Friday, 24 February 2012

ELF Haul with Open Box Video!

If you like ELF and haven't signed up for their newsletter I strongly suggest you do! Well unless your trying to save money! They are always sending me offers and deals, with the most recent 30% of everything one. Which drew me in for a slightly naughty haul! Overall I'm actually really happy with what I got and will get reviews up in due time - although I have so much I want to review at the moment! Must. Stop. Buying. I also got a Studio Blush Brush which I forgot to photograph, but I've talked about it in the video at the bottom :) Hope you enjoy :)

Studio Blush - Mellow Mauve (£3.50)
Like a lot of these blushes I got, I haven't tried it before. First impressions are that it's well pigmented (not as much as Sleek though!) and has a shimmery finish. It's a very everyday shade and will work well for work etc.

Studio Cream Blush - Flirt (£6.50)
A bit pricier than the other products. But oh so totally worth it, especially with 30% off! They have a pretty unique texture, very moussey but sets to a powdery finish. This shade is a very girly pink and reminds me somewhat of Pixie Pink by Sleek.

Healthy Glow Bronzing Powder - Matte Bronze (£1.50)
I originally thought this was a little dark, but once swatched it seems a little better. And if you watched the video you'll know I wasn't impressed that this 'matte' bronzer has gold shimmer in it. It's not too bad once swatched, but still! Matte?

Mineral Blush - Rose (£3.50)
I must say, I'm loving this colour! And it's really pigmented too! And has a matte finish, so is going to look slightly more natural on the skin. I can't wait to try this on my face - too many new blushes at once was a bad idea! It's a loose powder though so be careful of it being messy!

Studio Warm Bronzer (£3.50)
I'm not entirely sure why I got the warm one, as obviously it's pretty warm toned! It has quite a lot of golden tones in it though so should probably work for those with a tan! I'll give it a try and see what I think of it on me, but I have a feeling they're going to end up as eyeshadows! Pretty ones at that though :)

Studio Single Eyeshadow - Purple Passion (£3.50)
In my open box video (at the bottom) of this haul I was stupendously excited to swatch and try this. But after the initial excitement I wasn't so impressed. This is a lot sheerer than I'd like and I also had problems applying it evenly. I have only tried this once, so won't judge it too much yet - we shall see!

Cream Eyeshadow Duo - Eggplant (£1.50)
I've tried these before and wanted a purple/green as they're colours I tend to wear a lot. I do find that they crease on their own, but once set with a powder they're fine. So work well as a cheap base. Always handy to have!

Eyeshadow Duo - Mocha Swirl (£1.50)
I haven't actually tried these duos before, but have heard good things so decided to pick up a nudey one so that I'd be able to throw it on in the morning before work. Colour wise it is similar to the Mocha Swirl cream version - but not identical!

Brightening Eye Colour - Brownstone (£1.50)
This is one of the better quads I've tried from the range. Not too powdery and not really sheer either. The finishes are all matte - or close to and would work well for everyday wear. So far so good with this one :)

Plumping Lip Glaze - Fire Coral (£1.50)
I haven't really worn this, but on first wear it's not too sticky and the coloured end doesn't have any stinging effect on the lips. The clear shimmery end has a bit of a sting to it! I'll be trying it out more and letting you know though!

Super Glossy Lip Shine - Party Peach (£1.50)
This is sheerish, but has enough colour to subtley tint the lips, it also has some gold shimmer in it. I can imagine it looking good with a tan! I haven't worn this on the lips yet, so we shall see how it works on the tanless me!

Luscious Liquid Lipstick - Raspberry (£1.50)
I already have one of these in strawberry and liked it so picked up a different colour. I would say they apply more like a pigmented lipgloss than a lipstick, but still really nice and glossy. They don't last the longest, but they're cheap and have nice packaging, so no complaints here!

Mineral Moisturizing Lip Tint - Berry (£3.50)
This is a new product and being the lover of tinted balms that I am I had to give this a go! I've worn this a few times now and am really really liking it. It has a strong pigmentation to it and seems to last for hours and hours on the lips. I think I'll definitely be going back for more!

Phew that was a post and a half! Sorry if it was a bit long guys! Have you tried any of these things before? What did you think? I'm looking forward to playing with these all! If you wanted a review on anything or just had a question then don't hesitate to ask me. 

And as always thanks for stopping by, I really hope you enjoyed the post and my venture into Youtube! I promised a top 10/least liked ELF post and I promise you it's still coming but I wanted to wait to try these out a bit first, I hope you'll understand. Thanks again, H :)       


  1. Great haul! The purple eyeshadow & berry lip tint are my favs :)

    1. The lip tint is lovely, I'm not convinced by the eyeshadow yet - really should try it out some more!

  2. Great post Hannah!! I haven't tried any of these items so was very useful. Would also be great to see pics of you wearing some of these! Nx

  3. Great post! I must sign up for the newsletter! :)

  4. Brownstone looks lovely, I love ELF stuff, so cheap. You have made me want to try the lip tint :)

    I have awarded you a versatile blogger award:


  5. Sorry the reply functions seems to be playing up so I can't do it like that. So a combined comment will have to do!

    @ Nuria - I'll try and get a FOTD up for you next week with as many of these as I can, but the reviews with full products will be up in time!

    @ What Larry Loves! - Definitely, it's totally worth it! I do have a lot of ELF stuff now because of it!

    @ youlittlebeauty - Thankyou! Wow! Glad you like it here :) Sorry for enabling with the lip tint, but it's really nice!

  6. I have been deciding which colour of the lip tint to get as I like colours fairly similar to my natural lip colour. As my lips are quite pigmented I feel light pinks wash me out a bit so I think I'm gonna go for the berry tint :)


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