Saturday, 28 July 2012

Top Picks: My Summer Make-Up Essentials

We've been very lucky here in the UK recently and have been having a bit of a mini heatwave! The weather is lovely, infact blooming hot! Which is great, but maybe not the best thing when wearing a full face of make-up. So I decided I'd write a little post on the make-up products I've been reaching for and enjoying most in the hot weather!

The Products! 
  • 17 BB Cream - Light
  • Topshop Blush - Neon Rose
  • Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light 
  • Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Gel Liner - Teal 
  • Benefit Benetint 
  • Sleek Pout Polish - Sugar May 

Topshop Blush - Neon Rose 
(£6, Topshop)
Although the name doesn't hint at it the Topshop blushes actually have a really great cream formula to them. Applying evenly with the perfect pigmentation to make application super easy - I use the ELF Stipple Brush. And also last pretty well on the skin. This colour's also a perfect fresh coral shade for summer. 

Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light 
(£6.29, Superdrug)
Maybe not the most obvious choice for a summer essential. But actually I've been really loving this little kit. I've taken to using the darker contour shade as a subtle matte bronzer as well as adding some contour too. And then the highlight side adds a reasonably strong glow to the face - again great for summer! 

17 BB Cream - Light
(£6.99, Boots) 
When it's really hot I don't like having primer, foundation, powder all over my face. But BB Cream is a much better choice for me being lighter on the skin and having SPF15 too. Also a much quicker and simpler application when in a rush to head out the door!
Collection (2000) Lasting Colour Gel Liner - Teal 
(£4.99, Superdrug) 
As you may have seen in my recent FOTD I'm a lover off a subtle bit of coloured liner in the summer. It's very simple and brightens up any look, with teal being one of my favourite colour choices. This particular one from Collection (2000) is great, having good staying power and staying nice and vibrant on the eyes. 

 Benefit Benetint 
(Fullsize £24.50, Debenhams) 
I never realised how pricey this stuff was! I actually got mine as a magazine freebie, and probably won't be repurchasing at this price! But regardless I love this stuff and the subtle pinky red stain it gives to the lips. Perfect for when it's hot and you don't want to be wearing anything on the lips. If you want a cheaper option try the MeMeMe Poppy Tint - a very similar colour, but with the brush not being quite as good! 

Sleek Pout Polish - Sugar May 
(this colour is discontinued, but other shades are £4.49) 
Sorry to include a discontinued shade, but this is the one I've genuinely be using a lot over the last few months really, as you can see! But the product in general is a great tinted lip balm, being both moisturizing whilst adding a tint of colour and giving an SPF15. 

I also want to quickly say that the 17 Shine Control Pressed Powder is fab if you wanted to wear one! But I hope you enjoyed this little post on my summer make-up essentials and feel free to add in your own below. I love reading all your comments! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it and I'll speak to you again soon, H :)           
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  1. ohhh the liner looks very nice and bright!

  2. Just gone out and got the 17 BB Cream, want to compare it against the Garnier one I've got. Really on the fence with that one some days it fine, other's it feels really heavy and sticky on :/
    I've just been sticking to some mineral powder, the avon super shock max mascara that was a marie claire freebie i think, and collection 2000 shimmer shades in way to glow

    1. I've heard a lot of people say they're not convinced on the Garnier BB Cream, although I do have some samples kicking around somewhere I've not actually tried it! I love a good magazine freebie, gave that one a skip though, maybe I shouldn't have!


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