Friday, 29 April 2011

WWF 50th Anniversary Panda Inspired Look

For those of you who have had enough of the Royal Wedding today I'm going with something completely different, a look inspired by pandas - the logo of WWF. If your interested in they're work you can check out what they're doing here.

It is they're 50th Anniversary and I think that they've done a lot of good work in that time. But this is mainly a make-up blog so I'll keep my passions to myself. The panda has been a long standing logo of the charity so thats what I used as inspiration for this look. It was a bit of a risky thing to do considering the common phrase of 'panda eyes' for look of slept on make-up. But I tried to not take the inspiration to literally and I hope that you think the look has worked.

ELF All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation in shade 01
The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder in shade 01
Accessorize Merged Blusher in 1 - Bombshell
MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter in Sunbeam

ELF Eyelid Primer
Sleek Paraguaya Palette - Sandstone (lid + highlight)
Urban Decay Virgin Eyeshadow (inner corner)
No7 Comet Eyeshadow (crease)
Accessorize Gun Metal Merged Eyeshadow (outer corner)
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Iconic Ivory (inner corner + underneath black liner on top lashline)
Sleek Ink Pot Eyeliner Gel in Dominatrix (blended out)
Sleek Endless Lashes Waterproof Mascara in Blackout
Accessorize Volumising Mascara in Jet Black

ELF Luscious Liquid Lipstick in Strawberry

I hope you liked my look and can forgive me for not getting wound up in the Royal Wedding hype. I hope you all have a lovely 4 day weekend - or survive through it at work like me! However your spending it have fun and stay happy, H :)

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Project 10 Pan: No.2 - Les Copines Fard a Paupieres 102

Unless you can speak french you probably have no idea what I'm on about, but this is an eyeshadow that a brought in France many moons ago and after a quick google I've found that they are still available from this website for 3.19 Euros. Just to make it clear I haven't actually used this website and am unsure of international shipping, so order at your own risk.

As you can see theres still product in it. If your not a subscriber to my blog, I plan to hit pan on 3 eyeshadows in my Project 10 Pan, and this is one of them. I've hit pan on the purple shade in here, after repeated use for about 10 days I finally got this one down.

The trio contains a pink, purple and a very pale purple and they're all frosty. As you can probably tell my favourite is the purple, but to be honest these aren't really among my favourite shadows, the pigmentation is reasonable, but nothing special. However the light purple shade is pretty sheer. They need a primer to prevent creasing too but they're a cheap shadow, so I'd expect this really. I won't be buying another one when this is used up, but thats mainly down to availability. Its actually pretty reasonable for the price.

Sorry about the completely everywhere post, I'm finding it harder to get structure to Project 10 Pan posts. So thank you for sticking with me through this Project, I'm hoping to get through it by the end of next month, this might be a bit optimistic, but I'm going full steam ahead with it. I still have plenty of products waiting to be reviewed so they won't be tailing of anytime soon! Thanks for reading my blog, H :)

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

BarryM Dazzle Dust 99 - Bright Indigo Review Swatches

I've been a massive fan of Dazzle Dusts since my teens, they are amazing pigmented loose eye shadows that come in an amazing variety of colours. Over the years I have found many firm favourites but I'm always on the look out for new shades, so I picked this one up. They are available from Superdrug, Boots and Barry M's website for around £4.59

Barry M have recently brought out 4 new Dazzle Dusts - 99 Bright Indigo, 100 Brass, 101 Buff and 102 Burgundy Noir. The one that really caught my eye was 99 Bright Indigo. What makes this one such a stand-out dazzle dust for me is that it is no where near as shimmery as the other dazzle dusts, infact appearing pretty much matte on the eye.

The packaging has changed, very slightly. They still come in the secure glass jars - which I really like by the way. But the writing on the top is in pink as opposed to the gold in my other jars. Being a loose shadow there is a lot of fallout, so with this shadow I would strongly suggest you do your eyes before applying your face make-up so you can clear up the fallout much easier.

