Friday, 30 September 2011

A Trio of Mini H&M Beauty Reviews

I'm been debating in my head about whether to publish this post for a few weeks now. In the end I decided I would - as you've possibly noticed seeing as your reading it! It seemed silly not to post it as if just one person found it helpful then it's been worth my while. So on with the post! Today I'll be reviewing...

  • Sea Shell Lipgloss
  • Pomegranate and Passion Flower Peel Off Mask
  • Vanilla Fudge Self Warming Mask

Sea Shell Lipgloss
Really to me this is more of a balm as it has no colour and only a slight gloss to it. It does moisturize my lips a little, however it does feel a little gritty and waxy on the lips. The smell though is lovely and fresh smelling, which I really like. And lets be honest this is something I bought for the cute packaging! This has 1g of product for £1.99 at H&M. 

Pomegranate and Passion Flower Peel Off Mask
This is my favourite of the three products, but chances are I won't be repurchasing. I found that it did work to make my skin look a little clearer, but wasn't anything special. It did have a really satisfying feel when peeling the mask of though as it felt like it was doing some good. With it's strong fruity scent this is something to relax with due to the 20+ minutes it takes to set. This costs 99p for 10ml - enough for one good application. 


Vanilla Fudge Self Warming Mask
 This definitely does what it says, it's REALLY warming, so maybe not that suitable for those with sensitive skin. The consistency of it was also really thick and slightly sticky, so felt a little 'different' on my face. It didn't dry, which isn't a problem, just something to be aware off. Unforuntly I didn't find that this did much for my skin, except dry it out a little. But it did smell amazing! Bring out a lipbalm with this scent and I'd be on it like sonic! The sachet contains 15g for 99p which is perfect for a single application. 

And just quickly before I finish, remember everyones skin reacts differently to different products - with mine liking to dry out when using some products. But overall being combination and prone to blemishes. 

Thanks for reading my mini reviews, how do you guys like this format?  I still can't make my mind up about them. But as always if you have any questions on anything mentioned don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again, H :) 

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Review: Ecotools 6 Piece Eye Brush Set

I can't even remember how long I'd lusted after some Ecotools brushes before I eventually took the plunge and brought myself this little set. And I must say, I was really rather impressed, I much prefer them to my ELF Bamboo brushes! I picked it up for a great £14.99 from Boots. 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

The Basics 
This set includes 5 eyes brushes in a small roll with a mirror - very practical for taking away! The brushes are.... a shade brush, smudge brush, crease brush, highlight brush and a blend brush. They are not full size, but they fit fine in my hand, so not too small, just very travel friendly! The brand also sells a range of face brushes and other beauty tools. I have my eye on the Kabuki Brush!

L-R: Blend, Crease, Highlight, Shade, Smudge.

Brush Features
These brushes are all synthetic, being made of Taklon which is lovely and soft on the eyes. The ferrules are made from recycled aluminum and the handles bamboo. All in all pretty eco friendly to match the name!  The set has a good range of shapes and sizes of brushes, which can work as a set for the eyes without anymore brushes - I was happy just taking this for my eyes away for a weekend. 

Ecotools Blend Brush
 Blend Brush 
This is a fairly large eyeshadow brush, which tapers slightly towards the centre. It actually works pretty differently to my other eyeshadow brushes as it doesn't pack the colour on as such. It is great for adding a sheer coat of colour to the lid, the application is really even (eyeshadow depending of course!). This brush as the name suggests also blends out the edges nicely. 

Ecotools Crease Brush

Crease Brush
Again this is slightly larger than the average crease brush, this particular one being  an angled crease brush. Which if I'm honest isn't my favourite style for using in my crease. It does however work alright, but again gives a sheer, but well blended coverage. Probably my least favourite of the set, but mainly because I like rounded crease brushes! 

