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2012 In Make-Up - My Face Favourites!

2012 for me was a really good year as far as make-up is concerned. There were some amazing releases and lots of new colours to get excited about! Last year I did a big round-up of 2011 telling you all my favourite products that I’d been loving. But as there were so many good products to choose from I’ve taken it up a notch this year and have decided to tell you what I’ve been loving for every product you could imagine. I’ll be doing it in 4 parts, with a round-up at the end. The first post is all about face products!

Favourite Primer: Benefit Porefessional
I’ve been loving a lot of primers this year, but when I thought about it, this is the one I feel does best by my skin. It does pretty much what it says, it disguises all my large pores into beautifully even skin. It is pricey, I know! But I believe it’s a very good product. But if you wanted a bargain choice, try the 17 Photo Flawless Primer (I’m not saying it’s a dupe!)

Bourjois 123 Perfect, Benefit Porefessional, Witch BB Cream, Sleek Concealer Kit 

Favourite Foundation: Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation
I have a track record with Bourjois foundation, I seem to just fall in love with all of them! It started with their Healthy Mix Foundation and has continued from there! The one I like the best however is this one as it gives a really good coverage, without looking cakey. Whilst leaving a nice, rather skin like finish to the skin. A go to!

Favourite BB Cream: Witch Anti-Blemish BB Cream
Again, I struggled with choosing one here, there’s a few I’ve been loving. But thinking back to the idea behind BB Creams – too be good for your skin whilst giving a good coverage, I had to pick the Witch one! Another bonus with this is that it’s slightly pink toned, which is pretty much impossible to find on the highstreet, but great on my skin!

Favourite Concealer: Sleek Correct & Conceal Palette
I’m not going to claim this is the best value, but it is a seriously amazing product that I will rave about until the end of the world! It has a normal concealer for red patches and a fab under eye one as well, with a powder in there as well to set everything into place. Both work really well and my mum is already asking me to get her one for her birthday!

ELF HD Powder, ELF Cream Blush, Sleek Blush

Favourite Face Powder: ELF HD Powder
I’d heard a lot of raves about this product, but this year was the year I tried it for myself! It works similar to a pore perfecting product, making your skin look more even. And feel strangely soft as well. Another product my mums loving! 

Favourite Powder Blush Formula: Sleek Blush
That was a no brainer really wasn’t it! And it’s second appearance! If you’ve ever tried these blushes you’ll know that they’re super pigmented, which okay isn’t always the best on your cheeks. But they colour range is really good and you know you’ll be getting some pigmentation.

ELF Flirt & Sleek Pomegranate shown 

Favourite Cream Blush Formula: ELF Cream Blush
Another long term favourite of mine, which I’ve slowly been collecting different shades of. Again they have a good colour range and a really unusual texture, more like a creamy mousse. But the best bit for me is that they last on the cheeks. 

ELF Seductress, Natural Collection Rosey Glow, Barbara Daly English Rose

Favourite Red/Berry Blush: ELF Cream Blush - Seductress 
I just raved about this formula, so I probably don't need to again! But this colour is a lovely flush colour, basically red with pink tones. No shimmer and very nice with deep red lipstick! 

Favourite Pink Blush: Barbara Daly Velvet Blush: English Rose 
You can tell I love this, or that you don't get much product... But it is a nice very wearable pink shade, not too bright anyway! And great on pale skin. You may want to think about the value though as you really don't get much product! 

Favourite Nude Blush: Natural Collection - Rosey Glow 
I go on about this blush quite a lot so you're probably sick of hearing about it. But this is one of those colours that looks great on my skin and goes with pretty much anything I put on my eyes or lips. The best part? It only costs £1.99! 

Favourite Bronze/Contour: Sleek Contour Kit - Light 
Another firm favourite, I see a bit of a Sleek/ELF theme running here! This is a fab little kit though, at first I didn't like it thinking it was too warm toned for me, but actually it's grown on me. Great for contouring and bronzing and applies nicely to the skin too. 

Accessorize Eyeshadow, MeMeMe Beat the Blues, Sleek Contor Kit 

Favourite Liquid Highlight: MeMeMe Beat the Blues - Pearl Pink 
Liquid highlight on my cheek bones is far too scary a thought, so I don't do it! But I love using a bit of this mixed into my foundation. You don't need too much though, that could look a bit scary, but a little really adds a beautiful glow to the skin. They also have a more golden coloured shade which might work better if you have darker skin. 

Favourite Powder Highlight: Accessorize Duo Baked Eyeshadow - Venus 
This has only been a recent discovery, but I had to mention it as I've been a little obsessed with it! I know it's an eyeshadow, but I've taken to using the pale shade as a cheek highlighter. And oh my, it's a good one! 

Apologies for not talking too much about each product, but this post is pretty humongous as it is! But if you wanted to know anything else about a particular product then feel free to ask me, I don't bite! I really hope you like how I'm doing my 2012 favourites and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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  1. Great products!
    Bourjois foundations are really good, I have Healthy Mix now and really like it, others are a bit too dark for me (shade 51 isn't really the same with all their foundations, it seems :D ).
    I have to get a Sleek blush this year, that'll be my New Year's resolution! ;)

    1. That sounds like a brilliant New Years Resolution, definitely achievable!

  2. I keep wanting to get Sleek Pomegranate but it's never in stock :( I think I'll get a 2012 favorites post up soon-feeling inspired after reading loads!

    1. That's rubbish! I look forward to reading yours :)

  3. I've been wanting to try Benefit's porefessional for so long now but the price has put me off. It has such good reviews though, I don't
    think I can resist for much longer!! :)
    Nicolle x

    1. It really is a great product, mines nearly done now and however much I love it I'm not sure my pocket will love me if I buy it!

  4. Sleek blushes also made my favourites! Love them

    1. They're such a fab product aren't they!


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