Friday, 3 August 2012

Review: ELF High Definition Powder - Corrective Yellow

Corrective Yellow face powder sounds a little scary doesn't it. It conjures up images of The Simpsons in my mind anyway! But rest assured I've been trying this powder out over the last few weeks so you can read a review before parting with your hard earned money. I hope it helps :)

As always I've included a summary at the end :)

The Basics 
If you buy this, the first thing you're going to notice is that the tub is huge! I'm talking bigger than the size of my fist here, and quite unnecessary as well as it holds a quite average 8g of product. There is a sifter inside, with a rather luxurious (in my experience) powder puff, both working well with application. As well as the Corrective Yellow shade that I have there is a regular one (which I think is clear) and a shimmer one. And just incase you're confused, HD Powder seems to be the new 'in' type of powder to set your face with!


The Formula 
This is a very finely milled powder, which smoothes over the surface of the skin, making your skin look smoother. It also makes the skin feel silky soft, which is also nice! I don't find that it's the best powder for keeping oil at bay, for that I'd recommend the 17 Shine Control Pressed Powder. But this is better than no powder alone for my reasonably average skin. 


How yellow? 
Understandably I was a little scared I would look a little yellow with this on, but if you don't apply it heavily and make sure it's blended properly you'll look fine. It does warm up my skin slightly, but not so that it's obvious. If that makes any sense. I don't feel it does much correcting for me - yellow generally counteracts purpleness in the skin - which in all honesty I don't have much of. 

Below I'm wearing the HD Powder (Corrective Yellow) on my face :)


The Good - makes the skin look more even, makes the skin feel really soft, not too expensive.

The Not so Good - huge packaging, corrective yellow doesn't do much for me, have to buy online in the UK.

Would I repurchase? I'll be definitely be getting me a regular one to try and then will continue on the path of the one I prefer!

Who might like it? Those that want a really finely milled powder that smooths the skins surface - it slightly reduces the look of pores.

Price & Availability - £6, ELF's Website

Sorry if there's a lot of ELF posts floating around my blog at the moment, I just want to get reviews of their new bits up whilst it's all fresh and new incase any of you were considering purchasing. I'll be posting some swatches of the new bits from MakeUp Academy later though - which might I add took less than 24 hours from ordering to being in my eager hands! But anyway thanks for stopping by, H :)

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