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2012 In MakeUp - My Eye Favourites!

I warn you this isn't going to be a small post! But it's going to be full of amazing products that I've really been loving all year long! I have already done my face and lips versions, which I hope you enjoyed! We're coming to the end now, with my last post tomorrow being all about some more random favourites! This post is going to be large as it is, so I'm just going to get on with it and I hope you enjoy! 

Favourite Primer: Too Faced Shadow Insurance
The much cheaper MUA one almost made it here, but I think Too Faced just pipped it to the post. Mainly because of the packaging. There's not a lot in it to be honest, but I do prefer this slightly and it's a 2012 favourites post, not a best value post. But both are really good! 

Sleek Palette, MUA Single, Too Faced Shadow Insurance.

Favourite Single Eyeshadow: MUA Pearl Eyeshadows 
You can't get much better than these eyeshadows for £1. Lovely and pigmented, good range in colours. Nothing really to complain about, except that maybe I should have shown you some more colours here! The colour shown here is Shade 6. 

Favourite Small Palettes: Sleek iDivine Palettes
I've had a 2 year long love affair with these palettes, I think I have a bit of a problem with buying them! But that's not too much of a problem as there's some many different colour variations, from brights to neutrals and even green based palettes! This particular one is a long term love, Curacao.

Favourite Cream Eyeshadow: Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil 
I was a little stuck with what to put here. I have a lot of cream shadows that all look really beautiful, but a general issue with them is that they crease! However only one formula I have actually set and stay put! And that's these lovely colours from Urban Decay. The colour shown here is Sin. 

ELF Quad, Fyrinnae, Urban Decay 24/7. 

Favourite Eyeshadow Quad: ELF Flawless Eyeshadow 
I'm not sure this category was entirely justified. But the great thing about quads is they're small, perfect for travel. And usually pretty good value as well! These new ones from ELF are really nice, with this one giving you every colour you need for a complete eye look except mascara. Very useful and what I tend to take it with me for nights away. The colour here is Tantalizing Taupe. 

Favourite Indie Eyeshadow: Fyrinnae Loose Eyeshadow - Winter Again
I have so many indie shadows, but this really needed little thought! Although not quite as interesting as some of the colours I have, this is the most beautiful and the one that really pulls a look together. This is a pearly white, with blue duotone. Perfect for the inner corner for any blue/green make-up looks. Definitely worth having a look at! 

Urban Decay Vice Palette 

Favourite Big Palette: Urban Decay Vice Palette
Urban decay is probably my favourite more expensive brand. So I find it quite hard to resist the big palettes they come out with. Yes they're expensive, but I think the values not half bad! This has the perfect mix of bright, smokey and nude shades. I took this to my mums for Christmas and ended up using it pretty much everyday for a huge variety of looks. 

Favourite Gel Liner: Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Gel Liner 
This is such an under rated product, I never hear anyone talk about it. But I use it every single day! It works amazing and a standard liner, but also stays put on my waterline, which is perfect! The texture is really smooth and the perfect consistency for application. This product really deserves some more recognition! 

BeautyUK, Collection, No7. 

Favourite Liquid Liner: BeautyUK Pearl Eyeliner
Liquid liners tend to be a bit of a problem for me as they tend to just run off and smudge. But this particular formula is rather different. It doesn't run or smudge at all. Instead having to be removed with soap and water or your cleanser, where it pretty much peels off. The only downside is that they don't have a black! The colour shown is Rich Mahogany. 

Favourite Pencil Eyeliner: No7 Metallic Eyes Pencils
These made it here last year! But are still a firm favourite of mine. I'm sure some of it is habit, but I pick one of these up pretty much everyday to use on my lower lashline. However the formula is also really nice, really creamy, but sets down to give longevity. The colour shown here is Bronze. 

17 Peep Show, MUA Brow Pencil. 

Favourite Mascara: 17 Peep Show
The tube I'm actually showing here is empty! But I have really loved using this mascara and will definitely repurchase when my no buy is over. It has fibres in it, which as well as adding a bit of length give some really great volume to the lashes. Which is something I can really do with! 

Favourite Brow Product: MUA Eyebrow Pencil - Blonde
My most repurchased product! And one that I will keep on repurchasing. The product is on the softer side, but doesn't tend to smudge on me at all and actually gives me eyebrows - something I didn't have for the first 20 years of my life! Please never discontinue this MUA! 

Apologies for including some more expensive products, but I really wanted to include the products that I truely love the most and use a lot! I'd love it if you shared with me some of your favourite products from 2012, I'd love to read through them. Speak to you soon, Hannah 

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  1. i too love the mua single pearl eye shadows...seems beauty UK pearl eye liners are good..have to try them..

    1. They are really nice, beautiful range of colours too :)

  2. that fyrinnae eyeshadow is beautiful! definitely on my wishlist now!

    1. It's so much more beautiful in real life, I never find indie shadows to photograph anywhere near as pretty as in real life!

  3. lovely favourites :) I can't wait to buy some urban decay products!
    p.s. I was watching your videos today and I loved them! :) new youtube subscriber x

    1. Aww thanks for subscribing Lauren, really pleased you like it :)

  4. I think i'm with you with the Sleek palette buying problem haha. I went through a phase of buying every single one they released and I soon realised I needed to stop so haven't bought one in a while but i'm craving some new ones!!
    Lovely post!! I'm really enjoying reading your blog Hannah :)

    1. I think I'm still in the buy them all phase, maybe I need to take a leaf out of your book! Really pleased to hear you're enjoy my blog <3

  5. Hello :) I'm a new follower! found you on the bbloggerschat hop!
    I love this post, you've also persuaded me to buy a MUA brow pencil. I've never used brow pencils (having a blunt fringe meant i could hide them). I'm worried that they'll be really dark because you can never really find a 'light' pencil, but that one looks quite light! I'm intrigued now haha xx

    1. Aww thanks for the follow Ness, really pleased to have you here :) If it helps to get an idea of how the MUA Brow Pencil looks on, I wear it in pretty much every picture you see of me on here!

    2. Ooooh I shall look :) thank you!

  6. Great post darling, a great range of products here. I can't get over how bright that sleek palette is, some very bold colours there :D


    1. Thanks lovely, that's why I like Sleek Palettes!

  7. I love these products, you are making me want to go shopping! Love these palettes! XxxX

  8. Love the colours in the sleek palette, great 2012 round up posts Hannah, thanks!! Xxx

    1. hanks lovely, Sleek had to be a winner, as always!


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