The colour itself is as you might have guessed is an indigo shade. For all practical purposes it is a matte blue based purple. It is also fairly dark, so for me I like it as a crease shade... actually make that really like! It does have some gold microglitter in it when swatched but when actually applied to the eyes this is pretty much non-existent. So I guessing it's ending up on my cheeks :)

L-R: Bare Skin, Over ELF Eyelid Primer

As for using a primer with this eyeshadow, it's suggest it's a must! This shadow stained my hand after swatching, using a primer prevents this. I've used this over Pixie Epoxy and it is deeper and stronger in colour - although unfortunatly I forget to get a picture, sorry! I anyybody really wants one, I can get one up for you though. I used this Dazzle Dust in my crease in my Purple Passions look (below) I created a few posts ago,  for more pictures and other products used, the post can be found here.

The Good - I love having new matte shades, packaging, value, cheap, amazing pigmentation, good liner shade

The Not so Good - Crazy fallout, stains (use a primer)

Would I but it again? To be fair I've never managed to finish a Dazzle Dust, but I by some miracle I did finish this one, then yes I think I would as I love the shade - enough to get over the fallout!

Doing this post has really made me realise how good this product really is, I really need to get back into my collection of Dazzle Dusts, I might squeeze in a swatch post of the ones I've got sometime. As always thank you for reading my post, I hope you found it helpful. If you have any questions feel free to ask and I'll get back to you as soon as possible, Thanks, H :)

Monday, 25 April 2011

Easy Spring Pastel Look

I have recently been getting into my pastel shades, so I've had a bit of a play and come up with this simple Pastel Look for Spring. Most of the products used are available really cheaply from the highstreet, making it a value for money look as well :) The look does appear a little faded out, I think this is a combination of using cheap eyeshadow and the lighting with my camera. I promise a full on intense colour look next time!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in 53 - Light Beige
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder in shade 01
MeMeMe Beat the Blues Highlighter in Sunbeam
Sleek Blush in Pan Tao

MakeUp Academy Eye Dust in shade 3 (crease)
MakeUp Academy Eye Dust in shade 2 (lid)
MakeUp Academy Eyeshadow in shade 4 - pearl (inner corner)
Sleek Paraguaya Palette - Sandstone (highlight)
No7 Eyeshadow in Comet (deepen crease)
No7 Smoky Eyes Pencil in Smoky Blue (bottom lashline)
Prestige Liquid Eyeliner in Azure (top lashline)
Sleek Endless Lashes Waterproof Mascara

Accessorize Lip Gloss in Celebrity

It probably seems like a strange photograph above, but I was trying to get a picture that showed up the MeMeMe highlighter I used, it's a new product for me and after getting the hang of how best to use it I really like it. I've got a review to follow, so stay tuned!

Thanks as always for reading my blog post, I really appreciate every single person who stops by here, and I hope you found what you were looking for, H :)

Sunday, 24 April 2011

Purple Comparisons - Urban Decay, Accessorize, MakeUp Academy

I like to throw in a few posts like these now and again as I think they're helpful. When I say helpful I mean that I like to read about alternatives to more expensive products on other peoples blogs. Today I have 3 almost identical colours in 3 different price ranges.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow in Flash, also known as Underland in the Alice in Wonderland Palette
Accessorize Icon Eyeshadow in 2 - Ultra Violet
MakeUp Academy eyeshadow in shade 9 - pearl

Clockwise from top: Urban Decay, MUA, Accessorize

Of the three I think that the Accessorize and MUA eyeshadows are exact dupes with Urban Decay pulling slightly pinker and having less blue in it. As for the formula I find that the Urban Decay one is actually kinda sheer - which is very unusual for Urban Decay, with the MUA eyeshadow having the best pigmentation.

