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Top Picks: My Favourite Pink Lipglosses!

For so many people, me included, pink lipglosses are a staple item in their make-up bag. But with so many choices out there I though it would be worth telling you all the ones that I rate! I've included a good mix of pigmentaion, applicators and price ranges, so hopefully something to catch everyones eye! Lip Swatches run throughout with the swatches on my skin at the end :)I hope you enjoy!

What I like in a Pink Lipgloss?
I personally like the brighter fucshia shades, but use both sheer and pigmented versions of the colour. I also use more nudey shades, but prefer these not too pigmented as I'm scared of looking dead! As for formula I'm a big fan of non-sticky colour and love it when they smell good! The only thing that I really can't stand is a thick, gloopy, sticky gloss! 

Barry M Glossy Tube - 11 Passion Pink 
(£3.99, Superdug/Boots)
In the tube this looks a bit bright and scary, but applies a lot sheerer giving a subtle but glossy hint of colour. Which sounds pretty average and not particularly exciting, but it's non-sticky and has an amazing sweet bubblegum scent to it. Which is what really won me over! 

BeautyUK Lip Lust - Date Night 
(£2.99, Superdrug)
Date Night is the first Lip Lust I bought, but still remains one of my favourites and sparked off a love affair with the whole line! The gloss is not too intense, but has a well pigmented colour and again is non-sticky. For me this is a medium pink, with nudey tones going on which makes it more wearable. The application is also really nice, with it's spongy applicator - makes it look so even! 

BeautyUK Lip Vinyl - Pure Pacha 
In formula and in packaging the Lip Vinyls and Lip Lusts are very similar. Except they have one rather large difference, the Lip Vinyls are much more daring and have some pretty intense pigmentation going on! Other than that their the same non-sticky lovely feeling formula! This particular one is a bright medium fuchsia, but there's also a lovely looking red one that keeps catching my eye! 

Ciate Lipgloss - Ibiza
(no longer available)
Ciate is a brand more known for their nail polishes than lipglosses. But it seems they have stuck with their roots as they no longer appear to sell lipgloss. So apologies for mentioning it, I'm a rubbish blogger aren't I. But I didn't realise till I was writing this here. But it's a shame as it's a nice gloss that has a medium pigmentation, showing the colour well, but without being to strong! 

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Rasberry
(£1.50, ELF's Website)
This one is a bargainous option and also has a good pigmentation too it. The name does say that it's a lipstick, but it comes in a lipgloss form and has some gloss to it. Which for a lot of people ticks the boxes for a gloss, so I wanted to mention it! I like this formula in general as it's not sticky, but is slightly thicker than some others. So coupled with the pigmentation means it lasts a little longer than some short wearing glosses. Also they have a lovely refreshing minty scent, perfect for summer!

Too Faced Glamour Gloss - Barely Legal 
(£15.00, Boots) 
And my most expensive choice here! I didn't pay full price for this, and never will as it's more than I am willing to pay. But I got it as part of a set and love it nonetheless. The colour is a warmer nudey shade, with only very subtle pink hints to it. But I wanted to include it as the sheer colour it has makes it a great nudey pink from the natural lip colour showing through. It's also worth mentioning that this has a plumping effect in it, but I find it the most comfortable one I own! 

L-R: Passion Pink, Date Night, Pure Pacha, Ibiza, Rasberry, Barely Legal

So quite a variety here, but I love wearing all of them, for different reasons and occasions. I couldn't pick just one that I prefer, they're all here because I love them! I hope this post helped some of you though and made you aware of some gems out there!

I'd love it if you shared your favourite pink glosses though, I sure you all know of some beauties I'm yet to discover! But anyway thank you all for stopping by and I hope you enjoyed my little space on the interwebs! H :)                    


I really appreciate all your lovely comments and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. But if you want a quick response try tweeting me, @MidnightViolet1 Thanks for reading my post, Hannah :)

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