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Review + Swatches: 17 Blush & Glow - In Bloom

Last week I reviewed the other new Blush & Go from 17 which had a more peachy shade to it. This other new one I have to share with you today has a more pinky colour to it - more my cup of tea. But I'll put a link here for the peachy one if it's more your thing! But before I bore you, this is available from Boots for £3.99

As always I've included a summary at the end :)  

The Basics
The Blush & Go line is actually one of my favourites from 17. Each one has two different coloured cheek products, some two blushes and some a blush and highlight. In my most recent review of Peachy I complained that I preferred it when they had a highlight, but actually I think I may have to take that back. As this one has very different colours/finishes I think it's actually pretty awesome. There have been two new shade releases, but I don't know how much product they have - I can't find the info anywhere, sorry! 

The Formula 
This isn't a luxurious product, but actually the formula is pretty good. It's not chalky and has a soft (although not silky soft!) texture to it. The blending is alright, not perfect, but not awful either, but I can get the look I want with it. The longevity of this one is slightly better than the other shade I reviewed, for whatever reasons. I'm not sure why! But I can get about 5/6 hours wear from it, you may well get more though as my cheeks don't like blush! 


The Colours & Pigmentation
These have a good pigmentation to them, I wouldn't go as far as saying it's intense, but sometimes that's nice as you can apply easily without risking the clown look!
a - This is a pale matte bubbglegum pink. It's not pale enough to use as a highlight, but works well as a blush on paler skin. 

b -  This is a bit different from the average blush in my collection. It's a pale pinky berry with very slight coral tones adding some warmth. It doesn't have a shimmer to it, but has a  really pretty golden glow. 

Mixed -  When used mixed this has a slighly paler and more pink shade than the berry, but still has that beautiful golden glow. 

In the picture below I am wearing both sides mixed together. But I'm also wearing both shades on the eyes as a spring pink eyeshadow :) And sorry about the rubbish picture, my cameras turning awful!

 The Good - cheap, bargain! nice packaging, the darker shade is really pretty, 5-6 hours wear (not bad for me!), soft, 3 (mixed) blushes in one.

The Not so Good - could be some improvement on blending - not bad though.

Would I repurchase? Yup they're great little products for me.

Who might like it? Those that don't mind forgoing a little bit of quality (still good!) for the great price. Also great for travel having three blushes in one.

The Bottom Line -  I personally really like this, but if you're a girl of luxury you may not be so excited! 

Soooo sleeeeeepy! I think it's bedtime for me, time to get some zzzz. But if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me and thanks for stopping by. Night night, H :) 


  1. Hey i bought this recently but didnt realise that it came in another shade (peach)!
    I like it, not a lot, but its ok. Just wondering, because i have medium brown skin, would the other shade suit me better?

    1. It's a little hard to say without seeing your skin tone, but by the sounds of it the peach may suit you a little better. Hope that helps :)


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