Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Review + Swatches: ELF Glitter Eyeshadows

Sometimes I just really loose my mojo for writing, would you believe I couldn't write an essay until I was in college! English was never my strong point, but I like to think my blogs helping me to improve on my writing skills, I hope so anyway! Can you tell I couldn't work out how to start today! But I have three of the new Glitter Eyeshadows to share, I hope you enjoy the review!

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
These eyeshadows are a new addition to the essentials line, costing a slightly inflated £2.50. Like the other basic items this has some pretty standard white packaging, it does look cheap, but at the end of the day it does it's job and is reasonably sturdy. Inside each one has a whopping 4g of product, which in my experience is a huge amount compared to the 1-2g eyeshadows usually have! The three I have to share with you today are Beachy Chic, Nature Girl and Party Animal, in total there are 7 different shades


The Formula 
These shadows aren't particularly soft to the touch, infact slightly gritty feeling. But this can't be felt once applied to the eye with a brush. In my experience this kind of texture doesn't give a good eyeshadow, but actually I was reasonably happy with these! The pigmentation is definitely there - not quite so much with Party Animal and doesn't really give any glittery fallout on application - perfect! They are slightly chalky in consistency, but last really nicely on the eyes. Getting about 8 hours before creasing and no noticeable fade in colour (over primer).

Over ELF Eyelid Primer

The Colours 
Party Animal - This one is slightly less pigmented than the other two I have. But is a cool toned medium purple, which is not too bright, yet not too dark either. I like this one and it's silver glitter!

Beachy Chic - This one is a beautiful bright teal shade. Again this one has silver microglitter in it and is a more of a green teal than blue.

Nature Girl - Again I love this shade, it's a deep forest green that's very muted to look almost charcoal coloured in some lights. And again with the silver microglitter!  

Beachy Chic (lid), Nature Girl (crease), Party Animal (lower lashline)

Party Animal (lid)

The Good - pigmented, 4g product, sturdy packaging, cheap, value, minimal fallout, no noticeable fading.

The Not so Good - not a huge colour choice, quite gritty in texture.

Would I repurchase? Potentially at such a cheap price! But I won't be needing to replace any of the ones I have anytime soon as there's 4g product!

Who might like it? Those that like bright, glittery colours. Although these aren't super glittery!

Price & Availability - £2.50, ELF's Website

So overall I quite like these eyeshadows, although they're not super glittery. But I think most people will probably like that the glitters subtler. Sorry about the lack of post yesterday, I'm feeling very sleepy at the moment. But I'll speak to you again tomorrow, I promise! Thanks for stopping by, H :) 

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Sunday, 29 July 2012

New Products from ELF - with Swatches!

You may has seen my recent haul post where I quickly showed you some of the recent releases from ELF, but as I mentioned on Twitter I did another cheeky order and got some more of the new things. Reviews for all of them will be up in the coming weeks and days, but I wanted to put a quick post together showing you all the new things with swatches and some first impressions incase you were itching to make an order! 

Glitter Eyeshadows - Beachy Chic, Nature Girl, Party Animal
(£2.50 each) 
These new eyeshadows each come with a whopping 4g of product, compared to around 1-2g of the average eyeshadow. They are super glittery like the name suggests, but that's all part of the fun! Of the three I'd probably say that Beachy Chic is my favourite! 

Glitter Eyeshadows & Flawless Eyeshadow

Glitter Eyeshadows

Flawless Eyeshadow - Tantalizing Taupe
I was a little dubious of these as they looked very similar to the cheaper brightening eye quads. But actually so far I've found the Flawless one I have to be of slightly better quality. They do look quite similar to the Wet 'n' Wild ones as they have lid, crease etc written on them, but the rules don't have to be followed! 

Primer Eyeshadow - Misty Mauve 
 Not pictured because I'm rubbish! This one is pretty sheer in colour, but has a consistency similar consistency to the Collection (2000) Metallic Cream Eyeshadows. Although I haven't tested them for wear yet so can't say how they last, but the texture does seem better than the similar looking liquid eyeshadows ELF does. 

