Thursday, 19 April 2012

Review + Swatches: Barry M Wink Black Marker Pen

Before Eyeko rebranded and increased their prices I was a massive fan of their Graffiti Eyeliner Pens. But I'm not willing to pay the increased prices, with postage added on the top. So I've been scouring the highstreet for a replacement. The first one I came across was this one by Barry M that sure looked promising! Unfortunately I haven't found it to be quite as good, but not a a bad product!

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics 
This is a standard pen styled eyeliner, I have it in Black, which is the only colour it comes in. Inside it has 3ml of product, but I think your more likely to have it dry up over time than to run out! Saying that the lid is very securely shutting, so shouldn't dry out too fast! The nib on it is wider than other pen style liners I have, which can be both good and bad. It is available from Boots & Superdrug for £4.59. 


The Formula 
This has a nicely flowing consistency to it, which does dry down after a few seconds - don't go rubbing it straight after applying! As for longevity, it's not waterproof, so more suited to the upper lashline or those without watery eyes. But it doesn't smudge and does set down quite nicely. It does however fade a little throughout the day. But on the brighter side it removes easily with standard make-up remover which is always something nice! 


The Colour & Pigmentation 
This is black, but I don't find it to be an intense and highly pigmented one. Saying that it isn't washed out and watery. You can get a bit more intensity by going over your line again, but in all honesty I'm probably being a bit picky. The finish isn't glossy, but doesn't quite hit matte either, but still subtle and nothing unwearable! 

In the picture below I'm wearing the liner on my upper lashline :) 


The Good - cheap, wider nib if you like a thicker liner, nice/practical packaging.

The Not so Good - could be a more intense black, some may not like the wider nib.

Would I repurchase? Probably not, but not because it's bad, Eyeko just set the standard really high for me!

Who might like it? Those that like a wider liner. Those that find applying liner a little tricky - pen style can be easier!

The Bottom Line - Not bad at all, but a waterproof version would be loved! 

I hope that you found this review useful, I know a black liner isn't the most interesting thing to read about. But for many of us black liner is an important and staple part of our make-up routine. But as always if you have any questions then don't hesitate to contact me. Thanks for stopping by, H :) 


  1. ahh i really wanted to try the eyeko liner but as soon as i decided i would, they rebranded! grr. might try this though thanks for the review :)

    1. In all honesty I'd recommend the Collection 2000 one as being more similar to the Eyeko one, definitely worth a look at anyway! I think I prefer the Collection 2000 one to the Barry M one too hehe :)


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