired person would. But I do have a fringe, which can become rather greasy, very quickly! That is where Batiste comes in! I don't think I need to say much as pretty much everyone and their mum has tried it! But the Diva scent is particularly gorgeous! 


Favourite Perfume: Guerlain Insolence
Ahh how I love thee! This is one of the most beautiful (and unfortunately pricey!) scents I have tried. What really draws me to it are the violet notes, which I can't get enough of. As you can see I only have a mini, but tend to save it for special occasions, or when I want to smell extra special. It is rather unfortunately nearly empty though, sad times. 

NYC & Gurlain

Favourite Nail Polish: NYC Expert Last Nail Polish - Lights-Camera-Glitter
To pick just one nail polish was super hard! But in the end I went for this one as it's probably my most worn colour! It's basically just a really flattering glitter top coat, with small silver sparkles and larger coloured ones. If you want to see it on, I posted about it in my Galaxy Nails Tutorial - link. 

NYC Nail Polish 

Favourite Face Brush: ELF Studio Powder Brush 
Another product that isn't much of a surprise. I go on about this brush so much! It's absolutely perfect for applying my foundation with. I will never go back to a standard paddle shaped foundation brush after using the stippling method. It gives a much prettier finish and more coverage too. Gotta love this brush! 

Favourite Eye Brush: MUA E3 Blending Brush 
Okay so I know I only had this brush since the end of November, but since then I have been truely obsessed and had to include this. It blends really nicely, well better than nicely! I also think this would be great for concealer, but I haven't had a chance to try it yet as I've been too obsessed with using it on my eyes! I think 
I need to check out more of the line! 

And that rounds up my 2012 favourites, I really hope you've enjoyed ready these posts and perhaps added some new items to your wishlist! This isn't quite the end though, I have a video coming that speaks about all of the products I've mentioned in the last few days and a FOTD using nothing but these products! As always thanks for stopping by, Hannah 

*PR Sample

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  1. I have the nail polish its so pretty xxx

  2. Batiste is my fave dry shampoo too! I also love that e.l.f. brush wayyy more than any of my "high end" brushes. Looks like we have similar taste :) Great post!
    <3, Mel

  3. These look like fab products! Everyone needs a bit of Batiste in their life! XxxX

    1. Absolutely, wouldn't be without it!


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