Ecotools Highlight Brush
Highlight Brush
To start this first off, I really don't like this as a highlight brush, it's far to big for my eyes. Bigger than the ELF Contouring Eye Brush which has a similar but smaller shape. I do however like this for applying pigmented colours to the crease as the brush blends well and applies the colour sheerer and evenly. It also works really great for applying cream concealer believe it or not! 

Ecotools Shade Brush
Shade Brush 
This is my absolute favourite of the set! It's basically your average eyeshadow brush shape, in teeny form! It is intended for adding deep and accent colours, which yes it's good at, but it really shines as a highlight brush! I use this every single day, without exception to add a highlight under my brows. I haven't a bad word to say about it really. 

Ecotools Smudge Brush
Smudge Brush 
Strangely enough I didn't have a smudge brush before I had this, I just used cotton buds. This is definitely a step up though! Perfect for setting liner with a powder as it's really small and cute! It fairly firm but has a flexibility to it, which makes it great to work with. It also works as a lip brush at a push - but be warned it will absorb a fair amount of product.

The Good - good selection of brushes, soft taklon bristles, blend really well, I am in love with the shade brush!, good value, great for travel.

The Not so Good - some may not like the shorter handles, the larger three brushes apply colour a little sheer, but still even, so some may like this. 

Would I buy again? Happily, I have my eye on the Kabuki brush now! 

Who might like these? Those looking for some good synthetic brushes on the highstreet. Someone with big eyes looking for some slightly larger brushes, people looking for a eye brush travel set. 

The Bottom Line - The larger brushes do apply a little sheerer than other brushes, but I actually like this for daytime wear, with their beautifully even and blended finish. 

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it helpful, or at least found it interesting! As always if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. Anybody else tried any of the Ecotools brushes? Thanks again, H :) 

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Review: Lash - Volume Edition 20

I'll be the first to admit I'm not the best at applying false eyelashes. But I've been making an effort to wear them a little more in the last few months and if I'm allowed to say so myself, my application has improved. Theres still a lot of room for more improvement though! Which all brings me around to some lashes I brought from Superdrug a few months ago - Lash, Volume Edition 20. Which as far as I know are a Superdrug brand, I'm not sure of the exact price, but I think it was around £5. 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

Sorry guys, I'm going to be missing out on the basics today as silly old me has lost the packaging and theres no information on Superdrugs website - all I can tell you is that there is a selection of natural/dramatic styles available. Back to the application though - I did find these harder than normal to apply as the band is very floppy and is easily misshapen. It's probably also worth saying that I didn't need to trim these down to fit my rather small eyes. 


General Thoughts
It's hard to write an eyelash review with my structured style of posting, so a took a chance and just decided to write some general points here. Once the task of applying these is done, they don't look too bad, they have a lovely curl to them and are nice and black. However they don't have shorter hairs near the inner eye (make sense?) which I like in a false lash. But they are pretty comfortable and I was happy to wear them throughout the day. Talking of wear, I've worn these 3 times so far, and although they're a little misshapen, I'm hoping to get a couple more uses out of them. 

Below are a couple of photographs of these lashes on, I have used lash curlers on them so blend my natural lashes into them better.  

The Good - reasonably priced, vegan, comfortable, I've had three uses out of them so far. 

The Not so Good - flimsy band makes them difficult to apply, personally I'm not the biggest fan of the shape but thats a personal preference! 

Would I buy them again? In all honesty, probably not. Unless they brought out some exciting shapes/colours! 

Who might like them? Those that don't mind fiddling to get some comfortable lashes, people looking for vegan and not animal tested falsies. 

The Bottom Line - I really want to like them, but they're so fiddly to apply! 

