Friday, 30 March 2012

Top Picks: March 2012 Favourites - with video!

It's March already, madness! But it's great because at last the weathers starting to get warmer, I'm wearing shorts without tights today, it really must be warm! But anyway this post isn't about my wardrobe haha. It's about the things I've been using a lot over the last month, some new things and some old loves I've rediscovered or found new uses for. So a mixed bag this month! 

This Months Favourites - 
  • Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation 
  • Collection 2000 Multiplier Mascara 
  • ELF Cream Eyeliner - Metallic Olive 
  • NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk 
  • ELF Studio Blush Brush 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Foundation 
I've been using this a lot this month, not just for testing for my review, but also because I genuinely really like it. It's gives a very very good coverage, which I need sometimes. I wouldn't say it's perfect, but I am very impressed with it and will continue to use it when I want a fuller coverage. 

Price & Availability - Boots & Superdrug, £5.99

Collection 2000 Multiplier Mascara 
This ones a new release from the brand and after seeing the brush and the claims I had to give it a go. It has a really great wand which perfectly seperates the lashes, giving a stunning definition. It does need a LOT of layers to get the volume. But if you have the patience it will look amazing. One of my subscribers even asked if I had falsies on when I wore this in a look! 

Price & Availability - Boots & Superdrug, £4.99 

NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil - Milk 
This is a great little pencil to have in you're collection. It works well as a base to make the colours on top look bolder. But also works well as an inner corner highlight. But what I've been using this for recently is on my waterline for some spring freshness. And it actually has some pretty decent staying power there! 

Price & Availability - I got it from this Ebay seller for £2-3.

ELF Cream Eyeliner - Metallic Olive 
I don't like all of these liners but this one is a really pretty bronzey colour, with some fab pigmentation. But actually recently I've been using this as a base more than a liner. It looks really great with a gold over the top, infact I'll be doing a tutorial next week using it like that, so stay tuned if you're intrigued. 

Price & Availability - ELF's website, £3.50. 


ELF Studio Blush Brush 
I mentioned this brush yesterday as part of my ELF favourites, but I wanted to add it in here too as it's awesome! It's quite on the small side, which makes it good for using in lots of places, but it's a perfect size to add some colour to the apples of the cheek. And I love that it has Taklon bristles! 

Price & Availability - ELF's website, £3.50

Thanks for stopping by to read/listen to my current favourite products. I'd love to hear what you've been loving recently too, anything the same as me? 

But anyway thanks for stopping by to hear what little old me has to say, I really appreciate it, H :) 


  1. I really like the ELF studio brushes, they're great for the price. I also have the ELF cream liner in Navy and it's really dry and hard to work with, but u can get a nice line that's budge-proof if u work at it. although u can't go over the line twice as it becomes patchy. The little eyeliner brush that comes with it is too shot-handled for my taste so I use other brushes. I find the only way to clean this liner off the brush is with baby oil or vegetable oil? Do you get that problem too? xx

    1. I had that problem with the Gunmetal one, there's a lot of inconsistency with shades. I hear the blacks nice though! I haven't had too much of a problem with cleaning actually, I tend to use baby shampoo to clean my brushes and always use a synthetic brush. Do you use natural haired brushes that may not help with holding onto product?

    2. I'll try the black liner then. I've also been meaning to get the lock & seal u wrote about in other reviews. For the liner brush cleaning, I use regular shampoo or even dish washing liquid, the brushes are synthetic, but for some reason this Navy liner sticks onto the hairs and is impossible to remove completely w/O something oily!

    3. Thats rubbish! You've made me worried that my brushes aren't clean enough now haha. Think I'll have to do a check and clean of my liner brushes tomorrow! I keep meaning to write a proper review of Lock & Seal, but I keep putting it of as it's not going to be an easy review to write, so many uses/thoughts! Good product though!

    4. Don't worry, as long as the brushes r for ur personal use only should be OK! I am really looking forward to your lock & seal review, it sounds like a fab product. I found out about it through ur blog. Btw, yesterday I bought Lace & Pumpkin Sleek blusher palettes. Today I wore matte Crochet and shimmery Guipure over it, looks real nice! Nxx

    5. Too true! I'm might be able to get the review up next week, I know what to write, I just need the time to get some good pictures showing the things it does! Ooo the Sleek blushes sound really nice, I don't actually have either of these palettes, Lace does tell me to buy it sometimes though hehe x

  2. I meant "short-handled"...oops

  3. ah i have the collection 2000 foundation and the elf blush brush and love them too! :)

    1. Snap! Have you tried the concealer? It's really fab too!


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