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Is the MUA Undressed Palette an Urban Decay Naked Palette Dupe?

A couple of weeks ago MakeUp Academy (MUA) released a new palette called Undressed. And on first glance it really reminded me of the Urban Decay Naked Palette (original). And on swatching I was super impressed with the similarities. And wanted to share themwith you all as there's a HUGE price difference with the MUA Palette coming in at £4 and the Urban Decay £36. Bare in mind this is just an eyeshadow comparison and full review will be coming soon! 

The Numbers are MUA colours (left) and the Names are the Urban Decay colours (right). 

Shade 1 V. Virgin
Super similar champagne ivory shades with MUA's (shade 1) being slightly cooler toned. And it's pearl finish being a smidge more intense.

Shade 2 V. Sin
Almost identical rosey champagne shades, again with MUA's (shade 2) being ever so slightly cooler. But virtually identical. 


Shade 3 V. Naked
These are two that aren't really dupe worthy, although still similar. The Urban Decay one (Naked) is a lot warmer and has some slight terracotta tones to it. Both are matte, with MUA's lacking some pigmentation.

Shade 4 V. Sidecar
In the pan shade 4 (MUA) looks a fair amount deeper, but swatches very similar. You can only really notice if you study them that they're different. Much like a lot of these shades really! Also MUA's doesn't have the annoying silver glitter that just falls out anyway! 


Shade 5 V. Buck
This time around MUA's shade is warmer. With both shades being darker than the other matte counterpart in their respective palettes. Again MUA's matte shade lacks pigmentation - the shimmer shades are very very well pigmented though. 


Shade 6 V. Half Baked
Again these shades are very similar, although I wouldn't say they are exact dupes. MUA's shade 6 has slight more orange tones, with Half Baked a more yellowy gold. 

Shade 7 V. Smog
These are the two most different in the palettes, Shade 7 from MUA is a lot lighter and has more gold tones, with Urban Decays Smog being a fair amount deeper and more bronze. 

Shade 8 V. Darkhorse
I always thought I wouldn't find anything similar to Darkhorse as it's pretty unique. But actually the MUA shade comes pretty close. Darkhorse is a tiny bit darker and it's sheen is slightly more bronze (as opposed to the more golden one of shade 8). But essentially super similar and I'd say dupes!

Shade 9 V. Toasted
Again very very similar, but shade 9's sheen is slightly more pinky than the rose gold of Toasted's. But essentially pretty similar. And lets be honest you're not really going to see these subtle differences so much once they're on the eyes - same with the other colours. 


Shade 10 V. Hustle
I'm getting repetitive here, but again very very similar with Hustle being slightly warmer!  


Shade 11 V. Creep
These are identical (well almost) charcoal shades with subtle silver shimmer in them. And believe it or not the MUA version is more pigmented! 

Shade 12 V.  Gunmetal
These are two gunmetal coloured eyeshadows. Great for smokey eyes making both palettes really versatile. The MUA one (shade 12) has more blue tones to it with Urban Decays Gunmetal being more black based. 

And the verdict is... They are dupes! And actually you may be surprised but the MUA Palette has a great formula and pigmentation too, I haven't got a review of it up yet but you can check out my review of another of their palettes 'Heaven and Earth' if you wanted to know more about the formula etc.

But anyway I really hope this post was helpful and saves some of you a bit of your hard earned money - I was going to say Cash, but I never really pay for anything in cash these day, or is it just me?! Thanks for stopping by, H :)


  1. Wow! Yup I would say dupes, especially when you see the whole palettes side by side. great spot! :)

  2. Wow that really is crazy! x

    1. I know right! The price difference is insane!

  3. wet n wild sould do naked matte palette . Tey got amazing mattes ^^

  4. I can't justify spending the amount on the naked palette, but I will definitely try to track the MUA palette down... I'm from Australia so its a bit tricky to find MUA.

    1. Maybe try ebay? Good Luck in finding one though, they're a gem of a palette!

  5. Seriously hope they start selling these near me soon, I'm getting impatient! I'm amazed the MUA equivalent of Creep is more pigmented! Thanks for the comparison :)

    1. You're welcome! They do have a website that you can buy these from, and they have some great deals on there from time to time, so might be worth keeping an eye on it!

  6. wow why they are both soooo similar?
    i likey both, thanks for the review!

    xoxo elle

    1. Thanks wifluvelle, they are most likey so similar because MUA wanted to make a cheaper version of the naked palette!

  7. Wow. That is a HUGE price difference alright! It'll definately help out people who want UD but can't afford it!

    1. Definitely, it's an insane difference!

  8. I just received my MUA Undressed Palette and I immediately checked shades #2 and #7 against Sin and Smog from my Ammo Palette, and you were absolutely right they are dupes ! In fact I'd say MUA's shades are a little more pigmented than UD's, without PP at least... Amazing for the price ! Now I don't have to worry about over-using my UD shades, now that I have this palette, plus I can make now all the looks from the Naked palette, all that for £4 !!

    1. Really glad to hear you like it, it's fab isn't it!

  9. Such a good review, thanks so much xxx


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