Thanks everybody for stopping by my blog, I hope you found this post interesting/useful, but if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. What does everyone else think of these new lashes? Thanks again, H :) 

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

New Found Old Loves with Mini Reviews

It's probably no secret that us beauty and make-up bloggers have a few more products than we probably really should. Which is half the reason why I'm on a no buy this month! But that gave me the perfect opportunity to start rummaging around and finding things that had fallen out of my routine or were never given the chances they deserve. So I've put this little post together to show you some of my older bits and bobs I'm reappreciating. Swatches are at the bottom :)

  • ELF Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow 
  • GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Metallic Brass
  • The Body Shop - Nutmeg and Vanilla Lip Balm
  • Fyrinnae Eyeshadow - Choco-Cake Mix 

ELF Natural Radiance Blusher - Glow 
I've had this for absolutely ages and haven't used it much or mentioned it on my blog. Until now! The pigmentation isn't amazing, but it's very workable and buildable. The colour however is a really pretty pinky peach with a subtle golden shimmer. I'm really glad I picked this up and gave it a proper chance!

Availabilty - ELF's website, £1.50. 

GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Metallic Brass
If you've been reading my blog for a while you might remember me raving about this at the beginning of the year. Until recently it had been neglected a little, but since I've started my new job I've been wearing it a lot. The colour is a beautiful golden black thats creamy and long lasting. Definitely a winner! 

Availability -  Superdrug, £4.99. 

The Body Shop Nutmeg and Vanilla Lip Balm
I forget if I got this last Christmas, or the one before. Whichever it has an amazing scent of sweetened nutmeg, without being artificial. It also isn't half bad at moisturizing my lips, giving a nice glossy finish. I'm sure I read somewhere that this was coming back this Christmas? Hopefully anyway as mine may not last too much longer at the rate I'm using it! 

Availability - Previous Limited Edition product. 

Fyrinnae Eyeshadow - Choco-Cake Mix 
This is a beautiful deep brown with hints of taupe in it. It's also matte and really pigmented, so looks stunning in the crease. I only have a sample size of this but it's lasting really well and was great value for the amount you get. My only fault is that this really doesn't photograph well on the eyes, but it's great in real life. 

Availability - Fyrinnaes website, ~$2 for a sample size if I remember correctly (the sites down at the moment!).  

ELF, Fyrinnae, GOSH, The Body Shop.

Thanks for stopping by to read my post, I really appreciate it, if anybody has any questions on the products used or wanted to see a full review then don't hesitate to ask and I'll get back to you asap. Thanks again, H :)  

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Review and Swatches: ELF Mineral Lipsticks

Evening everyone! I know I said it yesterday, but I'm sorry I'm reviewing another ELF product! Today it's the turn of the Mineral Lipsticks which I really liked and am actually pretty excited to review for you. I have three of them at the moment - Nicely Nude, Barely Bitten and Rosy Raisin. They each cost £3.50 and are available from the ELF Website. Like always I have lip swatches and full face shots lower down :)

As always I have included a summary the end. 

T-B: Barely Bitten, Rosy Raisin, Nicely Nude.

The Basics 
As I've just said these are £3.50 for 3.8g of product, which is pretty average. They actually come is some pretty sleek looking black tubes, which definitely don't give the cheap price away. The ingredients are mineral based with no parabens, chemical dyes or preservatives. There's a reasonable colour variation too with 16 colours available on the UK website. 

L-R: Nicely Nude, Rosy Raisin, Barely Bitten.

The Formula 
One of the really great things about these lipsticks is that they glide on really easily and smoothly. Another good thing is that they don't feel heavy at all on the lips and are really smooth feeling, with a formula that gently moisturizes my lips. Infact they do feel quite like a balm on the lips. The slight let down for me is that these only last around two and a half hours on my lips - but the fade is generally even. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Barely Bitten

Barely Bitten
This is the first one I ever got, I've had it since January, so I've had a quite a lot of chance to play with it. The website describes this as 'Deep pink with golden shimmer'. I'm going to have to be honest, although I really like this, I would say it's much more red than pink, there is some pink in there though - not quite as much as in the lip swatches above. The golden shimmer is subtle and pretty, with the pigmentation being good and buildable. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Nicely Nude

Nicely Nude 
The name is spot on - this is a really nice pinky nude. On the website it's described as 'A sheer warm pink with a hint of gold shimmer'. Which again is a not bad description, although I wouldn't call the colour sheer, but the pink is definitely very muted. This isn't as buildable as Barely Bitten, but the colours pretty pigmented on the first application. 