HD Powder, Concealer, Lip Stain

Cover Everything Concealer - Light 
To be honest I wasn't expecting great things from this, but actually I definitely prefer it to their All Over Cover Stick (£1.50). The new one being creamier, less thick and with a bit more coverage. Although coming in significantly less colours (3), there is a corrective yellow shade included that I'm considering picking up on my next order! 

High Definition Powder - Corrective Yellow 
I've never tried the original HD Powder, but this one I can definitely vouch for.  I have slowly become obsessed with it for the smooth, even and soft finish it gives my skin. I'm not so convinced the yellow colour does an awful lot, you'd probably have to try it compared to the regular one. But if blended on well and not applied too heavily I've had no problems with a yellow face. 

Lip Stain Pen - Pink Petal 
I did pick quite a light pink here, but I found this to be pretty much unnoticeable on the lips. However if you picked one of the darker shades such as Crimson Crush you might get a bit more from it. But for me this is a bit of  a fail, sorry ELF! 

Nail Polishes - Smokin Hot, Coral Dream

Nail Polish - Coral Dream, Smokin Hot 
ELF has also released three brand new Nail Polishes, these two and a pink called Flirty Fuchsia. I've only tried Coral Dream so far (NOTD), but it's a great summery colour and seems the same in formula to the other ELF Polishes I've tried. Smokin Hot's lined up to be my next polish so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next week! 

Coral Dream

I haven't got all the new bits, so if you're interested go over to ELF's Website and click on the 'what's new' tab at the top! But hopefully this post helped some of you guys and as always let me know if there's anything you wanted to see reviewed first! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, H :)         

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Saturday, 28 July 2012

NOTD: ELF Nail Polish - Coral Dream (New!)

Annoyingly everytime I order from ELF they bring out new things very soon after! This time was no different, except that I had little self restraint and had to put in a small order to pick up some of the newer bits! But actually I'm pleased I did as the products seem really nice! The package arrived this morning so I'm not ready to review anything yet, but decided to quickly show you this polish on the nails! 

Available from ELF's Website for £2.50

A little brighter in real life!

What do I think so far?
I can't comment on how long these last as I've only had it on a few hours! But the application was fine - it did take 3 coats to get a perfect opaque finish, but 2 would probably do! As you can see the colour is perfect for summer being a bright coralled orange. Kinda like the orange version of candy pink if that makes any sense! If you're tempted by this colour I'd say go for it and pick up some others whilst you're at it - I'm growing to really like the ELF Polishes! 

That's all for this post, very short I know. But hopefully helpful seeing as this is such a new shade. There were another two brand new shades as well - Flirty Fuchsia and Smokin Hot. I do have Smokin Hot (bright red), so will get a NOTD up of that soon as well! But for now take care and I'll speak to you again soon, H :) 

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Top Picks: My Summer Make-Up Essentials

We've been very lucky here in the UK recently and have been having a bit of a mini heatwave! The weather is lovely, infact blooming hot! Which is great, but maybe not the best thing when wearing a full face of make-up. So I decided I'd write a little post on the make-up products I've been reaching for and enjoying most in the hot weather!

The Products! 
  • 17 BB Cream - Light
  • Topshop Blush - Neon Rose
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light 
  • Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Gel Liner - Teal 
  • Benefit Benetint 
  • Sleek Pout Polish - Sugar May 

Topshop Blush - Neon Rose 
(£6, Topshop)
Although the name doesn't hint at it the Topshop blushes actually have a really great cream formula to them. Applying evenly with the perfect pigmentation to make application super easy - I use the ELF Stipple Brush. And also last pretty well on the skin. This colour's also a perfect fresh coral shade for summer. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light 
(£6.29, Superdrug)
Maybe not the most obvious choice for a summer essential. But actually I've been really loving this little kit. I've taken to using the darker contour shade as a subtle matte bronzer as well as adding some contour too. And then the highlight side adds a reasonably strong glow to the face - again great for summer! 

17 BB Cream - Light
(£6.99, Boots) 
When it's really hot I don't like having primer, foundation, powder all over my face. But BB Cream is a much better choice for me being lighter on the skin and having SPF15 too. Also a much quicker and simpler application when in a rush to head out the door!
Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Gel Liner - Teal 
(£4.99, Superdrug) 
As you may have seen in my recent FOTD I'm a lover off a subtle bit of coloured liner in the summer. It's very simple and brightens up any look, with teal being one of my favourite colour choices. This particular one from Collection (2000) is great, having good staying power and staying nice and vibrant on the eyes. 

