Saturday, 22 September 2012

A Mini Giveaway - Just because!

This month in my Glossybox I received a couple of hair products that I can't use because I have dreadlocks! Originally I had planned on giving both away, but unfortunately one was an aerosol which is restricted in the postage service here so I'm forced to cut it back to just this one product. But I thought it would make a nice little something for one of my lovely followers. Goof Luck everyone! 

To enter use the widget further down!

All the Terms and Conditions can be found in the widget below, but it's worth saying here that this giveaway is UK only. I have got an international giveaway coming up though, so not to fear! 

Anyway this is open till the end of the month and good luck everyone! 

Thanks everyone for your support, I know this is a small giveaway, but I wanted this to go to a good home where it could be loved by someone! I hope that's alright! Anyway have a good day and I'll be back later with a proper post! Hannah x 



  1. thanks for the giveaway
    I didn't know that you can't post aerosols! shows how much knowledge i have about postage in uk lol

    1. I wasn't sure either, but I searched it on Royal Mail's website, and apparently not!


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