Monday, 3 December 2012

The Monday Make-Up Mix-Up #9

Time seems to be flying by way too fast to enjoy life at the moment! But in two weeks time I breakup for the holidays, so although I still have a tonne of work to do, I can do it when I want too! Which means more blogging and youtube time, yay! Anyway we're almost into double figures of the Make-Up Mix-Up feature, I hope you're still enjoying it!

No7 Beautiful Skin BB Cream - Normal/Oily 
(£12.95, Boots)
 A bit pricey for me! I think I probably bought this when Boots had their £5 No7 vouchers going. I wish I could tell you a bit more about this, but I haven't used it in forever! I remember thinking it was alright, but nothing special. But on my hand it seems to be quite light in texture, but not too orange either.

ELF Mineral Blush - Rose 
(£5, ELF's Website)
Were these always this expensive! I don't remember paying this much anyways! But I do think it's worth that as the pigmentation is good and this colour looks rather nice on too. It's been something I haven't used too much in the past, but have actually picked up a few times recently, so will be fun to create a look with it!

Accessorize Merged Eyeshadow - Gunmetal
(£4, Superdrug)
I always get drawn in to single eyeshadows as often there's some super pretty shades to be had. But when it comes down to actually applying it to my face I tend to just go for palettes as it's easier - unless there's a specific colour/brand I want to use! But this is a nice pigmented gunmetal shade - although nothing special colour wise.

Prestige Liquid Eyeliner - Azure 
This is basically just a blue eyeliner, which I hate as I have very watery eyes and this just smudges straight off! So will probably be removed after I've photographed my make-up as I don't think I'd be able to go out with it on! 

MUA Lip Boom - Cheeky! 
(£3, Superdrug & MUA's Website)
Uh oh! Baby pink lipstick is not quite my colour! I may try putting a deep berry red lipliner underneath and see if that brightens it up a little and makes me look less dead! But you'll see what I manage to come up with on Friday when I post a FOTD using all of these products, wish me luck! 

Not too bad this week I guess, although that lipstick could throw a spanner in the works! Hopefully I'll be able to work some kind of Christmas magic! Talking o Christmas, I haven't got an advent calender yet, may need to work on that soon! As always thanks for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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