Thursday, 21 June 2012

My First Ever NOTD! Accessorize Nail Polish - Truffle

So last night was my last shift in my kitchen job, which means my nails are now mine and can be painted to my hearts content! So this morning I did some housework (fun!) and then picked out my first nail polish for my finger nails. The one I picked out was Accessorize's Truffle! I got this from Superdrug on offer for £1.95 (normally £4) 

Darker IRL

What did I think? 
Love the colour, it's a bit funky, without being too bright. It's a taupe, but has a lot more grey than brown in it and has a cream finish. As you can see from the pictures it isn't too dark, but still leans more towards that side. This has a nice shiny finish, which really complements the colour! As for application I found that the polish was on the thicker side, which didn't prove too much of a problem, and had a pretty standard brush. This picture is taken with three coats - but I did add a fourth afterwards. 

What do you think of the colour? I love it! Apologies for the not so great condition of my hands, heat, hand washing and salt water (my other job) kill the hands! But I hope you enjoyed my very first NOTD! How often did you want to see them? Every time I wear a new polsih? Let me know! And thank you for stopping by, I'll speak to you soon, H :)  


  1. Love the colour, quite an unusual one. I've not long bought the shade 'Utah' from Accessorize on offer. Wanted 'Romance' too but managed to resist, for now!

    1. I think I remember seeing Romance, if I remember correctly it was rather pretty!

    2. Yeh it was like a dusky purple/mauve- have you seen Pink Spice also? I love that one too-just end up staring at my nails for ages lol

    3. Yes! My mum has it, I painted her nails with it the other day haha! I have Aztec which is is pretty similar, but with a more petroly colour!


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