 Benefit Benetint 
(Fullsize £24.50, Debenhams) 
I never realised how pricey this stuff was! I actually got mine as a magazine freebie, and probably won't be repurchasing at this price! But regardless I love this stuff and the subtle pinky red stain it gives to the lips. Perfect for when it's hot and you don't want to be wearing anything on the lips. If you want a cheaper option try the MeMeMe Poppy Tint - a very similar colour, but with the brush not being quite as good! 

Sleek Pout Polish - Sugar May 
(this colour is discontinued, but other shades are £4.49) 
Sorry to include a discontinued shade, but this is the one I've genuinely be using a lot over the last few months really, as you can see! But the product in general is a great tinted lip balm, being both moisturizing whilst adding a tint of colour and giving an SPF15. 

I also want to quickly say that the 17 Shine Control Pressed Powder is fab if you wanted to wear one! But I hope you enjoyed this little post on my summer make-up essentials and feel free to add in your own below. I love reading all your comments! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it and I'll speak to you again soon, H :)           
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Friday, 27 July 2012

Review + Swatches: MakeUp Academy Plumping Lip Gloss - Peach Shimmer

To be honest I'm not really that bothered by the size of my lips, mine are fine by me! But when Louise at Sprinkle of Glitter (she's awesome, check her out!) mentioned that she loved this gloss and this particular shade I was on it like Sonic - especially considering the bargainous £2 price tag! Full name - MakeUp Academy Out There Plumping Lip Gloss - Peach Shimmer. A mouthful really!

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
As the name suggests this is a plumping lipgloss, containing 'Maxi Lips', which I'm guessing is some magical ingredient to plump the lips! The Gloss itself actually comes in a really long tube, holding who knows how much product. It looks like a reasonable amount though and is dispensed with a standard doe-foot applicator. In total there are 8 different colours choices, mainly pinks and nudes. 


The Formula 
The first time I applied this I was very curious on how the plump would feel, and I'm sorry to report it's not the most comfortable - it's definitely stingy on the lips. So if you're very sensitive this may not be for you!  It only lasts around 5 minutes though. Then allows you to wear it sting free for the just over 2 hours that it lasts on the lips. A definite bonus with this is it's not sticky, so after the initial sting actually feels pretty nice on the lips, also having a nice scent which I can't put my finger on! And like most glosses I didn't find it drying. 

The Plump
As I said this isn't the most comfortable plump but this does wear off after around 5 minutes, so if you're not too sensitive and can put up with it for a few minutes you'll probably come out the other side alright. As for how effective it is, I'd say reasonably. Remember it is just make-up, not a lip injection(!), so will only have more subtle effects. Maybe not so noticeable to others - so natural looking. But I noticed a small difference looking in the mirror!   


Colour & Pigmentation 
So up until now you may have been thinking I'd got the name wrong as I'm showing you a definite pink gloss, but calling it Peach Shimmer. But I assure you the name and pictures are correct! So like I said this is a really nice medium coral based pink with a really great pigmentation to it. Not opaque, but just the intensity I love in a gloss! As you can see it has a nice gloss to it, but not too much of that shimmer the name promises!

The Good - cheap, value, pretty colour, not sticky, good pigmentation, 8 colour choices, gives a subtle plump (not OTT!).

The Not so Good - the plump is not very comfortable, only lasts just over 2 hours, names not very accurate.

Would I repurchase? At first I didn't think I would, but it's actually kinda growing on me! It makes my lips look surprisingly awesome!

Who might like it? Those that want a cheap and effective lip plump, also those that want a nice pigmented gloss and don't mind a slight plumping effect.