L-R: Accessorize, MUA, Urban Decay

Accessorize Ultra Violet Eyeshadow - This one has reasonable pigmentation and comes with 2.5g for £4.00. I find this one an exact dupe of the MUA shade mentioned. Both having more blue in than the Urban Decay shadow. Available from Superdrug and Accessorize.

MakeUp Academy Eyeshadow in shade 9 - Pretty much identical to the Accessorize eyeshadow, possibly slightly more pigmented. And also cheaper costing only £1.00 for 2g this is available from Superdrug. It is a pearl/frost finish, like the other two.

Urban Decay Flash Eyeshadow - Don't get me wrong, I am a massive fan of Urban Decay but with the other two shades mentioned above being so similar I wouldn't pay full price for this outside of my Alice in Wonderland palette. The price for a single eyeshaow is £13.00 for 1.5g at Debenhams. This shade is slightly more pink than the other two shades and needs a heavy hand to get a good colour payoff. 

I hope this comparrison has been helpful to you, and just as a summary if I had to have only one of these three shadows I would chose the MakeUp Academy as they are all so similar and this is the cheapest.

Thank you for reading my blog, H :)

Saturday, 23 April 2011

Project 10 Pan: No.1 - The Body Shop Brazil Nut Body Butter

To make this little project more interesting to read on my blog I thought that I would give overviews and my thoughts on the products I have used up/ hit pan on. The first finished product is a body product.... as you have probably already read in the title.

1. The Body Shop - Brazil Nut Body Butter 50ml
 Yes my first product used up on P10P was a smaller sized one! It still counts though right :) Anyway I've had this probably 18 months but I just never get around to using body butters etc much so its mainly been used on my feet. But it was pretty good at that! I don't really know what Brazil Nuts smell like, but this product had a lovely caramely scent too it, I also have the lip butter which is also nearing it's end and will hopefully work it's was into my P10P. Back to the Body Butter though, it's not too greasy and sinks in pretty well, but like other body butters does tend to be a bit thick.

...And just the proof that it's empty. I have a couple of items I'm working on at the moment but mainly -

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Lip Butter
Lush Rub Rub Rub Shower Scrub
Barry M 3 in 1 Volumising Mascara
The Body Shop Oil Free Balancing Foundation
ELF Eyelid Primer
Sandstone eyeshadow from the Sleek Paraguaya Palette
and a random purple eyeshadow I've had since I was about 15!

Whats on your list to use up?

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss Review/Swatches

I picked this up the other day in Boots on a bit of a whim. I'm not the beauty worlds biggest lipgloss wearer and tend to steer more towards lipbalms or intense colour. But these new glosses caught my eye. I only have one shade... at the moment anyway. It's called Beat Box 2, I wonder if theres a Beat Box 1?? Anyway it cost £2.99 and there is a total of 6 shades currently available.

The claim of upto 6 hours wear is a brave claim for a lipgloss, needless to say I was dubious! But I have to be fair and say that it's at its best for more like 4 hours, but I can still feel some product on my lips after 6 hours, so still actually pretty impressive. I was even drinking through this period, although to be fair through a straw... strawer?

The gloss comes with a doe foot applicator. It's a little different in shape from say the UDPP one which is what we're more used to. It's more square and tappered at the end, hopefully the photo above shows better what I'm trying to describe. But the wand is pretty sturdy and I find it easy to apply with.

Beat Box 2 Swatches

The gloss itself is pretty sheer in colour and is a pretty generic pink shade with a shimmer to it. But no glitter. I was also pleased to find that it's non sticky, in fact it feels nice and smooth on the lips. However there is one thing about this gloss that I'm not a fan of. The smell. It smells a bit like cheap/gone of lipgloss with a backtone of sweetness. Fortunatly you can't actually taste it in your mouth!

Bare Lips

With Lock N Hold Lipgloss (Beatbox 2)

The Good - Cheap, value, not sticky, long wear.

