Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Photo Tutorial - Cute Snowman Nails for Christmas!

My little nail art tutorials generally seem to go down pretty well, although maybe not a frequent as they could be! So I decided to put together a cute little snowman tutorial for you guys to have a go at for Christmas. It's quite appropriate for today as it has been so cold! But the perfect excuse to wear all your cute hats and scarves! I hope you enjoy! 

You will need... 
White nail polish (MUA Nail Varnish - All Nude)
Pale blue nail polish (Bourjois 1 seconde Gel Polish - Bleu Water)
'Dirt' coloured nail polish (Sally Hansen Insta Dry Nail Colour - Slick Slate)
Black nail polish (MUA Nail Polish - Shade 2)
Orange nail polish (MUA Love Hearts Nail Polish - I Want U)
Iridescent glitter polish (ELF Nail Polish - Fairy Dust)
Small and large dotting tools! 

Step 1 
You may want to start with a base coat to protect your nails. And then paint your accent nails (ring finger) with the pale blue polish. Then paint all the rest of your nails with your white polish - it's meant to look like snow! 

Step 2 
On your blue nail paint two rough lines with the 'dirt' coloured polish at the tip of the nail - it doesn't need to be neat as it's just a bit of ground for the snowman to sit on! 

Step 3 
Now we get to use dotting tools! Take the white again and paint one big white dot sitting on your dirt, if your dotting tools aren't big enough, just use it to make a bigger area white - it doesn't need to be perfect, the snowmen never are! And then paint a smaller (but still reasonably large) dot on top of the first one for the poor mans head! 

Step 4 
Use the black and orange nail polishes with a small dotting tool to paint on the features of the snowman. I chose to give him two buttons down his front, two eyes and a tophat with the black. And then used the orange to give him his carotty nose! 

Step 5 
All you need to do now is to use your iridescent glitter polish over the top of all your nails to give the scene a slick of snow! If you don't have anything iridescent, maybe try using something pretty and silver. It's not so visible on the white nails, but in real life it's cute but subtle! And then just finish with a clear topcoat if you desire and you have your super special snowman nails! 

I really hope you enjoyed the first of my Christmas tutorial, I'm planning on getting a make-up tutorial up as well for the season. And I have another sneaky nail art hiding up my sleeve as well - a more sophisticated one too! 

I really hope you enjoyed this tutorial, let me know how you get on and I'd love it if you tweet me a picture of your nails if you try it! Speak to you soon, Hannah 

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