Sunday, 26 February 2012

Review + Swatches: MakeUp Academy (MUA) Heaven & Earth Palette

This is where I apologise for being a slow blogger! If you've been around for a while at Midnight Violets you may remember that I hauled on this about 4 months ago! I've even being using it a fair amount so theres no excuses! But better late than never as they always say. Especially for such a great value product. Anyway on with the review!

As always I've included a summary at the end :)

The Basics
Not so recently now MUA extended their £1 range to include some slightly more expensive but still ridiculously cheap products. This included this palette which costs just £4 from Superdrug/MUA Website and comes with 12 different shades. In total there's 9.6g of product which equates to 0.8g per shade. The packaging is pretty cheap looking, but still practical as you can see whats inside through the clear lid. And if these colours aren't to your liking there's a fair few other options too! 

The Formula 
I've tried eyeshadows that are a fair amount more expensive than these and not nearly as good. It does make you wonder what they're upto! But anyway these are soft and really pigmented - the swatches are taken with just one swipe - impressive right! They are possibly a little too soft and so can give a little fallout and I'd be scared to travel too much with them - but overall very impressed. Especially since they'll last an 8 hour shift!    

The Colours! 
I know I usually describe each colour individually, but to put it bluntly, I'm not feeling it today! They also have no names, so can't be bothered with all the referencing to the palette with swatches. But anyway as you can tell it has a lot of natural everyday shades, with some gold and bronzes going on in there too. It does have a slight warmer feel to it, but nothing a cool toned girl like me can't pull off. So nothing to warm like some palettes can be! It would be nice to have a darker shade for a more defined crease, but apart from that I'm really enjoying the colour selection! 

An Urban Decay Naked Palette dupe? 
No. In a word! Unlike the Naked palette this contains only shimmery shades (of varying levels) but no matte shades. I also couldn't find any dupes for individual colours. But all is not lost as I do feel this has the same kind of feel and colour scheme as the Naked Palette - and at a much lower price! But feel free to own both - I do and don't regret it at all! 

The Good - cheap, value, see through lid, colours to suit pretty much everyone, pigmented.

The Not so Good - most Superdrugs that stock MUA don't stock their Professional range :( would be nicer with a deeper crease shade (being picky here!)

Would I repurchase? Yup, the MUA palettes have given me Pokemon fever - gotta catch them all!

Who might like it? Those that like a bargain! And anyone that likes subtle and work friendly make-up - just remember there's no matte shades!

The Bottom Line - Great value, great quality and would suit most people! 

I'd heard a lot of rave reviews of this palette before I got it, but didn't quite understand. But it is a very versatile and easy palette to pick up. I'm thinking of getting some more of the MUA Palettes - do you guys have any suggestions? Also their £1 single shadows are really great too. Check them out! Anyway thanks for stopping by, H :) 


  1. These have become a somewhat cult product in the blogging world, love them!

    1. Totally! I just wanted to add my views to the pool!

  2. nice following ya do visit my blog as well...

  3. Ordered the MUA heaven and earth palette the other day and the dusk till dawn one looking forward to testing them out and doing a little review myself!

    1. I haven't tried Dusk Till Dawn, but it does look gorgeous! Have fun with them though!


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