Monday, 3 December 2012

The Discovery Box from The Fragrance Shop!

Very recently The Fragrance Shop here in the UK jumped on the sample box bandwagon with their offering of a fragrance sample box. At first I wasn't completely sold, but when I saw the price (£5!), I thought it would be worth getting at least one box and seeing what I thought! This isn't a review or anything like that, but I wanted to quickly share the video I uploaded to Youtube tonight explaining what's in the box and some basic info. A full review post will be coming soon, but if this post has tempted you enough already you can find out more here (link). 

If you don't want to watch the embedded version you can watch it on Youtube here (link)

What do you think? Waste of money or a nice buy? I'm leaning towards the latter as you get £25 worth of vouchers in it too and I'm not really a person who sticks to one scent. So these are perfect to throw in my make-up bag! As always thanks for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah

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