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Top Picks: My Favourite Make-Up for Halloween!

Halloween is the time of crazy make-up, bright colours and funky textures. This year as you may know I'm in my final year of uni and free time is a luxury, so I hate to say it but I just haven't had the time to come up with any costume idea tutorials. Instead I've been rummaging through my stash and collected together all the products I have that are perfect for costume make-up. I hope that it's helpful, but I promise some Halloween tutorials for next year!

There's my video version of this post at the bottom if you'd rather watch than read!

MUA Nail Varnish - Shade 2 
(£1, Superdrug & MUA's Website)
I thought I'd start with nail polish and then go onto the make-up which is probably what you want to see the most! A black nail polish can never go wrong for Halloween, especially one that is so cheap and gives an opaque coverage with just one coat! 

BarryM Web Effect Nail Paint 
(£3.99, Superdrug)
This is basically just an orange crackle top coat and great over a black polish. It is limited edition for Halloween though, but I definitely recommended it if you see it! 

Sleek Bad Girl Palette 
(£7.99, Superdrug & Sleeks Website)
This is a really great palette with a variety of greens, blues and purples. But also the classic blacks and gunmetals. Perfect for a variety of smoky eyes to vamp it up for halloween! 

NYX Glitter Mania's 
(I got mine of off of Ebay, the whole set (10) for ~£10 link here)        
Apart from being a massive bargain these are great for a variety of costumes, mainly the slightly girly ones eg princess, fairy etc. The ones I've shown here are Blue, Pink and Disco Ball, but they come in a huge variety of colours! 

ELF Makeup Lock & Seal 
(£3.75, ELF's Website)
This is my go to product to use with the NYX Glitter, fab for setting products to last all day - or all night at halloween! You can mix in a small amount with the glitter and brush it on wherever you want it, which makes application easier too! 

BarryM Dazzle Dust - 73 
(£4.59, Boots, Superdrug & BarryM's Website) 
Most people have probably heard of these magic dusts, if not own a few! I pulled out my red one as it's a rather suitable colour for the season, but they have pretty much any colour you could think of! They work really well with the ELF MakeUp Lock & Seal, especially when using really fine brushes. This way you can draw pretty pictures all over your face! 

17 Paint & Perk*
(£3.99, Boots)        
This is probably going to sound a little silly, but here goes. Every year I tend to dress up as a pirate, but being a glasses wearer eye patches are a little inconvenient! So a nice chunky black eyeliner does the perfect job for drawing myself one. I always make sure to use a primer underneath, set with a matte black shadow and spray with a setting spray after. I can do a quick picture tutorial if anyone's interested? 

17 Lasting Fix Lipstick - New Black 
(£4.29, Boots)   
Personally I'd wear this all year round, but it is a very deep purpley berry shade. Which I'm sure a lot of people would feel a lot more comfortable wearing at Halloween! It's also nice and opaque and doesn't dry my lips out. If you were looking for a proper black lipstick though, Barry M do one! 

NYC All Day Long Foundation - Classic Ivory
(£3.99, Superdrug)
I have very pale skin as it is, but Halloween make-up often calls for super pale skin. For me this can sometimes be a struggle using easy obtainable highstreet products. But I've found this NYC one to be a very cheap option and the palest foundation I've tried yet! Slightly too pale for me infact, which is why I've included it here! 

As you can see all of these products are perfectly wearable all year round, so aside from buying yourself something perfect for Halloween you'll have a lovely product to use the rest of the year too. It's all in the way you use the products! But as always feel free to leave any suggestions and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

Disclaimer: This post contains samples that was provided by the brand or their PR Representatives. However this in no way alters my content - my loyalty is to you guys and I strive to keep your respect with my honesty.  

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  1. OMG!!! I super love the nail art, the web effect! I love the combination of black and orange. This is perfect of this coming Halloween. Got to practice this one out and hope that it looks great just like the one you have shown.

    1. I'm sure it will, it's super super easy! Just make sure to put the orange web effect over a not fully dried base for the best effects :)

  2. the nail art is simple and super..perfect for hallowen..i wil definitely try that..and love all u choose for hallowen..


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