Bare Lips
ELF Mineral Lipstick - Rosy Raisin

Rosy Raisin 
As you can probably tell from the pictures above this is very similar to my lip colour - definitely a my lips but better shade. It's described on the ELF website as a 'Cool toned pink brown with a hint of silver'.  The colours pretty much that, although the silver is very discrete in the tube and not really there on the lips. This ones perfect for everyday wear at work or school. Like the other two shades this has a very slight glossy sheen to it. 

L-R: Barely Bitten, Nicely Nude, Rosy Raisin.

The Good - cheap, moisurizing, some nice nude shades, unscented, packaging, nice finish, paraben free.

The Not so Good - have to buy online in UK, not the longest lasting on the lips.

Would I buy again? Yup, they're great value and feel really nice on the lips. I have my eye on Ripe Rose and Pouty Petal at the moment - both look really pretty. 

Who might like them?   Those looking for cheap moisturizing lipsticks. And Rosy Raisin is a great my lips but better shade for those of us with pale skin. 

The Bottom Line - A great little lipstick, with some great nude options.

As always thanks for stopping by my blog to have a look around, I hope you enjoyed my post. But if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again, H :)   

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Review + Swatches: ELF Shimmering Facial Whip

Heya everyone, it probably seems like I've been on a bit of a swatching and reviewing marathon with ELF products recently, and yes I suppose it's true. I tend to shop a lot at ELF as I can try out a lot of diffrent products and colours for the price of a bottle of cola! Some things are a bit hit or miss, but today I have something to share that I really like! Which cost £1.50 each from the ELF website. On a side note, has anybody seen the new cream blushes on the website?! 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

L-R: Camilia, Lilac Petal

The Basics
The Shimmering Facial Whips are a liquid product in a squeezy tube, holding a very reasonable 9.5g of product. They are listed in the Eyes, Lips and Face sections of the site so I think it's safe to assume they're safe to use on any part of the face. Although I haven't and don't think I will be putting these on my eyes! I generally use then to highlight my cheeks. In total there are 8 different colour options, with options for most skintones to highlight with. 

The Formula
These are thicker than I first expected - not a bad thing though as it makes them less messy! I did find that the thicker texture takes a little getting used to, but I've grown to really like these. They dry down to a non-sticky finish, that can be sheer or built up to more intensity depending on the application.  Unfortunatly they do have that ELF orangey scent to them, but it's not quite as overpowering as it can be in other products. 

Application and Longevity
I personally like to apply these to the tops of my cheekbones with my fingers in a patting motion, moving into a more blending motion to make the application for even. A tiny amount goes a long way, so the product is going to last a long time!  Well it would if the packaging hadn't split on one of them anyway... On my cheeks the product is very easily rubbed off, but it can last all day if you very vigilant about nothing touching your face - only happened once or twice for me! 

L-R: Camilia (Swatched, Blended), Lilac Petal (Swatched, Blended).

The Colours 
The Facial Whips have a beautiful shimmering and not glittery finish to them, I really dig them. My one small complaint is that these colours are very similar once applied to the face. The colours are very muted, but everything is even and has a beautiful shimmery sheen.

  • Camilia -  In the packaging this is a shimmery muted nudey pink, but once blended it is a very sheer, but even muted pink shimmer. Very pretty. 
  •  Lilac Petal - Isn't lilac at all... it's more of a muted beige gold in the tube that sheers out into a slightly warm toned muted sheen. My favourite of the two. 

Below are a couple of pictures of me wearing the ELF Shimmering Facial Whips on my cheekbones. 

Lilac Petal on Cheekbone.

Camilia on Cheekbone.

The Good - beautiful finish, cheap, value, lot of product, colour choices for a variety of skintones, orange scent isn't as over powering as some other ELF things.

