Thursday, 20 December 2012

My Massive £6 Make-Up Haul!

I'm serious, everything in the picture below came to the grand sum of £6! I wasn't going to buy anymore make-up for a bit, but this offer was just far too good to pass up! Unfortunately the offer has finished now, but MUA had a 40% off and 5 free nail quakes to celebrate reaching 40,000 likes on facebook (I did tweet about it!) - they'll be having another offer when they reach 50,000 so get liking! And they best part of the offer was that it only had a minimum spend of £10! 

All prices given all the full prices - not discounted ones! 

MUA Eyeshadow Palette - Glamour Nights
I'd been wanting to try some more of these palettes as the ones I've tried were pretty darn good quality and value. I did have trouble chosing which one I wanted to try, but in the end went for this one as it looks like it could be a lot of fun for smokey eyes! I will of course have a review coming, but if you wanted to see a FOTD let me know! 

MUA Eyeshadow - Shade 12 Pearl
I couldn't help but add another one of these singles to my collection as well, if you haven't tried them before, definitely go have a look! This particular one is very unusual, I thought it was a shimmery gunmetal shade looking at the picture online, infact it looks that in the pan at a glance too. But once swatched it has a deep red colour with a silvery green duochrome to it, very exciting! 

MUA Gel Eyeliner - On the Move 
I hadn't tried these yet, so wanted to have a go, and with the discount I wasn't losing much if I didn't like it! So far I'm not convinced, it doesn't seem too wonderful, but the colours nice! I've yet to try this on my eye yet though, so that'll be the true test! 

MUA Lipsticks - Shades 2 & 3 
(£1, each)
I'm growing quite a collection of the MUA lipsticks now, you could literally buy the whole collection for the price of a higher end lipstick! And even better is that they actually have an amazing formula - perhaps even my favourite! I decided to pick up a couple of pink shades as at the moment I only have reds and nudes from MUA - we all love a pink lip! 

MUA Nail Quakes - Quiver, Shattered Ice, Broken Arrow, Jailbreak, Shiver
(£2.99 each)
Wow didn't realise these are worth £2.99 each, that's about £15 worth of free polish for spending £6. Not half bad! I haven't tried these yet, but I've tried some of the glitter ones before, which are pretty darn kool! I think I have a lot of fun ahead here trying different colour combos! 

If I do say so myself, that's a pretty good deal! I do actually have a proper haul sat waiting to be edited for a Youtube video - coming soon hopefully! Did you order from this amazing sale, what did you pick up? As always thanks for stopping by and I'll speak to you soon, Hannah 

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  1. Can't believe I missed this offer! I'd love to see what the Nail Quakes look like on the nail :) Looking forward to that haul video xx

    1. There's always next time! Have a god Christmas :)

  2. I got that eyeliner as well, took me far too long to work out where the brush was! I think I'll put up my mua haul tomorrow :)

    1. It stumped me for a bit as well! Look forward to reading your haul!


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