Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Tutorial: The Many Uses of Barry M Dazzle Dusts (& other loose eyeshadows)

Last week I swatched my Dazzle Dust collection and one of my lovely followers said on twitter she'd like to see a tutorial on how to use these Dazzle Dusts, so I've made a video! I've shown you a lot of different ways of using them, although I skipped on the blush as none of the shades I have would have worked for the look, but they can most definitely be used for that too! All the methods will be show in the video with this post acting as more of an  information point for products and pictures. Hope this is helpful! 

On the Eyes 
As well as the standard using it as eyeshadow, you can use it as a liner as well. Using something such as the ELF Make-Up Lock & Seal to get a more intense colour. To get a better colour on the lid it's great to use a sticky base, I personally prefer the Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy, but cream shadows will work well as well. You can also use them on the lower lashline with a small pencil brush for a more subtle liner. 


On the Face
As I said in the intro you can use these as a blush, but I don't really have a shade that would have suited this look. If doing this it would be handy to have some kind of clean dish to swirl a small amount of product onto your blush brush with as the pots are very small! Also try to go for the less shimmery shades - unless you want to be glitterific! But what I have done is to use a subtle pinky gold one (3) and applied it lightly as a highlight.

On the Lips
Barry M's website says that these can be used on eyes, lips and face. But if using a different powder product you might want to check that they are lip safe first. For this look I just used the same shade I used to highlight with on the centre of my lips. You can also mix some into lipgloss for a more pigmented look, but I haven't used this technique in the video! 

Primer - NYC Smooth Skin Perfection Primer 
Foundation - Bourjois 123 Perfect Foundation - 51 Light Beige
Concealer - Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer - Fair 
Blush - Natural Collection Blushed Cheeks - Rosey Glow 
Highlight - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 3
Primer - Too Faced Shadow Insurance 
Base - Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy 
Lid - Barry M Fine Glitter Dust - 24 
Crease - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 11
Upper Lashline - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 11 & ELF MakeUP Lock & Seal 
Lower Lashline - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 99
Waterline - Topshop Kajal Pencil - Crushed Charcoal 
Mascara - 17 Va Va Voom! 
Brows - MakeUp Academy Brow Pencil - Blonde 
Lipstick - MakeUp Academy Lip Boom - OMG 
Gloss - Accessorize Lip Gloss - Celebrity
Highlight - Barry M Dazzle Dust - 3

How many times can I write Dazzle Dust in one post?! But in all reality you can use these ideas with any loose powder eyeshadow, not necessarily the Barry M ones, that's just what I've used here - they are beautiful though! I really hope this video was helpful, let me know if there's anything else you wanted to see! 

Thanks for stopping by everyone and I hope you have a great day, H :) 


  1. Great post, thanks for the tips! Now all I need is to get a dazzle dust that's not black/blue/purple/Addams Family-esque, then I'll be able to try the lips and blush techniques!

  2. Glad it helped Ali :) The black/blue/purple could work for Halloween... hehe :)

  3. woahhhh -- you are REALLY freakin' pretty! and i love those dreads as well! i love how they're kind of ombre -- i've never seen that with dreads before.


    1. Alexandra, that was such a lovely comment to wake upto in the morning, thank you! The ombre was kinda an accident, I just stopped bleaching them as it was ruining my hair! And the bleach and natural colour blended down the dreads by themselves! But thank you!


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