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Review + Swatches: Urban Decay Vice Palette

I warn you, this is going to be a long post! But a fun filled Urban Decay one. They really are my go to higher end brand, I'm always very impressed with their eyeshadow palettes - I'm finding it harder and harder to resist them these days! Their most recent offering was this fab eyeshadow palette for Christmas, it's not the cheapest, coming in at £42 (ouch!). 

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
First off, you may notice the super slick, matte purple packaging, complete with huge mirror in the lid and a button opening feature! Inside we get 20 new and exclusive eyeshadows (0.8g each) and a double ended crease/eyeshadow brush. This time we don't get a primer - luckily, I hate the stuff! This is a limited edition Christmas product, so best to snap it up whilst you can, or put it on your list to santa! 

The Eyeshadow - Quality
Generally the eyeshadow quality was completely upto standard for Urban Decay, soft silky, pigmented and lasting all day! I did have problems with a couple of the shades being chunky and not pigmented - especially Jagged! But all in all it's fab. There's a good mix of brights, nudes, deep tones and pale highlight shades, suitable for any occasion, with a little something for everyone. Enjoy the swatches! 

Swatches - Part 1 

Desperation - Looks matte in the pan, but swatches slightly shimmery, with the colour being a deep greyed taupe.

Muse - A beautiful rich chocolaty brown with bronze shimmer to it, very pretty!

Jagged - This one is rubbish! The texture is chunky and the finish very sheer. But it's a deep brown with golden glitter in it - from what I can tell anyway!

Blitz - A bright yellow gold, nice shimmery finish :)

Penny Lane - An orange copper shade, with a slight golden duotone.

Swatches - Part 2

Junkie - This doesn't swatch true to pan, however is a beautiful more blue version. It's probably one of the best teals I've met!

Chaos - That matte bright blue, I was slightly disappointed as this isn't as pigmented as I'd hoped but over a base (like NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils) this works better!

Occupy - A deep blue toned gunmetal shade, with silver microshimmer.

Unhinged - Similar to junkie, but lighter and more blue toned.

Black Market - The standard black, possibly not as intense as others from Urban Decay, but this one seems to have a slight demi-matte finish.

Swatches - Part 3

Provocateur - Again this ones on the chunky fall-out side. But the colour is a beautiful cool toned pink champagne, shimmer as a given!

Rapture - A beautiful deep grey based purple, with a super subtle pink shimmer to it.

Vice - Named after the palette! A medium-dark purple, with a brighter duotone to it.

Noise - A bright Fuchsia with a pearl finish and the chunky gold glitter Urban Decay is known for - which does fall out a little! 

Armor - A medium slightly purple toned taupe.

Swatches - Part 4

Nevermind - A warm light metallic pale bronze shade, on the warmer side.

Echo Beach - Prettty! A slightly golden champagne shade, and without sounding stupid it just looks perfect in the pan!

Anonymous - The perfect highlight shade, a nudey matte ever so slightly warm shade, but fine on my cool toned skin.

Freebird - Swatches a lot paler than in the pan, but a pale warm pink shade with a golden shimmer to it.

Laced - Another pale matte shade, this time a little darker, and actually swatches slightly on the mauve side.

The Good - great packaging, huge mirror, 20 new eyeshadows, double ended brush, generally well pigmented, great colour range. 

The Not so Good - pricey (although pretty good overall value), a couple of shades don't have great quality. 

Would I repurchase? I have no need to repurchase the palette, but Urban Decay, hell yes! 

Price & Availability - £42, Debenhams & House of Fraiser. 

Huge post right? So well done for those that stayed with me to the end! I know I promised a FOTD or two with this palette, that is more than likely to still happen, I've been busy. But soon, I promise! As always thanks so much for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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