Friday, 30 December 2011

What I took with me: Christmas 2011! - Including My Perfect Travel Palette!

Like many people this Christmas I spend a few days away from home! Which of course meant I had the fun of choosing what products to take with me. That's not sarcastic either, I actually love to rummage through my make-up! It would take forever to go through everything I took, as I like to have something for all occasions! So I'm going to refrain from doing so, but I'll talk about the bits I didn't use and why and also my standout travel product from the bunch!

How I like to travel
If this wasn't make-up related I'd tell you about how I hate cars and actually prefer trains! But alas it's a make-up blog so I'll try and stay on topic! Generally I tend to travel pretty light, but for make-up I do tend to take a fair amount. I like to have a choice when I do my make-up everyday, but tend to vear more towards multi-use products and palettes too. I also use travelling as a great excuse to use things that have been neglected, but you'll always find a couple of things I'm currently testing for review and my staple products too! 


The Products I didn't use!
Of all the products I took with me there were only three that I didn't use, which I thought was pretty good. And strangely they were ones I thought I'd get a fair amount of use out of! But anyway they were... 

Sleek Original Palette - This actually strikes me as a great palette for travel, but I was just drawn more towards the Too Faced one I mention below for it's beautiful Christmassy green! I think this would have been used had it not been Christmas!

Benefit's Benetint - I'll be honest with this, the only reason I didn't use it is I forgot I took it with me! I only have a mini size of this and so it worked it's way to the bottom of my make-up bag! I've travelled with this in the past and loved it though! 

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Gel Liner - This one was brought with me more as an option for a bit of sparkle, but I tended to stay on the safe side with my make-up as we were at my OH's parents! The shade I took was the gorgeous Le Freak! 


The Perfect Travel Palette! 
I found the Too Faced Fun in the Dark Palette to be absolutely fabulous and used at least 2 things from it each day! It also has a great variety of products in it, including a blush, bronzer, lipstick and gloss. Theres also 4 eyeshadows, which you can create very minimal to the slightly smoky looks from. The palest shade - 'Pin-Up' also makes a great highlight for both the face and eyes making this a pretty much complete palette!


Thats all for tonight folks, I hope you found it useful, although most of it was rambling so sorry guys! Tomorrows New Years Eve so I'm off out for movies so I'm afraid there probably won't be a post, but if your stuck on ideas for make-up then you might like to check out My Sparkly New Years Look. 

But most of all Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you all and hope you've all had an amazing year and that 2012 only gets better! The only way is up :) Thanks again, H :)

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza! Shifty Collection Review & Swatches

It seems like forever since I last blogged, I'm missed you all very much, your comments really brighten my day! And I'm really glad to be back posting after Christmas, I think my OH is pleased too as it means I won't be rambling about make-up to him as much! And I'd also like to say a quick hello to those of you who've recently followed me, I hope you enjoy it here at Midnight Violets! Today I'm doing the last of my back-to-back Venomous Cosmetics posts, finishing with some swatches and review of the Shifty Collection Lip Poisons.

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
Lip Poisons are basically a lipgloss product, coming in a standard style tube with a doe-foot applicator wand. Each one costs $6 and comes with a very reasonable 7.8ml of product. The two I have here are from The Shifty Collection, which consists of 6 different glosses, each having a different colour shift. There are also many other lip poisons available, in both standard colours and more unusual ones such as shimmery black and blue ones too! 

The Formula
These glosses are very slightly thicker than some others I have, but that doesn't make them overly sticky which is good. It does however mean that they're a little longer lasting, staying on the lips for at least 3 hours, even with eating/drinking. I haven't found any problems with these as far as drying my lips out, but my lips seem happy with most things on them! They're also unscented and taste free which some will really love! In the full face photographs I'm also wearing products from the Flashback Collection - swatches here

The Colours!
Both of these glosses are clear and hold a subtle amount of microglitter in them,  making them perfect for layering over lipsticks. I'm assuming the other 4 in the collection follow the trend! Depending on the angle you look at these from you can see a small amount of this shimmer, or they can just look clear. If I'm entirely honest I was expecting the colour shift to be a little bolder, especially with Unpredictable - I found photographing the swatches pretty tricky! 