Price & Availability -  £2, Superdrug & MUA's Website

You know when you say a word over and over again it begins to sound weird? I'm getting that with the word 'plump' after typing it so many times! But my weirdness aside, I really hope you enjoyed the post! Let me know if there's anything you wanted to see on my blog and I'll speak to you again soon, H :)

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Review: Garnier Summer Body Moisturising Lotion

This summer was the first summer I ever tried a gradual tanning product. Naturally I'm very pale, like a ghost maybe? So I didn't want to have a full on tan so opted to use a light gradual tanner as opposed to a full on fake tan. And I must say I'm quite liking them! So far I've used this Garnier one and a Dove one, but I do have my eye on the Palmers one too!

The Basics
I have the light sunkissed look one, but you can also get a darker one as well. It's available in a variety of different bottle sizes, with mine being 250ml, which is currently on offer in Superdrug for £2.53, normally £5.06. It has apricot extract in it, which gives it a nice summery scent. It works by having a small amount of tanning ingredients infused into a body moisturizer to give a subtle glow for those of us with pale skin! 

What did I think?
For me this wasn't a stand out, amazing product, but on the other hand it wasn't bad either. It was really nice and moisturizing, making my skin feel lovely. As for adding colour I did find that it was pretty subtle, but still slightly buildable. But in all honesty I only wanted a light gradual tanner, just to take the edge off the paleness without being orange, you know! If you wanted more colour, perhaps try the darker one? And with any type of tanning products remember to exfoliate to keep the colour even! My current favourite is the Soap & Glory Flake Away Body Polish! 

I must say you have to be careful of areas of dry skin with this type of product, you don't want dark patches! But anyway I hope you found the review useful and feel free to share your favourite gradual tanners down below! Apologies for no before/after pictures - I don't have any before pictures for comparrisson. Sorry, but thank you for stopping by, H :)  

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Products I Regret Buying! (Request)

I was a little dubious to do this post/video. But it was requested, so I thought, why not! But like I say in the video (all the way down at the bottom) just because I don't like something doesn't mean you won't, we're all different! But despite that I decided to share anyway as I'm always showing you things I love, so it was about time I did a round-up of things I'm not so keen on. And it's worth mentioning every single brand I mention I actually really like - just the individual products I'm not such a fan of! 

Superdrug BB Cream - Light 
(£8.99, Superdrug) 
This is pretty much a glorified tinted moisturizer, but who can blame Superdrug for wanting to jump on the BB Bandwagon! Anyway I find this is too warm toned for me and doesn't really give any coverage either. I also find that it takes a few minutes to sink in properly and I'm just far too impatient! But does have some good anti-aging ingredients - see this post from Le petit jardin de Liloo (blog).

MakeUp Academy BB Cream - Light 
(£4, Superdrug & MUA's Website) 
Again I don't really find this to have the kind of texture I've expected from UK brand BB Cream. This one is particularly thick - more so than any foundation I own! And takes a little work to blend. BUT if used as a foundation, with primer, concealer and all that jazz it's not too bad. Just not what I think of as a BB Cream! 

Superdrug BB Cream, MUA BB Cream

Bourjois Flower Perfection Primer 
(£9.99, Superdrug & Boots)
Really not a fan of this, for a start for £9.99 your getting just 7ml of product, and that's fullsize! To compare the second smallest full sized primer I have is 15ml, with the rest all being 30ml. I also haven't been able to get any foundation I own to look nice over it, including the Bourjois Flower Perfection one! But that's not to say there's not one that exists! 

17 Instant Glow Light Bronze Bronzing Powder
(£4.59, Boots)
This believe it or not is far too pale and I myself am pretty pale, so that's pretty surprising! It's also quite sheer as well, so I don't really get any bronzing effect from it. I hate to see things go to waste when I've spent good money on them so have taken to occasionally using this as a face powder, so all is not lost. I may try the darker one oneday though! 

BeautyUK Blush, 17 Bronzer, Bourjois Primer

BeautyUK Blush - Royal Rose 
(£3.99, Superdug & BeautyUK's Website) 
On the surface this seems really great as swatched with the finger this appears to have a decent pigmentation. But I cannot get this to transfer to my face very well! It takes more than one coat to get it to be a decent pigmentation and then takes some blending!    

MeMeMe Poppy Tint 
(£5.24, Superdrug & MeMeMe's Website)
I love the Pussycat shade of this tint, but this pink one for me is a no no. On my lips it just refuses to dry down leaving this weird kind of film on my lips, which I don't seem to get on with. It does blend better into the cheeks, but again a bit filmy! 

