Friday, 20 April 2012

Review + Swatches: 17 Berry Crush Lip Stains

When I walked into Boots a few weeks ago (as you do!) I had no idea that these had been released. But needless to say I was pleasantly surprised and naughtily picked up 3, which I have to share with you all today. 17 are fast becoming one of my favourite brands, they're really bringing out some beauties recently! But anyway on with the review!

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 


The Basics 
These are a pen style lip stain, with a balm on the other end. The pen end has a nice securely fitting lid to help prevent drying out, but storing nib down can keep them lasting even longer! The balm also contains Vitamin C which helps to hydrate the lips. As you can see each one has a different coloured packaging, which helps you to easily identify the colour inside, but what really annoys me is that they don't have the shade names printed on them!! But anyway there are 6 colour choices, costing £4.99 each. 


The Formula - Stain 
These stains go on really nicely and pigmented, especially the darker shades. However to get the beautiful even finish you see in the lip swatches below you will need to apply two coats. Blushin being a paler and less intense shade has a shorter wear time, getting about 2 hours before significant fading calls for reapplication! The darker shades Cherry Berry and Pinkini lasted a little longer - just over 3 hours. So it would be nicer for a longer lasting power. It doesn't transer when dry, but when wet (eg drinking) it will transfer slightly.

The Balm 
I must say it's a nice touch to have a balm included, saves carrying two products!  As you can see you don't get a tonne of product, but that's fine I bought it for the stain! Firstly it doesn't scroll down, so knowing me I'll break it off putting the lid on! But anyway it does the job, giving an average moisturization to my lips, and feels pretty nice too. It will add a standard balm style shine to the lips too, so giving the option of two slightly varying finishes to the stain.  

The Colours 
 Blushin -This is the more wearable of the three I have, with a browny pink tone to it. I wouldn't call it a nudey shade though as you can definitely tell there's a colour on your lips.

Cherry Berry - This is the red of the bunch and has an ever so slight berryness to it. It also has the fantastic property of making your teeth look that little bit whiter.

Pinkini -  I already have a 17 lipstick with this name... recycling?! But anyway, this is actually my favourite of the bunch and is a medium berry pink. Loves it! 

The Good - Cheap, value, packaging, pigmented, comes with a balm too, reasonable amount of colours for a release, different coloured pens good for telling them apart. 

The Not so Good - Could be a bit longer lasting, no names on product (just outside packaging).

Would I repurchase? Not so more for longevity, but for the beautiful colours, yes! At this price I can afford to reapply!

Who might like them? Those that want a cheap and beautifully coloured lip stain for summer!

The Bottom Line -  Could be longer lasting, but I still love them, beautiful colours! 

So overall I really like these and would definitely recommend them to anyone interested in them. But if you have any further questions then don't hesitate to ask, I'll always get back to you, so please check back! But anyway thanks for stopping by, have a good weekend and I'll speak to you all soon! H :) 


  1. i hauled the one in pinkini on my blog yesterday!

    1. Great Haul! Love the Collection 2000 Lasting perfection Concealer, a favourite of mine! I also hauled the Red magazine for the freebie haha!

  2. I liked the idea of these when I saw them in superdrug last week but I'm not really into stains.
    Cherry berry is my favourite out the 3 :-)

    Holli x

    1. They do work great under a lipstick as well to keep some colour on your lips longer. But stains aren't for everyone!

  3. I love lip stains and was so tempted to buy one or two of these the other day. But how many lip stains can one woman wear? I've already got masses of Benetint and a Revlon Just Bitten stain, so not sure I can justify it, but waaaaaant.

    1. You don't need a justification, if you love lip stains, go for it, these have beautiful colours! So long as they're different then you have nothing to feel guilty about!

  4. I dont buy lip stains often as I know most will dry my lips out however these coming with a balm is pretty good! I like the look of 'blushin' :)

    1. I completely agree, but I can't help but buy them as I love how they look and feel on the lips! Blushin's really pretty isn't it!

  5. great colours on you, especially the 2 brighter ones!


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