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Top Picks: Products for the Orange Trend

Last week I showed you all the look I created to go with the tangerine/orange trend. But today I have some orange/peach/coral products to help you make your own look! Orange to me is the scariest colour out there, I don't know about you?! But anyway I decided to go ahead and do this post anyway as I think (hope!) I can get away with a hint of it here and there! But anyway I hope you all enjoy what I've come up with - all from the highstreet/drugstore too. So cheap cheap cheap!

Sleek Acid Palette 
Yes a palette! I will just we talking about the orange, but the palette itself is really awesome, although maybe not quite up to the standard of the others. The orange is a proper matte neon shade and so the formula is rather chalky, but with a base such as a NYX Jumbo Pencil underneath it comes of a lot better! 

Price & Availability: Superdrug/Sleek Website, £6.49. 

BeautyUK Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Collection - 2 Amazon
Again, I'm talking about just the orange. But to sum up the palette the eyeshadows are amazing, the liner standardish, but overall great for the price. Anyway, the orange here is not nearly as intense, being a slightly brighter burnt orange shade. I'll admit it is probably my least used shade of this palette, but mainly because as I already said - orange isn't really my colour! 

Price & Availability: Superdrug/BeautyUK Website, £3.99 


Barry M Dazzle Dust - 77 Orange 
I'm a sucker for the Barry M Dazzle Dusts, they remind me of my youth! But anyway, with their wide colour range, they of course have an orange. It is a bright pastel, if that makes sense. It kinda crosses the line with both - kinda like when you straddle a time zone and can change with just a couple of steps! It does have a shimmery finish and is also a loose powder - which I'm sure won't be everyones taste! 

Price & Availability: Superdrug/Boots, £4.59 

MakeUp Academy Intense Colour Eyeliner - Bright Orange 
Scary huh! I'll be honest here and say I'm not sure if this will ever make it onto my eyes, but being so cheap, pigmented, creamy and orange - a slightly reddened one, I couldn't resist picking it up to show you guys in this post. I will probably end up using it as a lipliner, although it doesn't claim to be lip safe. So use it there at your own choice! 

Price & Availability: Superdrug/MUA Website, £1!! 


ELF Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow 
I'm sure if you're a regular reader here, you're probably fed up of hearing about this blush! So feel free to skip, but for the passers by and the newer followers, this is a slightly muted peachy blush, with a subtle golden shimmer. It's not the softest, but pigmented and pretty on the cheeks! 

Price & Availability: ELF's Website, £1.50. 


MakeUp Academy Blusher - Shade 6 
More MUA! Another brand that'sbecoming one of my favourites - I have a haul coming soon so stay tuned. But back to the topic of this post! This blush is similar to the ELF one I talked about above, but brighter, pinker and matte. So I guess, not that similar in words haha, but trust me, they look vaguely related once on! 

Price & Availability: Superdrug & MUA's Website, £1. 


Topshop Blush - Neon Rose 
Another great product from Topshop, they do come out with some litle gems, definitely worth a look if you're in the UK! But anyway this blush is actually a cream formula and again leans towards the bright/pastel end of the spectrum. It is also more pinky than the other two, still beautiful and just about justified to be in this post!

Price & Availability: Topshop, £6. 


BeautyUK Lip Lust - Cocktail 
Lip Lusts hold a special place in my heart - and lipgloss drawer! Their just lovely, easy to wear, nonsticky glosses. This particular one I didn't pick up as much as some of the others, but since hunting my stash for the tango, I've formed a strong bond. It is pretty sheer, so a good option for the colour/orange scared like myself! It's also beautiful over a nudey lipstick - a current favourite of mine! 

Price & Availability:  Superdrug/BeautyUK's Website, £2.99 

LOOK Beauty Double Hit Lip - Red Alert 
Despite the name, these are actually a bright coral colour. Again something I really love, not just for the beautiful colour, but also the practicality of having a gloss and lipstick all in one. They're also non-sticky and well pigmented. On a side note, MUA have just brought out their own version called Lip Booms, which I'm super excited for!   

Price & Availability: Superdrug, £8 

ELF Super Glossy Lip Shine - Party Peach 
I was debating whether to include this as I'm not overly convinced. But you know, it's still an option so why not?! It is a little thick and sticky, so doesn't feel particulary nice on the lips to me. But it is a sheer orange gloss with gold glitter in and also really cheap. I'll have a full review up at some point with a lot more info though :)

Price & Availability: ELF's website, £1.50.  

Sorry about the long post today guys, it took me a while though, so I hope you appreciate it! But if you did have any questions on anything then please do let me know and I'll get back to you as soon as I can :) 

Also if you have anything else you wanted to see featured on my Top Picks section then please let me know too, as I'm always open to requests! But anyway, thanks for reading and I'll speak to you soon, H :)


  1. Hannah I also have the MUA orange pencil and use it as a lip liner, it's so pigmented, I love bright orange on lips. Have u tried any of the Sleek lipsticks in orange and peachy hues? I love "peaches and cream". They have some fab lipstick colours, although they do not last very long on me. Also have the Sleek neon palette but haven't used it yet, had to have the bright neon colours on that! xx

    1. I do have a couple of the Sleek Lipsticks - not any orange/peachy ones though! I'll have to have a look at Peaches and Cream next time I'm in Superdrug! And love the Neon Palette, hope you enjoy it! If it helps I have a FOTD using the palette -

  2. thanks Hannah, yes the FOTD helps as I had no idea what to do with the neon colours! xxx

    1. That's alright Nuria, hope you enjoy the palette :)

  3. The head makeup artist if MUA uses the eyeliners on her lips quite frequently if you go onto the MUA blog - I saw the video for this you did and you weren't sure if the pencils were lip safe but I'm assuming they are as she's saying you can use them! :)

    1. Awesome, that's pretty good to know. I actually follow the blog, but never noticed that haha. I obviously don't stop by there enough, maybe I'll give it some more love :)


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