Friday, 28 December 2012

My Gingerbread Obsession!

For me rainy nights and cold winter days need something cosey and warming to perk up my spirits. And for me that's the spicey sent of ginger. It has just the right mixture of  warming, happy thought provoking wonderfulness! There's a few products I've really been loving recently and thought they were best off shared, I hope you enjoy!

NSpa Gingerbread Latte Bath Syrup
This is actually a product I bought last year from Asda just after Christmas, but having a quick look at their website, it still seems to be available - at least I hope it is! I payed around £1 for this, so a super bargain! The scent is really strong as well, so perfect for diluting in a luxurious bubble bath, or using straight from the bottle for a shower. I've been loving using this over the festive season!

The Body Shop Ginger Body Butter 

Ok so the packaging is last years version, but as far as I'm aware the product inside is pretty similar if not the same! As we've come to expect from these body butter, this is a rich and moisturising product. This time around the scent is less sweet and more straight ginger, but still a match made in heaven! 

Whicks N Whacks Wax Tarts - Gingerbread 

After having a quick pamper it's nice to sit in bed with a good book and a great scent wafting around the room. My current favourite thing to do is have a loveloy wax tart burning in my burner and recently I've found a a new favourite brand, Whicks N Whacks! They're available on Ebay, but also have a stand alone site (link). I'm getting into a lot of their scents, but the Gingerbread scent is definitely a favourite! 

I'm a very scent orientated person, I love a good smelling body product or candle burning in my room. It's not all about the gingerbread though, I love fruity berry scents and a bit of vanilla too! I hope you enjoyed this little post today, I'd love to hear what scents you're loving this winter! Hannah 

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    1. Pleased to hear it, those wax tarts are amazing for ginger lovers!


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