Friday, 28 September 2012

New! 17's Studio Eyeliner Collection!

Recently I was lucky enough to attend the launch of 17's Studio Eyeliner Collection including a tonne of new black eyeliners in a huge variety of different finishes textures and formats. It all sounds very exciting doesn't it, especially when everything's under £5 each!  I now have all the products to share with you so thought I'd do a quick overview for you guys. But rest assured full reviews are coming! 

The Collection Includes 
  • Eye Kohl Pencil - £2.89
  • Brow Pencil - £2.89 (the one that got away! - I don't have this)
  • High Drama Intense Liquid Liner - £3.99 
  • Make Your Mark Eyeliner Pen - £3.99 
  • Smoulder Gel Eyeliner - £3.99 
  • Perk & Paint Duo Liner - £3.99 
  • Tattoo Me Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner - £4.99 
  • Lacquer Liner Wet Look Liquid Liner - £3.99
  • Dual Pencil Sharpener - £2.99 

Eye Kohl Pencil 
I've yet to try this on my eyes yet, but on my hand it seems like a pretty standard black liner. It does seem slightly smudgiyat first, which is a good thing. Especially for a pretty, sultry smokey eye. 

    High Drama Intense Liquid Liner
Again, like most the liners here I haven't had a chance to try this on my eyes yet. This post is a 'this is what the collection includes' type post! This is the standard black liquid liner - nice and pigmented upon swatching! It's not waterproof, so maybe not the option for those with really watery eyes! 

Make Your Mark Eyeliner Pen
I love me a good eyeliner pen! These type of products are fab for those that struggle with liquid liner application as you can get more precision. We're also more used to using this type of format in everyday life - you've practiced already! I'm quite looking forward to trying this out! 

Smoulder Gel Eyeliner
This one I have tried, and even reviewed (link here) already, I can be efficient sometimes! And I must say this is fabulous, especially if you're not quite sure what your doing. It doesn't fully set down for a few minutes, giving you time to play with it, remove and reapply etc. But once it's set down properly it lasts all day long, even with tears! 

Perk & Paint Duo Liner
17 have had some really great ideas with this collection. This being one of them! There's a chubby black liner, great for a smudgy grunge look. And a soft pink slightly pearly pencil on the other end, which looks great for use under the brow to highlight with. 

Tattoo Me Semi-Permanent Liquid Eyeliner
Having really watery eyes makes me really excited when I see claims like this. And having worn this for the last 2 days I can absolutely say it lives upto the claim! I actually struggled to get it off and had to resort to an oil based cleanser with a round 2! A review for this one is coming soon! PS it claims 48 hours wear!

Lacquer Liner Wet Look Liquid Liner
And this is the third thing that I was really intrigued about - a nice glossy pigmented liner is something I don't have hanging around in my stash! But now I do - and must I say it seems very impressive on swatching! The pigment is there, as is the wet look and it also seems vaguely waterproof which is key for me! 

Dual Pencil Sharpener
Probably not the most exciting thing. But actually it's something I was super excited to recieve, having been surviving with the sharpeners in eyeliner lids! I literally sharpened my whole collection when I got this double barreled sharpener. And a massive bonus is that it fits a NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in. Having used it about 20 times already I still haven't filled the compartment for the waste! It also works very well - not that I'm an expert in sharpeners. Super happy, simple things! 

High Drama, Kohl Pencil, Lacquer Liner, Make Your Mark, Paint & Perk, Smoulder Gel, Tattoo Me.

And some swatches for you! 

There's a lot of choice here isn't there! As you can probably imagine it's going to take me a little while to get through testing all of these, so if there's anything you wanted to see reviewed/worn then do let me know and I'll be sure to test it next :) Thank you everyone for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, Hannah x 

Disclaimer: This post contains samples that was provided by the brand or their PR Representatives. However this in no way alters my review - my loyalty is to you guys and I strive to keep your respect with my honesty. 

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  1. Replies
    1. Hehe, it's a pretty awesome release isn't it!

  2. I love the look of the Lacquer one, I think I may be buying this pronto!

    May I ask, do you know when they will be released?

    Amy xx

    1. They are already available instore and online! The Lacquer liner is pretty sweet isn't it - quite different!

    2. Oh my goodness where have I been ?! I'm going on my lunch break tomorrow to have a look.

      Thanks :) xx

    3. I hope your managing to find them ok! Have fun shopping <3


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