Thursday, 28 June 2012

Review: Palmers Cocoa Butter Moisturizing Lip Balm

This is a scheduled post whilst I'm on holiday, so comments will be replied to when I get home (7th July!) Hope you like it!

A girl can never have too many lip balms, and that is a fact! So that in mind I have yet another lip balm to review for you all! Palmers Cocoa Butter brand is something that I've seen in the shops for years and years. But it tended to be something that I just walked past, until I noticed my mum had some of their body lotion in her bathroom. So I tried it and loved the smell and feel of my skin afterwards. I have ridiculous amounts of body lotion already so decided to get this lip balm instead. I got mine from Asda for just £1 (on offer).

As always I've included a summary at the end :)

The Basics
This is a very standard tube shaped twist up lip balm, but just a warning it twists at the top, not the bottom! Inside is 4g of product, which contains Vitamin E and an SPF15, so great for the summer - although you might want something with a higher SPF if you're going abroad! I would describe this as being a unisex product. It does have the classic cocoa vanilla scent that Palmers use in all the products I've smelled from the brand. 


 What did I think? 
On first use I wasn't too convinced as this is a balm that's on the harder side and slightly waxy. Which aren't things I generally like. But because the smell was so amazing I carried on using it. And learnt to not really be bothered by it's texture as it was still smooth and applies nicely. And also I've found that it makes my lips lovely and soft, which lasts a good few hours after it has worn off. As I said I do see this as a unisex product (my OH likes it!) as it has no sheen to it and is pretty much invisible on the lips as well as having plainish packaging. 


The Good - unisex, smells lovely, SPF15, makes my lips nice and soft, cheap, good value.

The Not so Good - slightly waxy and hard - nothing awful though.

Would I repurchase? Probably yes, I'm considering getting the boyfriend his own too so mine stays mine haha!

Who might like it? Those that like a simple, fuss free, invisible balm that works. 

The Bottom Line - Nothing particularly exciting, but still a nice everyday product, but something I can see myself using a fair amount. 

I really wish I have delved into Palmer's products earlier as they smell seriously amazing and actually work well at softening in my experience too! I don't actually own any of their body lotions, but I really really want too! I'm making myself use up some of the ones I already own first though! But anyway enough of my rambling, I really hope you enjoyed todays post, H :) 


  1. Thanks for the review :) sounds like I'd get on with this lip balm, not sure about the twisty part at the top though :S x

    1. The twisty thing does take some getting used to! I'm still not overly fond of it though! This stuff lasts well in the heat though as I found out on holiday!

  2. thanks for posting.


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