Unpredictable - Clear gloss holding a very slightly muted hot pink shimmer. 

Warped -  A clear gloss holding pinky purple and blue shimmer - slightly more obvious on the lips than Unpredictable. 

The Company!
Having ordered from Venomous Cosmetics 2 or 3 times now, with another cheeky order on it's way I think I'm ready to give you my opinion on my experiences. Firstly the customer service is fantastic - I'd probably go as far to say the best I've had! Free samples with every order, great communication and I've also received upgrades when my order took longer to ship the the time span given on the front page. The product range is also pretty impressive for an Indie company, offering pressed and loose shadows as well as lip glosses. And also as of today their first Fang Lip Liner, which I'm excited to try! 

The Good - no taste and unscented, practical packaging, lot of product, good for layering over lipstick, long lasting (3+ hours). 

The Not so Good - I'd personally prefer the shift to be a little stronger, the smaller purse sizes aren't available anymore :(  

Would I buy these again? Not the Shifty Collection, but I've already cheekily ordered a coloured Lip Poison - Candy Apple! 

Who might like these? Those that like unscented/taste free lip glosses. And these particular ones would be great for those that prefer more of a gloss without much colour. 

The Bottom Line - Sorry Venomous Cosmetics I have to be honest and say they're nothing special, but I can't wait to try the new lip liner and my Candy Apple one when the postman comes! 

That just about rounds off my Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza, but this won't be the last of my reviews/swatches as I'm far to addicted to the brand! But anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were far to busy enjoying yourselves to notice I haven't posted in a whole week! But as always thanks for stopping by, H :)   

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza! Flashback Collection Loose Shadow Swatches.

Before I start today I just wanted to say a quick sorry for the lack of posts recently, I've been working ridiculous amounts of hours and been a bit preoccupied with Christmas things when I have been at home. I'm not sure when I'll be able to blog next, but hopefully soon as I have lots I'm itching to share with you all! 

But back to todays swatches! I'll be swatching three of the loose shadows released in the new Flashback Collection from Venomous Cosmetics. I did get all three for free, but as a customer of the not so recent Black Friday sale - nothing to do with the blog! 

The Basics
This collection is compiled of loved eyeshadows from previous collections, so you may have seen some of these before! On the bright side the collection includes lip poisons and pressed shadows too, not just loose shadow. The loose shadows that I'm swatching for you today come in a sample baggie for $1 or the full size in a jar with a sifter for $6.50. 


The Colours
Thankful -  A bright yellowed orange with a very subtle green shimmer to it. Not something I would have chosen for myself but I really loved wearing it actually!

Fairy Godmother - LOVE THIS! It's a stunning minty teal with pale pink shimmer running through it, I am rather tempted by a full size! 

The Most Beautiful Princess -  Like Thankful this isn't something I would have chosen myself, but it's actually quite pretty. A muted hot pink with a small amount of silver microglitter and a shimmery finish.

The Look
It can't not include a quick EOTD in a swatch post, seeing the colours on an eye and what you can do with them always makes them seem nicer! Well in my opinion anyway, hopefully you'll agree! Anyway I used Thankful on the inner corner and The Most Beautiful Princess on the lid. For the crease I cheated a little and used a matte black from another brand (Sleek) and blended it out with Fairy Godmother. Fairy Godmother also was used on the lower lashline :) 

That just about rounds off my swatches for today and possibly for the next few days as well. But if I don't have time to post before Christmas I hope you all have a really great one and enjoy spending some quality time with the special people in your life! And if you don't celebrate Christmas then I hope you have an awesome day too :) Thanks for stopping by, H :)

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza! Pressed Eyeshadow Review, Swatches & Look

I've been a bit naughty and made a couple of reasonable sized orders from Venomous Cosmetics recently and have a fair amount I want to swatch and review for you. So I decided I'd do them this week, which I'm quite excited about! Today I'm starting of with a review and swatches of the 5 pressed eyeshadows I have. All sample size and available for $2 from the Venomous Cosmetics website, with full sizes for $6.50. 

