Monday, 30 April 2012

Review + Swatches: MakeUp Academy Pearl Eyeshadow - 27

Happy Monday Everyone! Hopefully your all happy today, the sun is out and shining here, which definitely perks my day up! Today I have a quick review for you of my newest MUA single eyshadow - 27 Pearl, which costs just £1! I have reviewed these eyeshadow before, but someone asked to see swatches, so I thought I might as well go over a review again for all my newer subscribers! Hope you enjoy! 

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
These eyeshadows come in some pretty basic dome shaped pots, which overall I think are pretty sturdy. It would be nicer if they had flat tops so stored better! That's me being fussy though! Inside they have a very impressive 2g of product, loads! They do come in two different finishes - pearl and matte, with as far as I can see 39 colour choices combined! From my experience though the mattes aren't nearly as good. 


The Formula 
Now if you've read my ELF reviews before you'll know that I always say to remember how much your paying for their products and to not expect perfection. But here I'm saying if MUA can get this quality and give us 2g for just £1 then what the hell is everyone else doing?! So in short this is a soft, easy to blend pigmented eyeshadow. That stays crease free for a good 9 hours over a primer.  There is a little fading of colour by the afternoon, but only slightly - the colour is still well and truely there! 

Colour & Pigmentation
As I already said when talking about the formula, this has a really great intense colour to it, so no layering just to see a faint colour! The colour is fairly wearable for everyday life, being a not too yellowed gold. It also has a hint of old/antique gold colour in it. If that makes any sense? It does have some shimmer to it, so mixed with the colour it is, can also work nicely blended well on the cheek bones as a highlight - not a really subtle one though! 

Below I'm wearing this on the lid :) (Sorry it's a rubbish picture)

 The Good - cheap! value, pigmented, lots of colours, choice of finishes, 2g product.

The Not so Good - not a lot really! being slightly picky it would be nice to see some brighter colours (there is a few) and the packaging to be easier to store (flat top!)

Would I repurchase? 100% over and over again!

Who might like them? Anyone that likes some shimmer and a bargain! 

The Bottom Line -  Amazing product - if MUA can give me 2g of awesome eyeshadow for £1 I'd love to hear the excuses for a bad shadow!

I hope you enjoyed this quick review, sorry if you've read my review of these eyeshadows before, but I thought it was worth putting one up for those that hadn't seen my first one. And it makes the post a bit more than just a swatch! But anyway thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it and hope you found it helpful! Thanks again, H :)


  1. Hi :) nice review, I love MUA eyeshadows and I think I'll have to pick this one up.
    Have you tried their eye primer? It's really good! I use it instead of my urban decay primer potion.


    1. Thanks Jess, I haven't tried it, no! I nearly ordered it the other day though, wish I had now! I prefer the ELF one to the Urban Decay one too - I really don't get on with the Urban Decay Primer Potion though for some reason!


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