The Not so Good - Smells a bit funky, pretty generic colour

Would I buy it again? I will definitely be having a look at the other shades they do when my Project 10 Pan is complete. But this actual shade, probably not, the colour itself really isn't anything special.

Oh and Its probably worth mentioning that I got this before I started my Project 10 Pan, I haven't caved already, don't worry! Thank you for reading my post, I really appreciate everyone that stops by my blog and I hope you found my review helpful :)

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

The Body Shop Tea Tree Blackhead Exfoliating Wash

I love love love this facial wash, if I could only have one thing in my routine, this would probably be it! I am always a little apprehensive about writing skincare reviews as everyones skin is different and has different reactions to products. But I always find reviews useful when choosing products, so I'm sure others do as well, right? For a quick overview of the review scroll down to the bottom

My skin - Combination with both oily and dry areas with occasional spots. 

One thing to bear in mind is that this is an exfoliating wash, not a scrub as such. So although it does contain bits of apricot stones to exfoliate the skin, they are few and far between.

Saying that, I feel this product leaves my skin really smooth and visibly more even. Tea Tree in this product is also antibacterial so can help prevent breakouts and spots.

If you can't read whats written on the tube, it says -
'Exfoliates to help unclog pores for clearer looking skin. With Crushed Apricot Stones

And to my amazement, this is exactly what I found this product has done. It hasn't dried my skin out either, my faith is slowly increasing in The Body Shop skincare!

Not only is it a great product, but it's also a bargain at £5 for 100ml. It is available from The Body Shops Website and in their shops.

The Good - Reasonably priced, does was it says, non-drying, can be used everyday on my combination skin, a little goes a long way.

The Not so Good - I'm finding it hard to find anything I don't like about this product.

Would I buy it again? Yes, definitely. This has become a part of my skincare routine :)

Thankyou for reading my review I hope you found it helpful and interesting, H :)

Monday, 18 April 2011

Project 10 Pan: Intro

Project 10 Pan has be popping up all over the beauty blogging world now  for quite a while. And although theres a lot of people out there with a lot more make-up and such than me I thought I'd give it a go. But being me I had to give it a twist - so I'm splitting the Project 10 Pan up into 3 different sections.

Plan 1- Completly finish 3 Make-up Items 
So thats anything for foundation, to mascara to lipgloss to eyeshadow.

Plan 2 - Hit pan on 3 eyeshadows
This might seem like a cheats way out of 10 pan, but I really love most of my eyeshadows and would probably end up buying another if I used it up or don't want to as I can't get another. But hitting the pan shows that I am actually using my products - self justification done!

Plan 3 - Completly use up 4 non make-up beauty products.
So like body scrubs, moisturiser, shower gel etc. This one seems like an odd inclusion but this section of my life is really out of control and as I'm moving house in about 2 months it would be nice to have something more manageable to move!

So basically the plan is to get using all my lovely products, and not buying anything else till I'm done. I am allowing myself one exception though - if I'm still going when any of the new Sleek collections come out then I can buy them. It has a catch though - for every item of these collections bought I have to completly finish an extra make-up item before I can buy again.

Wish me Luck! Is anybody else doing/considering the Project 10 Pan?

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Purple Passions Look

Purple being one of my favourite colours, naturally means I have purple eyeshadows coming out of my ears! So this is a look I created dedicted to the wonders of purple.

ELF All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
The Body Shop Pressed Face Powder in shade 01
The Body Shop Lilac Mist Eyeshadow and Sleek Good Girl Palette - Candy Floss Eyeshadow (mixed as blush)

Sleek Primer Palette - Pink Frost (the purple colour)
The Body Shop Lilac Mist Eyeshadow (lid)
Barry M Dazzle Dust in 99 (crease)
MakeUp Academy Eyeshadow in shade 13 - pearl (deepen crease - outer corner)
Urban Decay Virgin Eyeshadow (highlight + inner corner of eye)
Rimmel Soft Kohl Eye Pencil in 081 - Loveable Lilac (inner lower lashline)
No7 Metallic Eyes Pencil in Smoky Purple (top + bottom liner)
Miss Sporty Pump Up Lash Mascara (top lashes)
Accessorize Volumising Mascara (bottom lashes)

Accessorize Lip Gloss in Celebrity
After wearing the look for a little bit I was tempted by adding a bit of glitter, so I added The Body Shop Sparkle Eyeliner - I don't know what the colour name is, but it's just silver glitter. And I took a couple of pictures to show you how it looks with the added sparkle.

