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Review: The Fragrance Shop Discovery Box - A/W12

The market seems completely saturated with sample style boxes at the moment, they really seem to be 'the in thing'. I know they're not everybodies cup of tea, but personally I'm really into them. It's kinda like a surprise present to yourself every month, except the difference with this one is that you actually do know what you're getting before you part with your hard earned money!

The General Idea
So as I've already said this is a subscription box, each one costing just £5 and being released four times a year. That for me was a great selling point, it's cheap and I'm not going to get over run with perfume samples every month. This month there are 5 perfume samples, whether this is the standard or not, I don't know? But for each sample in the box they include a £5 voucher off of a full size at The Fragrance Shop - not half bad! It also comes with an informative booklet - which is where all the scent descriptions have been taken from!

Boss Nuit Pour Femme - Eau De Parfum
(30ml, £33.50)
Top Notes - Juicy white peach combined with the thrilling radiance of the wet aldehydic accord create a fresh and sparkling first impression.
Heart Notes - Beneath the top lay jasmine and a white flower bouquet with white violet added for softness.
My Thoughts - I actually liked every fragrance in this box, so we're off to a good start here! I did find this one to be a heavier floral scent (well I thought so anyway!). That tended to wear of quicker than other scents.

Ralph Lauren Big Pony 2 - Eau de Toilette
(50ml, £34.50)
The Scent - A floriental warm fragrance featuring marshmallow and cranberry. Sweet & feminine.
My Thoughts - I like this one! As you probably know I'm not great at describing scents, but I'd say their sweet & feminine description is pretty apt! If I didn't have so much perfume already (and had more money!) I may have considered buying this!

Swarovski Edition - Eau de Toilette 
(50ml, £47.50)
Top Notes - A sparkling accord, with an explosive burst of energy. A sparkling blend of clementine and redcurrant.
Heart Notes - A luxuriously, feminine, floral heart of wild rose blossom and gardenia flower.
My Thoughts - Again I find this one quite floral, but not too much this time as it's a tad fruity too. I do wish I was better as fragrance description, hopefully smelling all these perfumes will help me get better!

Paco Rabanne Lady Million - Eau de Toilette
(50ml, £41.99)
Top Notes - Green and floral notes radiate from application with lily of the valley entwined with neroli flowers.
Heart Notes - Gardenia and hyacinth wrap around the top notes to create a luxury heart that radiates excess.
My Thoughts - This is supposedly a lighter version of the Lady Million EDP, which I haven't smelt so can't comment on. But I would say this is reasonably light and smells a bit like the posh perfumes my grandma used to wear - I don't know what they were though, sorry!

Lancome La vie est Belle - Eau de Parfum
(30ml, £38.50)
Top Notes - Blackcurrant and pear create a contrasting but lush first impression
Heart Notes - The heart bursts with iris, jasmine and orange blossom.
My Thoughts - My favourite of the box, I love fruity fragrances and jasmine, so this is right up my street. There's also a very subtle musky vanilla scent hiding in there too, which again I like!

The Vouchers
Now I have no plans to spend any of these vouchers as I have more than enough perfume for the moment! So I thought I would share the love and offer them to you guys - it does say I can share them with friends!

I have a £5 voucher for each of these perfumes when purchased at The Fragrance Shop which I'm happy to post out to you guys. To make it fair it's going to be first come first served and just one each! Obviously UK only as it's a UK shop and please no under 18's as you'll have to provide me with an address to post the voucher! Leave a comment below and we can sort it out from there!

Boss Nuit Pour Femme
Ralph Lauren The Big Pony Collection (Womens)
Swarovski Edition
Paco Rabanne Lady Million 
Lancome La Vie est Belle 

Sorry about my lack of skills at describing scents, maybe I should just stick to the make-up! But I must say the official descriptions are quite amusing to read! Anyway thanks everyone for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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  1. Great idea, may look into this! I'll take a voucher off your hands too for Ralph Lauren :) sweet of you to give them away

    1. They might as well go to use! If you could email your address to and I'll get it posted out :)


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