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
These samples are really teeny - 15mm (about the size of a 5p coin), but lets be honest here, I've only ever finished two eyeshadows! And it really makes a change to see an indie company selling pressed samples, and Venomous Cosmetics has a great variety in colour choices too! As far as the service was, I found it outstanding with good communication. With each order I received free samples and one order was sent just a day or two later than stated but the owner kindly upgraded two of my samples to full size, which I was amazed by - in a good way of course! 

Colours & Pigmentation
I hate to say this, but the pigmentation could be a little better on these, but something like a NYX Jumbo Pencil underneath does help to get a better colour from them. But it's reasonable I'd say, all with a shimmery non glittery finish. 

Gaboon Viper - A slightly taupey medium rich brown. 

Sea Urchin - A pinky purple with a bluey sheen to it. This one is the sheerest of the bunch. 

Chupacabra - This one is part of The Legendary Collection and is a blue that leans into a plummy purple. 

Mermaid - The picture on the site for this is pretty off, but is still my favourite of the 5 I have here. It's a beautiful medium bright green with a very very subtle gold sheen. 

 Box Jelly - Ace name (sea geek!) and a pretty standard pearly white shade. Nice to have and great for highlighting. 

The Formula
These have a really soft and creamy feel to them and blend nicely. They could be a little longer lasting as I find they tend to crease after about 5-6 hours. However saying that the colour does remains vivid. As I've already mentioned the pigmentation isn't amazing, but it's definitely workable and you can still get a good colour pay off if you layer a little - better than my washed out EOTD pictures show!  

The Good -  Mermaid is beautiful, I'm in love with the names, really soft and blend nicely, mix of brights and more wearable shades available. 

The Not so Good - pigmentation could be improved a little (not bad though!), might have expected something a little more unique from an indie company, but colours are still pretty. 

Would I repurchase these? Yup, I've already picked up Sydney Harbour @ Night which is also a cute colour. 

The Bottom Line - I like these and will definitely repurchase, but they aren't outstanding 

That finishes off the first in my mini bonanza this week. I hope you don't mind me dedicating a few posts to this company, but I think I've become a bit obsessed! Probably worth saying that yes I payed for this all with my own money and the free samples are something all customers receive! But if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me. Thanks for stopping by, H :)

Monday, 19 December 2011

Review + Swatches: ELF Shimmer Lip Gloss Collection

Evening everyone, I hope your all well and looking forward to the holiday season and hopefully some time off from work! I know I'm excited! Today I have review of an ELF Lip Set that I picked up from TK Maxx for £5 a few weeks ago. Strangely this set isn't on the ELF site and nor are the glosses, but TK Maxx does tend to stock some US ELF items sometimes! Hopefully this formula will be reaching our shores for proper sometime! 

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
This little collection comes 5 lipglosses - Houston, Miami, New York City, Pink and Victoria. It does seem strange that 4 are named after American cities and the fifth pink - or am I missing something and theres a city called Pink?! They all come in pretty simple rectangular tubes and have a doe-foot applicator for applicator. Each one has 2.5g of product, which is on the smaller side, but considering the price is pretty reasonable. 

The Formula
When I first applied these to my lips I was pleasantly surprised by the lightweight and completely non sticky formula. Infact rather similar to my favourite - BeautyUK Lip Lusts. They're also really smooth despite the shimmer. I haven't found that they're particularly drying, but they possibly are a little bit - it's a bit hard to tell at this time of year whether it's the weather or the product! Two and a half hours seems to be the average wear time, which is a little on the shorter side. 

Colour & Pigmentation
As is probably rather apparent from the lip swatches these glosses have quite a sheer colour to them, making them all rather similar. This makes them all good for subtle everyday wear, but also pretty nice over a lipstick too! All have a shimmery finish, but this is quite subtle.

