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New Products from ELF - with Swatches!

You may has seen my recent haul post where I quickly showed you some of the recent releases from ELF, but as I mentioned on Twitter I did another cheeky order and got some more of the new things. Reviews for all of them will be up in the coming weeks and days, but I wanted to put a quick post together showing you all the new things with swatches and some first impressions incase you were itching to make an order! 

Glitter Eyeshadows - Beachy Chic, Nature Girl, Party Animal
(£2.50 each) 
These new eyeshadows each come with a whopping 4g of product, compared to around 1-2g of the average eyeshadow. They are super glittery like the name suggests, but that's all part of the fun! Of the three I'd probably say that Beachy Chic is my favourite! 

Glitter Eyeshadows & Flawless Eyeshadow

Glitter Eyeshadows

Flawless Eyeshadow - Tantalizing Taupe
I was a little dubious of these as they looked very similar to the cheaper brightening eye quads. But actually so far I've found the Flawless one I have to be of slightly better quality. They do look quite similar to the Wet 'n' Wild ones as they have lid, crease etc written on them, but the rules don't have to be followed! 

Primer Eyeshadow - Misty Mauve 
 Not pictured because I'm rubbish! This one is pretty sheer in colour, but has a consistency similar consistency to the Collection (2000) Metallic Cream Eyeshadows. Although I haven't tested them for wear yet so can't say how they last, but the texture does seem better than the similar looking liquid eyeshadows ELF does. 

HD Powder, Concealer, Lip Stain

Cover Everything Concealer - Light 
To be honest I wasn't expecting great things from this, but actually I definitely prefer it to their All Over Cover Stick (£1.50). The new one being creamier, less thick and with a bit more coverage. Although coming in significantly less colours (3), there is a corrective yellow shade included that I'm considering picking up on my next order! 

High Definition Powder - Corrective Yellow 
I've never tried the original HD Powder, but this one I can definitely vouch for.  I have slowly become obsessed with it for the smooth, even and soft finish it gives my skin. I'm not so convinced the yellow colour does an awful lot, you'd probably have to try it compared to the regular one. But if blended on well and not applied too heavily I've had no problems with a yellow face. 

Lip Stain Pen - Pink Petal 
I did pick quite a light pink here, but I found this to be pretty much unnoticeable on the lips. However if you picked one of the darker shades such as Crimson Crush you might get a bit more from it. But for me this is a bit of  a fail, sorry ELF! 

Nail Polishes - Smokin Hot, Coral Dream

Nail Polish - Coral Dream, Smokin Hot 
ELF has also released three brand new Nail Polishes, these two and a pink called Flirty Fuchsia. I've only tried Coral Dream so far (NOTD), but it's a great summery colour and seems the same in formula to the other ELF Polishes I've tried. Smokin Hot's lined up to be my next polish so keep your eyes peeled for that over the next week! 

Coral Dream

I haven't got all the new bits, so if you're interested go over to ELF's Website and click on the 'what's new' tab at the top! But hopefully this post helped some of you guys and as always let me know if there's anything you wanted to see reviewed first! Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, H :)         

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  1. I had been wondering about the yellow version of the HD powder. I love the original and really wanted to try the yellow - but didn't wanna end up looking jaundice or anything haha. I'm glad it's not too yellow. I'd also been thinking about getting that eye quad bc it looked matte online, but I'm gonna pass. Definitely do NOT need any more shimmery shadows. The coral polish looks really pretty on your nails! :)

    1. Really pleased this helped you Catherine, especially with the HD Powder - I was a little wary of it making me look yellow too!

  2. Really nice nail polish shade.

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