Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The "Monday" Mix-Up #4

Okay, so I'm well aware that it's Wednesday, but sometimes life just gets in the way of blogging unfortunately. But seeing as you guys seemed to like these posts I thought better late than never. And I'm not going to lie, I quite like the idea too - not that it was original! But anyway I hope you can excuse the lateness, here goes! 

Sleek Be Beautiful Blemish Balm 
(£8.99, Superdrug & Sleek's Website)
I don't remember paying that much for this? Guess I must have! Anyway this is a relatively recent product, both to me and to Sleek, being released over the summer. This for me is a little love hate, love the coverage, but it tends to leave me really oily, which isn't usually an issue for me. But picking it up this week forces me to give it a go in the colder weather! 

Collection (2000) Blush - Bashful
(£2.99, Superdrug & Boots)
This used to be my absolute favourite blush, but recently it's be forgotten for some other shades I've recently been obsessing over. But I'm glad to be picking this up again this week, I actually wore it today in all it's glowing glory. It's also a very wearable pink shade. Lush! 

MakeUp Academy Lipstick - Shade 7
(£1, Superdrug & MUA's Website)
First off, if you live in the UK and haven't tried these lipsticks, get your butt to Superdrug! These have an amazing quality, pigmentation and colour range. Not just for the price, just full stop! Anyway shade 7 is a really nice coral shade that is subtle, but still obvious on the lips. Will happily be wearing this! 

Collection (2000) Metallic Cream Eyeshadows - Platinum Bling
(£2.99, Boots & Superdrug)
Yes another product I really like, but neglect. I am a lucky girl this week, either that or my stash is throwing hints at me! Anyway this is a lovely pigmented liquid eyeshadow. That sets down without a primer to be crease and flake proof all day long. Sounds good? It is! 

Venomous Cosmetics Loose Eyeshadow - Boomslang
($1 for a sample, Venomous Cosmetics Website - Link
Each week I'm delving into my drawer of indie products as I do find that they become the most neglected due to pressed colours being easier to use when I'm in a rush to get out. However they are some of the most beautiful eyeshadows I own! This one is a bright greened teal with an almost matte finish. If you're a fan of the company you'll be pleased to hear they are soon to release a collection with lots of matte eyeshadows and some blushes too! 

So overall this week some products that I really like, although the colour combinations could be fun to work with for the FOTD using all of them! Gunmetal/teal eyeshadow with peach lips and pink blush - I'll try my best to make a nice look! As always thanks everyone for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah 

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  1. i love that blush, i have done the same and pushed it aside, i think it will be coming out tomorrow - that and some other forgotten gems i think! this post has inspired me :)

  2. i have that collection 2000 cream eye shadow..nice post


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