Houston -  A pretty standard medium pink. 

Miami - More of a nudey pale pink. 

New York City - My favourite of the 5, a 'bright' pinky red. 

Pink - Slightly darker than baby pink, but being so sheer comes across pretty nudey. 

 Victoria - Yellowy golden in the tube, but only really applies as a shimmer. 

The Good - good over lipsticks, not sticky, smooth, cheap, value. 

The Not so Good - lasts 2.5 hours, all pretty sheer so very similar - don't really need 5 different ones! 
Who might like this? Those looking for a nice light lipgloss for over lipstick. Also pretty good for subtle wear.

Would I buy this again? Debatable! They're nice to have but I wouldn't realistically need more than 2 or 3. 

The Bottom Line - Really nice formula, and pretty sheer, so something you'll either like or not like! 


Being Christmas time I can't really not add that this would make a pretty good secret santa/stocking stuffer as you can give a fair amount of colours for just £5. But anyway if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask, but hopefully I covered everything you wanted to know. Thanks for stopping by, H :)

Sunday, 18 December 2011

Review + Swatches: Stila Daydream Palette

This is yet another purchase from BuyaPowa, I think I'm getting a slight addiction to that website, it's seriously amazing! They have the Urban Decay Black Palette being featured on there soon which I'm hoping to get my mittens on too! But anyway I'm way off topic here! I got this pretty palette for £7 from the website (RRP £11.50), it isn't available anymore as the Co-buy is long since finished, but make sure to check out the website for other great deals! I hadn't heard wonderful things about the palette but at such a great price I wanted to try for myself and check out Stila!

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
This is a limited edition Christmas palette released this year by Stila. Inside it has 22 eyeshadows including the famous Kitten! There is a variation in finishes, and unfortunately quality as well, but more on that a bit further down. All of the shadows also have names, which makes my life easier writing this post! There is also a bigger version of this palette available called Dream in Full Colour as well if you wanted to upgrade! 


The Packaging
The packaging is pretty unique and really well lain out like a flower. However some of the pans, specifically in the inner circle will only fit smaller brushes in it. So not entirely practical! The back of the packaging lists the colours included and where they are in the palette. It'd be nice if this was on the actual palette as I'll be throwing the outer packaging away. But I'll probably just do a bit of cutting and sticking to attach it to the palette to keep! Size wise the palette as a whole is roughly the size of a CD so perfect for travel. 


The Quality
I've never tried regular Stila shadows so I can't really compare this palette to them. But I do hope they're better than this palette! I'm not saying these are awful, but I've got things that are better and cheaper so make up your own mind on that. They are VERY powdery and the pigmentation could do with being better on quite a few of the shades - they just seemed very washed out. On the brighter side I found the colour in them lasted all day and without creasing too. 

The Colours
I know I'd always go through a small description of all the colours I talk about, but lets be honest it would be pretty ridiculous if I did that for all 22 of the colours! And probably rather boring for you all too! But if you wanted to know any in particular then leave a comment and I'll get back too you. 

Overall this palette has a lot of nude and everyday shades, most of which have a definite warm tone to them. There are also some brighter coloured shades, mainly greens and blues. With most of the coloured shades being fairly muted. My three favourites would have to be Kitten, Aspire and Whim. 

Below are a couple of EOTD I created using just colours from this palette. My favourite of the two looks is the bottom one though! 


The Good - lots of colours in a compact area, clear lid means easy to see what you've got, good price, pretty design, a couple of really beautiful colours (Kitten & Aspire), reasonable colour range.

The Not so Good - powdery,  some of the pans are pretty small, pigmentation could be a bit better, for me this is a little too warm toned.

Would I buy this again? Probably not, but I'm still open to trying other things from Stila as I've read this isn't the best from them. 

Who might like this? Those that like more muted shades and would like a good selection to travel with in a compact palette. Well, for everyday too! 

The Bottom Line - I can't quite bring myself to like this, don't hate it either though! 

