Saturday, 29 September 2012

NOTD: 17 Holo Nail Polish - Silver (+ Mini Review)

When this arrived on my doorstep I was super excited as I've never tried a Holographic Nail Polish before! This is due to be released this October, so make sure to head out to the shops next week to pick one up for yourself! I must say, I do feel super lucky to be able to try this before it hits the shops, and also to be able to share how beautiful it is with you all - although the pictures really don't do this the justice it's due! 

The Basics 
This stunning silver polish is due to be released in Boots in October, priced at a very reasonable £3.99. Inside you get a pretty standard 10ml of product, which if you have a lot of nail poilshes will last you forever! I haven't got any information about other shades being available, but I'll update this post once this appears on the shelves! 

What did I think? 
Love! This applied very nicely and opaquely with one coat, but giving it a second coat adds an extra zing to it! It's also got a reasonable dry down time - so not super speedy or super slow! Once on it's a beautiful pale silver shade packed full with multi-coloured shimmer, it's something pretty special - very unique in my collection! It plays really nicely in the light too, looking at it's best in bright sunlight - which unfortunatly I had none of when taking pictures - typical England! 

I can see this being something I come back too a lot. Not something that sits on the shelf once being blogged about! I do tend to have a habit of forgetting about products once I've featured them - the woes of being a beauty blogger! Anyway I really hope you enjoy the preview and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah x

Disclaimer: This post contains a sample that was provided by the brand or their PR Representatives. However this in no way alters my review - my loyalty is to you guys and I strive to keep your respect with my honesty.  

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  1. I still haven't gotten around to getting the GOSH one, how does this compare to that one?

    They are sooooooo pretty.

    1. I haven't actually go the GOSH one or seen it on anyone in real life, so I'm really sorry but I can't give you an answer to that :( It's definitely the same idea though!

    2. I might just have to get both to be sure then :)

  2. My jaw actually dropped when I saw this post. I've been waiting for an easy to find holo to come out. Thank you! :)


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