Wednesday, 31 October 2012

Review + Swatches: MUA Cream Blusher - Yummy

Back on the bargain road today after showing you a pricey Vaseline last post! Also huge apologies for the lack of a post yesterday I was at uni from 9-7 and then went round a friends for a takeaway - we all need a break sometimes! Anyway I'm hoping to get two posts up tonight, but it's going to be tight as I have to make green mash potato before the boyfriend gets home! Halloween is all about putting green food dye in food for me! Rambling aside, I really hope you enjoy the review :)

The Basics
It's probably best to start with the price, it's a super bargainous £2! And comes with a decent 3.2g of product. This means that money's been saved on packaging. But you know, it does the job and having a see-through lid can be pretty handy if you have more than one! Talking of that there are four colours available - I have already reviewed the beautiful Blossom here - link. 

The Formula 
As you'd expect from a cream blush this is nice and emollient although I did have some slight issues with blending. This may be down to the type of brush I use (Paddle style Foundation) - but my usual cream blush brushes just don't give the coverage - it's the texture not the pigmentation. But nothing major, just worth mentioning. Once applied it stays tacky so setting with either a powder blush or just a regular face powder will set it in place perfectly. Applied like this I get a good 6/7 hours of wear from it - which for my fussy face is rather fabulous! 

Colour & Pigmentation 
As I've already said the pigmentation isn't bad, infact it's pretty good. Especially with this darker shade, you may need to use a light hand! The colour is also quite pretty - although nothing on the one in Blossom, which I LOVE! Back to Yummy though, it's a warm medium rosey peach shade with no shimmer, glitter or any of that shiny business! Just a lovely dewy finish

The Good - cheap, value, pigmented, practical packaging, long lasting (if set).

The Not so Good - packaging is a little cheap looking, blending could have been easier and more colours please! 

Would I repurchase? Oh yes, more colours please!

Who might like it? Those that have problems with blush staying on, this makes a great base for another similarly coloured powder colour to go on top. 

Price & Availability - £2, Superdrug & MUA's Website

Et voila! Just one more of these to review now! I'm going pick up one of these for a future giveaway, as I like them so much. I'm thinking Blossom as it's my favourite and you know I like to share my favourites! Anyway thank you everyone for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah. 

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  1. i have this blusher also and it blends very nice with the elf stipple brush.. give it a try!

    1. I had trouble with that brush actually, but will definitely have to give it another go!


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