Hopefully this review was helpful and hasn't confused you too much! I'll probably pick this up from time to time but it's nothing I can get excited about though. But everyone's different so if you like this, then great :) Anyway if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and thanks for stopping by, H :) 


Thursday, 15 December 2011

Secret Santa/Stocking Stuffer Idea: Chapstick Hot Lips Kit

I was out shopping in Asda the other day - as you do! And came across this little lipbalm kit for £3.50 all packaged in a little tin and perfect as a cheap present for putting in someones stocking or to give as a secret santa gift like doing (not the same one as I'm reviewing, don't worry!). 

The Basics
In this kit you get three Chapsticks - Cherry, Strawberry and Apple, all packaged in a pretty nifty little tin that will be useful even when the Chapsticks gone. They all have an SPF to them, but not of the same factor which is rather random - the Apple and Cherry ones both have SPF15 and the Strawberry SPF10. And theres not much else to say really, except for theres different patterns available on the tins, I liked the polka dot one though! 

Mini Review
All three have their own scents all of which are quite artificial but for me not overly or in a really horrible way, there isn't much of a taste to them either. After I've first applied them they feel a bit waxy and tend to sit on top of the lips which I hate. But after a few minutes they warm up with your lips and feel a lot better. So I guess it's no biggie! Once they're on the lips they last for AGES! I would probably only have to reapply about 4 times a day, which for me is very minimal! 

Now I've finally tried the famous Chapsticks! And they're pretty alright, not amazing for me though! 


I'd probably be pretty happy to receive one of these little sets as a present this Christmas - well if I didn't have one already anyway! They're great value and an easy gift for people you don't know so well - what kinda girl doesn't wear a bit of lipbalm now and again! Anyway if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask and thanks for stopping by, H :)

Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Sparkly Party Look - for New Years Eve and Christmas Parties!

It's that time of year again that it turns into party season! Work parties and New Years Eve parties being the main ones I can think of. This year the work party from one of my jobs is sparkly themed so I've been playing around with some glitter and have come up with this look that I wanted to share with you! Hopefully some of you will find it helpful as I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants some glitter for the festive season! I hope you enjoy the look :) 

Glitter Tips!
I'm sure I don't have to say this, but always make sure you use cosmetic glitter on your face, not the crafty type! Also as you can probably guess the fallout was something horrific! So applying your eye make-up first stops you messing up your face make-up cleaning up! And using something like Fyrinnaes Pixie Epoxy as a base to 'stick' the glitter to your eye gives a much more stunning finish! 

  • Too Faced Primed & Poreless Face Primer
  • Collection 2000 Concealer - fair (names rub off but its the one people rave about!) 
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation
  • The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder - shade 01
  • MUA Eye Shadow - shade 18 matte (mixed with blush)
  • Sleek Blush - Flamingo
  • Bourjois Highlighting Powder 
  • ELF Blush & Bronzing Powder (just bronze side)
  • Too Faced Shadow Insurance
  • Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy
  • Barry M Fine Glitter Dust - 4 Silver (lid)
  • Sleek Curacao Palette - Purple Haze (crease)
  • Sleek Curacao Palette - Espresso Martini (deepen crease)
  • Marks & Spencers Eye Palette (highlight)
  • 17 Liquid Eye Liner - Black (top lashline)
  • Topshop Kajal Pencil - Crushed Charcaol (waterline)
  • No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil - Smoky Purple (bottom lashline)
  • Too Faced Lash Injection Mascara  

  • BeautyUK Lip Vinyl - Pure Pacha 

Hopefully you enjoyed the look, but if you have any questions on anything mentioned then don't hesitate to ask me :) I hope you all have fun at any Christmas parties your attending and rock whatever look you choose to wear! Have a good'un and thanks for stopping by to read what little old me has to say, H :)

Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Review + Swatches: NYX Jumbo Eye Pencils is Milk & Black Bean

NYX is one of those brands that I lust after a lot, but in the UK it's not the easiest brand to come across. So you'll have to mainly buy online, I got mine off of Ebay from a seller that sells loads of NYX products. I was very happy with the service and price (£3.68 for both + p&p), so if anybody wanted to know which seller I used then just ask :) But anyway I'd heard so many good things about these being used as eyeshadow bases that I had to see what all the fuss was about and picked up these two basic shades. 

