Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Review + Swatches: Accessorize Silk Baked Eyeshadow - Chloe

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has a love hate relationship with baked eyeshadows, surely? On the plus side they usually come in really pretty colours and are more versatile as you can use then wet or dry - plus you usually get more product. But I also tend to find that they have less pigmentation to them. But I gave this new Accessorize product a chance and swatched it. And needless to say I was impressed as I picked one up! I can't remember the exact price, but it was definitely less than £3, available online from Accessorize - link. 

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
These new eyeshadows haven't made it to the online world as I'm writing this. But you should be able to find them at your local Superdrugs Accessorize stand. If I remember correctly there were a fair few colour choices, not loads though & all fairly subtle colours except for a pretty mintish green. They all have girls names to them as well, this one is Chloe. I can't really tell you how much product you get as it's not written anywhere - I've been getting this a lot lately, I'm wondering if some rules on it changed? But the original Accessorize Baked shadows had 3g product and the new ones are slightly smaller but with the same clear packaging. 


The Formula 
They say Silk Baked and true to form they are silky soft in texture, with outstanding blending abilities. Seriously impressive! The colour actually applies super evenly and pigmented (although paler than in pan) and will blend as much as you want it too. They're also really well lasting, I had very minimal (as in pretty much unnoticeable) after about 9/10 hours, there is a small amount of fading too, but that's standard for me! This is all over the Too Faced Shadow Insurance - swatches as well. 


The Colour 
Baked products tend to have nice pearly finishes that sometimes lean a little shimmery. And this one is no different! The colour here is actually something pretty unique in my collection and actually on the more complex side. Which is really nice to see! It is essentially an olive shade and has the most beautiful golden sheen to it, with brownish tones going on in there as well. This is one of those shades that can be worn all by itself and still look amazing, as the picture below hopefully shows! 


The Good - pigmented, cheap, really nice colour, soft soft soft, clear packaging, can be used wet or dry, lasts and blends awesomely.

The Not so Good - not so many bright colours available, swatch not entirely true to pan.

Would I repurchase? I really like the formula, but don't remember seeing any other colours that appealed to me. I will be looking though!

Who might like it? Those that like more interesting, but not in your face shades. Also great if you just want to use one eyeshadow.

The Bottom Line -  I was very impressed with this eyeshadow, much better than I expected! 

I went through a patch of loving Accessorize things last year and then sort of forgot about the brand, whoops! But I went shopping with my mum the other day and noticed they had lots of new pretty things! So needless to say I have a few other Accessorize reviews coming up! But thank you everyone for stopping by and I'll speak to you again soon, H :)  


  1. very interesting,
    visit my blog, we can follow each others:)



  2. hey i nominated you for the one lovely blog award!

  3. Lovely colour choice, would love to see a tutorial or another look using this colour on you. I find it very difficult to get Accessorize make up but I might risk buying this online :) its beautiful

    1. I'm not sure these are online yet, but I will definitely get a look up for you, possibly tomorrow!

  4. hmm..intresting! I should check this out :)


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