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Top Picks: August 2012 Loves!

And again it's that time to share everything I've been loving this month. I used to restrict myself to 5 items to give a short compact post. But recently I've decided that if I've loved something it should go in the favourites and be shared with you all! This months been a strange month for make-up, I've got back into bright lips, which is rather evident. And it's also been pouring with rain most of the time, although saying that, the sun is out today!

MakeUp Academy Bronzed Perfection Bronzer 
(£3, Superdrug & MUA's Website)
This is a reasonably new product from MUA, and a much appreciated one. It's quite hard to find a non-orange matte bronzer at such a cheap price. But they managed to do it whilst making it pigmented and give us a whopping 15g of product. Not my all time favourite bronzer, but definitely worth a loving mention! Full review here - link.

MUA Bronzed Perfection

MUA Intense Colour Lip Liners 
(£1 each, Superdrug & MUA's Website)
When these were announced it surprised me, as silly old me hadn't even realised they didn't sell them already! And I must say I am super impressed with two in particular - Brooding Plum and Red Drama. Both are really pigmented, super soft and long lasting, which for £1 is super duper. These two colours are also really pretty and I've been wearing them alone a fair amount. Please bring out some more colours for us! Full review here - link. 

MUA Lip Liners

ELF Matte Lip Colour - Rich Red 
(£3.75, ELF's Website)  
Staying with the lip theme I thought I should tell you about another red lip product I've been into a lot this month from ELF. It's actually very similar to the lip pencils, again being soft, pigmented and long lasting. This shade is slightly pinker in tone than the red MUA one, but I'm totally into both really! Full review here - link. 

ELF Matte Lip Colour

ELF Studio Blush - Mellow Mauve 
(£3.75, ELF's Website)  
I must say I'm not the biggest fan of ELF's recent price increases, although who would like a price increase right?! But £3.75 for a blush is getting into highstreet prices now! Anyway this shade is a great shade to wear for everyday looks, one that goes with a lot of looks. And has a subtle blueness to it which brightens the skin - don't let it scare you, it's pretty I promise! Full review here - link. 

ELF Studio Blush

ELF Flawless Eyeshadow - Tantalizing Taupe
(£2.50, ELF's Website)  
Apologies for the slight ELF overload this month, I made two orders not so long ago, so have had a lot of new bits to play with! This particular one is a gorgeous little quad for creating nice natural looks, so great for back to school of which I've made a tutorial for (link here). All in all a great value, pigmented and easy to use product. Full review here - link

ELF Flawless Eyeshadow

17 Solo Eyeshadow - Statuesque 
(£3.89, Boots)
I didn't actually pay for this one, I got it as a gift with purchase, which is still available. But like all the 17 eyeshadows I own it's nicely pigmented and soft. This one is a shimmery nudey rose gold shade. And looks really pretty on my skintone for a more glam style eye. 

17 Eyeshadow

Blush Professional Blending Blush 
(part of a set for £12.99, Blush Professionals Website)
As I said, this is part of a 7 piece set, which is great for travel coming in a little pouch with extra zip compartment as well. But this particular brush is really great for blending in the crease. It's slightly smaller than other crease brushes I have so gives a bit more precision. That's never a bad thing! You can check out the rest of the brushes in my full review - link here. 

DHC Deep Cleansing Oil
(£18.50 for 200ml, various sizes available from DHC's Website - link here)
This was something I got in this months Glossybox, and probably the first time something from a beauty box has made it to the favourites! The thought of it scared me a lot at first, but I went ahead and tried it. And it's fabulous! Really works at getting make-up off, softening my skin and doesn't make me oily as it's water soluble. The price point is rather high for me so I may go on the hunt for a cheaper cleansing oil to try! 

Well done if you managed to stay with me through this all! No video at the moment as my house is far too noisy to film at the moment, one is coming though, promise! Anyway I hope you all liked my favourites this month, I'd love to hear what you've been loving? Thanks for stopping by, Hannah 

Disclaimer: This post contains an affiliate link. However I was not payed or asked to make the inclusion. I did it with my own free will, purely because I love the product! 

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  1. i love reading about your favourites each month!
    i think i might give the mua bronzer a try

    1. It's great, especially if you have a lighter skintone!

  2. nice post..i too have that 17 eye shadow..i am loving it

    1. Thanks, 17 have some nice shades don't they!

  3. Nice favourites :) I really like the look of the MUA bronzer and 17 eyeshadow!

    1. Thanks, they're both really pretty aren't they!


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