As always I've included a summary at the end :) 

The Basics
NYX Jumbo pencils are a larger sized pencil style product, housed in white plastic packaging. I haven't actually sharpened this so I can't say how they sharpen, but they do look like they might be a bit of a pain when it comes to it! They're designed to be used as both liner and an all over colour, but more on that further down! In total there are 24 colours available, with what seems like a great shade range. In each one theres 5g of product, so enough to last ages too!


The Formula
These have a very emollient formula to them, which is probably due to the mineral oil in them. This does make them glide on really nicely and smoothly without tugging the skin and blend nicely to give an all over colour to the lid. However it does also mean that they tend to slide off and smudge as a liner. And also tend to crease on the lid if not set with an eyeshadow. This all sounds rather negative, but they work amazingly as an eyeshadow base. 


Best Uses
For me I find that their pretty mediocre as a liner and I'm much more happy reaching for something else. But they work amazingly as an eyeshadow base as they make the colours much more vibrant and don't crease like some bases have a tendency to do. Milk also works well as a subtle highlight on the browbone and inner corner when blended, or even as a base for a stronger or duochrome highlight shade. And talking of duochrome eyeshadows, Black Bean works well as a base under some of the darker ones!

Colour and Pigmentation 
Each one has a strong pigmentation, with an intense black and white colour to each one. The pigmentation also stays through being blended, although obviously not as strong! The colours are both pure in shade, with the white being very bright and the black really deep. Black Bean also has a slight glossyness to it, but neither have any shimmer or glitter in them. 

In the photograph below I'm wearing Black Bean as a liner and Milk as a browbone and inner corner highlight. 


The Good - strong pigmentation, cheap, value, lot of product, work amazingly as a base, great range of colour choices. 

The Not so Good - smudge/slip when worn as a liner, not the easiest to get hold of in the UK. 

Who might like these? Those that want a stronger pigmentation from their eyeshadows, Milk is a great allrounder, but there are many in different colours too. Great as a base for mineral eyeshadows too. 

Would I buy these again? Absolutely, and probably in the not too distant future too! 

The Bottom Line -  Amazing eyeshadow bases at a fab price! 

I can definitely see what all the hype is with these as a base, but they're not something I'd use as a liner again. Totally worth it just as a base though! I've really enjoyed reviewing these and will be picking them up to use a lot in the future, so don't expect this to be the last you hear of them from me! 

But anyway if you have any questions I'm happy to answer them for you and hope you enjoyed my post. Thanks for stopping by, H :) 

Monday, 12 December 2011

Top Picks: Christmas Red Lips

Up until now I've held off from bombarding you all with Christmas posts as theres so many of them floating around cyberspace. But now that we're getting a bit closer I thought it was about time I acknowledged Christmas! So I thought I'd give you another Top Picks post of some great red lip colours! If you don't celebrate Christmas or don't want to rock a red lip on the day then these are still great red lip colours for anytime. But I have selected some more glittery ones and bold ones too and not just lipsticks either!
Anyway I hope you enjoy my post - all swatches on the skin are at the bottom, with the lip swatches running throughout, with a mini review each.

Products L-R: BeautyUK Lip Lust - no.10 Moulin Rouge, Clinique High Impact Lip Colour - Rosette, BarryM Lip Lacquer Crayon - no.1 Cherry Red, MakeUp Academy (MUA) Lipstick - shade 13, Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up, MUA Lipstick - shade 8, GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Red. 

BeautyUK Lip Lust - Moulin Rouge
It wouldn't be Midnight Violets if I didn't kick of the party with a Lip Lust - possibly my favourite lipgloss formula as they aren't even the slightest bit sticky. This particular one is a slightly deepened red shade thats chocker block full of shimmer, but in a very wearable way as you'll be able to tell from me wearing it below. Great on it's own as it has a pretty good pigmentation, but also looks good over a lippie! Oh and BeautyUK have just released a much more pigmented version of these glosses called Lip Vinyls - review coming soon!

