Saturday, 29 December 2012

The Post Christmas Pamper!

I think we are safe in saying that Christmas is well and truely over for 2012, but that doesn't mean that we have to go straight back to reality. A relaxing inbetween step is definitely a must, especially after all the rubbish food I ate over the last few days! I feel like I ought to give my body a little pampering! And seeing as I tend to get caught up in make-up reviews and looks a lot I thought I'd share with you the products I used and love! 

Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask*
(£25 for 6 Sachets, Murads Website)
So you're probably thinking that's pretty pricey for 6 uses, but actually to use a whole sachet is just a waste, you really don't need the whole thing. I tend to get around 3 uses from a sachet, so actually the values not so bad! The product's a clear gel product that dries on the skin and is easily washed off. The mask exfoliates with fruit enzymes and AHA's, leaving me with soft, fresh looking skin! 

Palmer Cocoa Butter Body Scrub
(£4.99, Superdrug)
Currenly on offer for just £2.99 actually - and I highly recommend picking one up! This is one of those really luxurious, super scrubby scrubs that leaves you feeling like you've really made a difference to that wintery skin. The best bit about this one is that all the exfoliating particles are held in a luxurious creamy, moisturizing base. Oh my, this is good! And it gets better, it smells amazing too, just like the rest of the Palmers range! This is definitely a staple for me, that will be repurchased over and over!

Dirty Works Sole Sister Foot Scrub
(£4.99, Sainsbury's)
Yes it is totally alright to have a separate scrub for your feet! This is much rougher on the skin, helping to get rid of the pesky hard skin that many of us have been blessed with! It does that using pumice, but still has a lovely fresh mint scent. I've been using this for a while now, every other day, and have noticed the benefits!

Lush Sympathy for the Skin Moisturizing Body Lotion
(£10.75, Lush)
I found it hard to pick a body lotion to feature in this post as I'm literally bursting to the seams with them! Infact I have a bit of a challenge concerning my body products to get stuck into in the new year - more on that soon! But this one got the chance to appear as it's one I've been loving lately as it's really thick and moisturzing, whilst having a beautiful natural vanilla scent to it. Also being Lush it's made from natural products and leaves my skin lovely and soft! 

Hopefully in the new year I can do more posts like this, showcasing my favourite body products and perhaps even some reviews on some! I'd love to hear what your favourite pamper products are (not that I need to buy anymore for about 5 years!) and I'll speak to you soon, Hannah 

*This product was provided for review however that has no effect on my opinions. My loyalty is to you guys and I aim to keep that with my honesty! 

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  1. really want to try the lush body lotion!!!!
    going to pop into my local lush tomo and buy it, seen so many good things about it!

    hope you had a lovely xmas!

    1. It's pretty nice, Their Vanilla Dee-lite one also smells amazing, but I somehow managed to lose it whilst moving house, no idea how! I hope you had a great Christmas too :)

  2. oh yes this is what I'll doing tonight... exfoliating with Philosophy scrub, soaking in a tub full of Lush bubbles, them moisturizing with some Laura Mercier creams I got for Christmas... it's very snowy in Toronto today... this is the perfect way to spend an evening :)

    1. I heard about the weather in America recently, I hope everything's alright for you! But enjoy your pamper, it sounds very luxurious!

  3. Now that little Palmer's scrub is more than tempting! So inexpensive I hope I can find it in Montreal. I haven't used one in such a long time prefering TBS towel but these days I feel the "need" for one. :)

    1. It's a lovely product, keeping my fingers crossed you'll find one!


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