The Not so Good - packaging has broken on one of mine, very easy to rub of the face making wear time very variable, have to buy online in the UK.

Would I buy these again? Absolutly, now I'm used to the texture I really like them. I think I was just unlucky with the packaging (I hope!) but it's worth risking it for £1.50. 

Who might like it?  Those looking for a cheap cheek highlight, someone who has trouble finding a colour to suit them - theres a lot of choice (8). 

The Bottom Line - After getting used to the texture I really liked these. Wish they stayed on a bit better though.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it interesting/helpful. As always any questions? Just ask! I'm on a bit of a highlighter kick recently, anything cheap I should be checking out? Thanks again, H :) 

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Review + Swatches: Models Own Powder Eyeshadows.

I picked these four eyeshadows up in the recent 50% off sale that Models Own had. Sadly the offer finished a few weeks ago, but I have 4 of their powder eyeshadows to share with you today. They actually have a really good selection of colours, but the ones I have are White Pearl (PE002), Jade Green (PE021), Pale Violet (PE040) and Black and Gold Sparkle (PE051). These eyeshadow's are available from Boots and the Models Own website for £5 each. 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
These come in very similar styled jars to the Barry M Dazzle Dusts (yes, I will give a quick comparison below!). Same size, same material, different colored lid and different names. The powder eyeshadows come with 3.5g of product, which is really good. The colour range is also pretty good, with 60 colour choices in a variety of finishes. Although I'm unsure if there are any mattes - I thought two of mine were matte from the pictures on the website! ...And they're not.

The Quality and Wear
For me these aren't the best quality loose eyeshadows I've tried. Without a sticky/coloured base these tend to apply a little sheer, with them also fading through the day on me. However they last a good 8 hours without creasing. The powder itself though I didn't find was the smoothest, especially with the Black and Gold Sparkle shade, which actually appears a little chunky in the pot. 

How do they compare to Barry M Dazzle Dusts?
I can't compare the size as I can't find how much is in a dazzle dust, but they have the same sized packaging if that helps? The Models Own ones aren't as pigmented as the Barry M Dazzle Dusts and also don't wear as well on me. The Barry M Dazzle Dusts also have the benefit of being slightly cheaper too. For me personally I'll probably be sticking with the Dazzle Dusts! But these aren't terrible. 



The Colours
L-R in the swatches above: White Pearl, Jade Green, Pale Violet, Black and Gold Sparkle. As you can see they swatch a LOT better over a sticky base such as Fyrinnae's Pixie Epoxy.  

White Pearl -  This is pearly white colour with some silver microglitter running through it. It isn't the whitest white, but when applied wet, it has a better pigmnetation to it. 

Jade Green -  This has a lot of blue in it, being a pale to medium turquoise. It again has a pearl finish and has some silver microglitter running through it. 

Pale Violet -  Like the name suggest this is a pearly pale violet purple shade, when applied dry it does blend out rather sheer and more silvery, especially when paired next to silver colours. 

Black & Gold Sparkle -  This isn't that strong a matte black and is also slightly chalky. It does have some golden microglitter running through it - nothing chunky though. Most of this glitter falls out unless foiled/over a sticky base. 

Using all four eyeshadows...


The Good -  sturdy packaging, massive choice of colours, reasonable amount of product. 

The Not so Good - don't have the best pigmentation and then fade through the day, colours on the website aren't the best. Really dislike Black & Gold Sparkle.

Would I buy this again? No, I'll be sticking with my Dazzle Dusts (which are cheaper too). 

Who might like this? Those that think the Dazzle Dusts are too pigmented? 

The Bottom Line - Not awful, but not great either.