Price & Availability -  £2.99 at Superdrug and the BeautyUK website. 

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour - Rosette
This is one of those lipsticks that's slowly worked it's way to the back of the drawer, but when looking through my lip stuff for this post I pulled it out and realised how great it'd be for Christmas. It's a warmish red that is slightly muted making it a much more wearable for those a bit shy of bold lips. But what makes it perfect for this time of year is the subtle golden shimmer it has running through it making it really pretty. Mine doesn't have the nicest packaging as it was a magazine freebie, but if you pay full price you'll get something nicer :) 

Price & Availability -  £15, Boots  

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon - No.1 Cherry Red
I'll be honest, when I first brought this I really hated it. It was so bold and has an almost metallic finish, which scared me a lot. But I've got a bit braver and think of it in a better light - when paired with suitable eye make-up! It's pretty long lasting and has a pretty true red, that if anything leans slightly cool. I'd definitely say this is one for the brave, due to the intense colour and finish, mixed with a fair amount of gloss too! 

Price & Availability - £4.99, Boots, Superdrug and the BarryM Website. 

MakeUp Academy Lipstick - Shade 13
I love love love the formula of the MUA lipsticks, they feel like balm, reasonably long lasting, good pigmentation, and have a really nice subtle vanilla scent. I can't really say a bad word about them, except shade names not numbers would be nice! But anyway I picked up a few of their reds recently and this one has turned out to be my favourite. It's a bright bright, slightly lighter red, with no shimmer/glitter to in it but a slightly glossy finish. In the picture below I've used a gold eyeshadow (Shiro's Perfect World) in the centre of the lip to add that Christmas spirit!

Price & Availability - £1, Superdrug. 

Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up
Another lip product I love love love, the Sleek Pout Paints are intensely pigmented, you only need to use the teeniest amount to get full, lasting covergae. Pin Up is the standard red shade, but if you wanted something different these are made for mixing up your own unique colours using other shades of Pout Paint. I'd happily wear this on it's own though, with its slight glossy finish. 

Price & Availability - £4.99, Superdrug (can't find it on the Sleek website). 


MakeUp Academy Lipstick - Shade 8
I've already talked about the MUA Lipstick a little further up in this post so I won't bore you all by repeating myself! This one is a lot more toned down in colour than the other shade though and slightly sheerer too. It's slightly deeper than the other shade, but the reason I've included it here is it's a perfect red for christmas with some subtle and wearable glitter running through it! Whats Christmas without a little glitter?! And this is so cheap!

Price & Availability: £1, Superdrug.

GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Red
My last red lip product is one I've talked about a fair amount before and something a little different to the lipsticks/glosses that made up the rest of this post. This is basically a pen that you can colour your lips in with, it does stain so you'll want to get it right first time, but it'll last really well - perfect for eating your Christmas Dinner, or as a base under your favourite red lipstick. The colour is slightly warm, but nothing us cool toned ladies won't be able to pull off! 

Price & Availability - £6.99, Superdrug


Adding that little bit of Christmas magic!
It wouldn't be christmas without a touch of gold and glitter would it? So adding a touch of gold eyeshadow to the centre of the lips can be a subtle and beautiful way to do that. Something with a pearly finish is great as it will make your lips look fuller and more defined. I've given an example a bit further up my post in the MUA shade 13 swatches. But of course you'll want your beautiful red lips to last as well. Which is no easy task with all the eating and drinking thats become a tradition of the season. But using something such as ELF Makeup Lock and Seal (£3.50) can be great at prolonging wear. 


And that just about rounds of my epic red lip post, I'm not claiming they're the best out there, just some of my favourites. So if you have any others you wanted to share then don't hesitate to leave them as comments below, you guys always have great suggestions!

But as always if you wanted to know anything about any of the products mentioned then don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for stopping by, H :)
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