Friday, 27 April 2012

Haul: MakeUp Academy (MUA) including Lip Booms!

I've been naughty again, whoopsie! I've done another Haul again, this time with MakeUp Academy (MUA) who have really been stepping up their game recently! I couldn't resist to join in on the action and picked myself up a few bits. Hauls aren't for everyone, so feel free to skip the post if it's not your thing, I won't be upset - promise! Hope you enjoy :) 

Lip Booms!!! 
(Introductory £3, normally £4) 
I was so excited for these, they're a new product and have a nifty little trick up their sleeve. It's basically a lipgloss and lipstick all in one, for multiple different looks! The lipstick is matte/slight sheen and the gloss is super glittery (kinda chunky) but looks great to highlight the centre of the bottom lip. I was a little (very) naughty and picked up all 8, my favourites so far are LMK (deep berry), Bring It (red) and It's a Situation (berry red). But to see all of them properly check out the video at the bottom :)


Immaculate Collection Eyeshadow Palette 
(normally £8, but I got it free on an offer) 
I got this free as part of an offer going on, I did tweet about it, but unfortunately it's finished now.  Free's a great offer, but £8 for 24 eyeshadows is also pretty awesome. I'll be honest and say I prefer the quality of the single ones, but this palette is a great starting point for those just getting into make-up (from first impressions). Still need to give it a proper play/test! 

 Out There Plumping Lip Gloss - Peach Shimmer
First off, despite the name this is actually rather pink, not complaining, but definitely worth mentioning. The pigmentation to it is also really rather good, think this is going to be something I really like! I've only worn it once, but first impressions are pretty good. Not sticky and the plump isn't the most comfortable, but leaves after a few minutes! 


BB All In One Beauty Balm 
I used this for the first time this morning (I hadn't when I recorded the video!) and thought it seemed very foundation like. It had a nice coverage though - not full, but still nice! It also felt nice to apply and seems to last nicely - but I will get a proper review up when I've tested it more! It doesn't have an SPF in it though, which most BB Creams do, and I'd rather it did! 

Pearl Eyeshadow - Shade 27   
I have a small collection of these cheap (price not quality!) eyeshadows now. My newest edition to the family is this beautiful nudey gold, I probably won't be reviewing it as I've reviewed these eyeshadows before, but if you did want to see something on this one in particular then do let me know! 


Anyway I hope you enjoyed the haul, do let me know how you'd like to see the Lip Boom reviews. I'm leaning towards doing them individually as to do one post would mean 24 lip swatches (3 for each duo) and that would be madness! But if there's any you wanted to see reviewed first, then let me know - I show them properly in the video

But anyway, thanks for stopping by I hope you enjoyed it and I'd love it if you checked out the video. Thanks again, H :)


  1. Nice haul :) I'm going to have to check out MUA. I had a look in my Superdrug a couple of week ago and couldn't find any of their products but I'm going to go again and have another search! :)

    1. Thanks Elle :) Most Superdrugs have the £1 stuff only, although some apparently stock the full range! Shippings pretty reasonable from the website though, especially when you consider how cheap it is!

  2. I like the look of the plumping lipgloss and also the single eyeshadow in particular! :) x

    1. They're really nice Jessica - just think, you can get both for just £3, madness! Will see about some reviews for them!

  3. btw, would be great to see swatches and review of all lip booms and eyeshadow palette colours, although it sounds like a lot of work for you... I also have to agree MUA single eyeshadows r very good for the price, buttery and very pigmented!

    1. It will be some work, so will come slowly! But I'll get some initial swatches on my arm of all the Lip Booms up tomorrow, will the full/individual reviews coming over the next few weeks. A little sorry for the email thingy! Talking of that, would you like me to mark your comment as spam (I know it's not don't worry!) just so that noone else can see your email address?

  4. Hannah my darling thank you so much for your help. I'm still not getting ur lovely email updates, how odd, they're not in the Junk folder either. What I will do is simply go to your website every evening and read the new reviews there, so it's not a problem. Thank you though for looking into it. Maybe it's a Hotmail problem or something. Yes, please about the Spam thing so no one else can see my address, excellent idea, I and thought about it!! xxx

    1. Oh no! That's rubbish that your still not getting them. I signed up to them myself to see if I got the emails coming through and I have received one this morning. So the service seems to be working. I'm really sorry your not getting them though and really appreciate that you'll come and check my blog for the reviews. I have marked the original comment as spam, which means unfortunately my response had to go too, but if you had any other questions let me know! Might be worth signing up again and seeing if that works? Thanks for the patience though Nuria :) xx

  5. I will try what you suggest Hannah! If it still gives me grief I'll just go to your page daily and check the new reviews, I'm addicted to them by now so can't pass a day w/o reading them!! thanks for being so helpful!! xxx

    1. Thanks Nuria for being so kind, feedback like that really makes my day! Thanks for sticking around, I hope you continue to like it here! :)


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