MeMeMe Poppy Tint, Lip Smackers

Lip Smackers - Cocoa Cola
(£1.50, Primark)
A weird inclusion I know! And in general I actually really like Lip Smackers, like the majority of people really. But I just cannot get on with the scent of this and that's coming from a girl with an unhealthy obsession with cola! 

Accessorize Diamond Lipgloss - Starlet 
(£4, Superdrug)
This one is actually not half bad as far as quality goes, it's more of a personal preference thing I have going on. And in all fairness I should have been wiser in my buying choices! But this has a whole bunch of glitter in it! And I'm personally not into glittery lips! But it's actually pretty darn pigmented! 

Accessorize Lip Gloss, Urban Decay Pocket Rocket

Urban Decay Pocket Rocket Lipgloss - Doug 
(£13, Debenhams)
I have a couple of these that I got in a set and it's a struggle to write this. Mainly because I am obsessed with the scent of this, possibly the best thing I ever smelt! But it's just so thick on my lips, and I just can't go about my day to day life with it sat there, it does my head in!  

Urban Decay Primer Potion, 17 Metallic Eyes

Urban Decay Primer Potion 
(£14.50 fullsize, Debenhams) 
I'm probably going to get some hate for this! But I just cannot get on with this stuff! I find even my £1.50 ELF primer does a better job for me, but everyone's different! The one I showed you here is actually a mini so I should really just get myself in gear and use it up! 

17 Wild Metallic Eyes - Wild Midnight Blue 
(£3.99, Boots) 
This purchase is kinda my fault to be honest. I know I'm not a fan of cream eyeshadows, but didn't read the display properly and thought it was a loose eyeshadow, doh! Regardless this is a pretty rubbish cream eyeshadow, creases almost instantly and blends out to be pretty much sheer with a bit of glitter. Can be used as a base (not primer!) for eyeshadows to make them more glittery at a push! 
Collection (2000) Poptastic Eye Palette

Collection (2000) Poptastic Eye Palette 
(£4.19, Boots & Superdrug)
I was debating whether to include this as some of the shades in here are actually reasonably decent. But the matte shades (the majority of the palette) are either not very pigmented or powdery/chalky. And in all honesty when I have coloured palettes from other brands like Sleek I just don't ever reach for this! 

MUA Matt Eyeshadows, GOSH Mono Eyeshadow

MakeUp Academy Matt Eyeshadows 
(£1 each, Superdrug & MUA's Website) 
Don't get these mixed up with the eyeshadows in the same packaging with a 'pearl' finish - those I love! But the matte ones just don't reach the mark for me, the colours are pretty and they swatch nicely on the finger, but once transfered to the eye they are super sheer! I've never actually reviewed these fully so let me know if you wanted something more indepth! 

GOSH Mono Eyeshadow - Turquoise  
(£4.99, Superdrug) 
I'll be honest here I've included a fair amount of single eyeshadow, mainly because I keep buying them and they just get a little neglected. Especially if their not quite up to par - I'm a palette girl at heart! This particular one is a really pretty one and swatches reasonably, but once blended onto the eye it sheers out a lot. It's also on the powdery side with some glitter fallout too. 

Accessorize Mascara, Barry M Liner

Barry M Wink Black Marker for Eyes
(£4.59, Boots & Superdrug)
That actually isn't a rubbish product, but again I just prefer something else - the Collection (2000) Extreme Felt Tip Liner. The Barry M one isn't quite as black and not as good on the staying powder either! If you watch the video linked below you'll be able to see them swatched side by side. 

Accessorize Flutter Curl Mascara 
(~£5, Superdrug) 
I really hate saying this but I'm really not into Accessorize Mascaras in general. They tend to be on the drier side and give more natural effects. Which isn't my thing really, I'm a volume type of girl! But if you like more natural lashes you may like their range! 

Sorry if this seemed like a really negative post, but I hope that it helped some of you! But just remember these are my own opinions and we're all different! Just take don't take it too seriously! 

But thanks for stopping by and feel free to add any of your opinions below! This was requested so I hope you like it! H :)   

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