Thanks for reading my post, I hope you found it interesting/helpful but if you have any further questions don't hesitate to ask, Thanks again, H :)  

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Review and Swatches: ELF Waterproof Eyeliner Pen - Plum

One of my lovely followers reminded me the other day about this product which is sat in my 'to review' box. It had wound up there as if I'm honest, I don't really like it! But anyway, I thought I'd actually share why that is with you today and also to go over some basic details of it, as it can always be helpful. These are available from ELF's website for £1.50. Now on with the review! 

As always I have included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
This is a fine tipped felt-tip pen styled eyeliner. Finer than both my Eyeko and Collection 2000 ones - I really should have done a comparisson picture, give me a shout if you want to see one anyway! There are five colours available - Black, Coffee, Midnight, Ash and the one I have, Plum. Each one has 1.8g of product, which for £1.50 is pretty good. 


The Claims - My thoughts
The Claim (packaging) - 'Smudge free, no budge eyeliner that lasts for hours, for a fabulous and fresh look of precision!'

My thoughts - Sorry ELF, but on my eyes this smudges and budges at a slight sign of leaky eyes. It may last if you lashline stays bone dry throughout the day, but this never happens on me, so I'm unable to fully test the claim any better, only explain how/why it doesn't work for me. 

The Claim (packaging) - 'Smooth pen applicator easily glides on color for very fine to bold lines.'

My thoughts - I've found it can be applied at different widths of line, especially of the thinner variety. And yes it does glide on pretty smoothly, although not necessarily particularly even. 

Applied to top lashline.

Colour and Pigmentation
To be fair to ELF this actually has quite a pretty lighter than normal plum colour to it that I actually really like. It does take a few coats to get the colour intensity you see on my eye though. If only it had a formula to back it up, I wouldn't mind paying the price of the Studio range (£3.50) to have an improved formula and a product that stays.

Applied on the top lashline.

The Good - easy to remove! the colour, if it stayed on is actually alright, fine nib.

The Not so Good - runs down my face really easily, with even the slightest hint of water/leaky eyes, not that pigmented. 

Would I buy this again? No, sorry ELF! I'll still buy other things from them though. 

Who might like this? Someone that likes streaks of eyeliner down their face? 

The Bottom Line - I don't like it at all. 

I'm really sorry for the negative review, but I feel it's important as a blogger to tell you what I don't like, not just what I do like, there'd be no sense in that! But anyway thanks for reading my post, and hopefully there'll be more positivity tomorrow! Thanks again, H :)   

Monday, 19 September 2011

FOTD - First Day at my New Job!

First days are always scary! And mine today was no different, but I was pretty excited too! If we're going to be technical it's not actually a job as such, I'm volunteering at an Aquarium for 5 days a week getting some experience on a year out from uni, before I graduate. I'm knackered! 

This all gets me around to todays post - make-up It's always hard deciding what make-up to wear for a first day. I didn't want to overdo it, but being as obsessed with make-up as I am, I didn't want to go with none. So I've got a few pictures to share with you of my look. Hope you enjoy! 


  • Too Faced Primed and Poreless Face Primer
  • Bourjois Healthy Mix Concealer - 53 Dark Radiance
  • The Body Shop Oil Free Foundation - shade 01 (mixed with moisturizer)
  • Collection 2000 Blush - 02 Bashful
  • ELF Shimmering Facial Whip - Camilia (highlight) 
  • Fyrinnae Finishing Powder - Oil Control


  • ELF Eyelid Primer
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Hustle (lid)
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Half Baked (inner crease)
  • BeautyUK Eyeshadow & Eyeliner Collection - 2 Amazon (darkest shade in crease + black liner on top lashline)
  • Marks & Spencers Eye Palette - Safari (shimmery highlight shade)
  • GOSH Velvet Touch Eyeliner - Metallic Brass
  • Accessorize Volumizing Mascara 
  • Urban Decay Eyeshadow - Naked (brows)


  • ELF Mineral Lipstick - Rosy Raisin. 

Thanks for reading my post, I know the pictures weren't the best, the lighting's not so great at 7.30am when your trying to rush out the door! Sorry. Thanks again, H :)  
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