As always thank you for reading my blog and I hope you found what you were looking for, H :)

Saturday, 16 April 2011

Sleek Pan Tao Blush Review/Swatch

This blush is part of the current Avoir la Peche Collection, which is available for a limited time only. So if you like what you see make sure you go and buy it soon!! I got it from Superdrug for £4.29 after going a few times before to see the stand empty.

Like all the Sleek blushes it comes in a neat compact black case with a mirror in the lid. The weight of the product is 8g, they manage to fit a lot of product in the seemingly small pans! This blush has pictures on the outside - flowers and a peach, which is a first for Sleek, correct me if I'm wrong.

This photo shows more brown than to true life, the blush is a bit more orange. Sleek are known for their amazingly pigmented products, so I was  little wary when applying this for the first time. But actually this blush has less pigmentation than the other blushes - but for me being pale I like that because it means I don't end up looking orange!

L-R: Swatched, Blended
 When applied to the skin, the blush tends to lean more corally. To get these swatches I had to go over it about three times. So you can get an idea of how little the pigmentation is compared to other Sleek blushes. The colour blends reasonably well, not perfect but then it's £4.29. Just make sure you apply in natural light, so you can get an accurate look of how it's going on.

Pan Tao applied to Cheeks

The Good - Works well on my pale skin, value, cheap, good for neutral looks.

The Not So Good - Pigmentation less than other Sleek blushes (although I like this), does take a little bit of work to blend, limited edition.

Would I buy again? It's limited edition, but I won't be buying a back up. This ones going to last a long time, I'd probably never get through two and I don't love it enough to get another.

Overall I like this product, but it's not love, it hasn't put me of Sleek though. I'm as excited as ever for the Mediterranean, Caribbean and Nude collections as well as their new lip products, exciting stuff. Anyway thank you for reading my post, if you want to take a look at my review of the Paraguaya palette, click here and for the Sugar May Pout Polish click here. H, x

Thursday, 14 April 2011

FOTD - Accessorize Eye Dusts

It seems like forever since I posted a FOTD, so I thought I'd post todays look quickly before heading off to work for the evening. 

I've had a couple of the Accessorize Eye Dusts sitting around for a while now and today was the day I got them out for a play, I also used some other new products that I've bought recently. So expect reviews on a few of these products soon!

Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Light Beige
ELF All Over Cover Stick in Ivory
MeMeMe Illuminator in Sunbeam
MeMeMe Cheek & Lip Tint in Pussy Cat (Cheeks)

ELF eyelid Primer
Accessorize Neon Eye Dust in 6 - Gold Leaf (Lid)
17 Metallic Nudes Vintage Love Palette - shade on left side (outer lid)
Accessorize Eye Dust in 6 - Copper Rose (crease)
Urban Decay Creep Eyeshadow (Deepen crease)
Sleek Paraguaya Palette - sandstone (highlight)
17 Eyeliner in Onyx
ELF Shimmer Eyeliner Pencil in Icon Ivory
Sleek Endless Lashes Waterproof Mascara in Black Out

Collection 2000 Lock N Hold Lipgloss in Beat Box 2

Now I've tried these eyeshadows out, first impressions are that they're well pigmented, blend reasonably well and don't have much fallout, now to see how they wear! Thanks for reading my FOTD, if you enjoy reading my blog I'd really appreciate it if you became a follower to see all my new posts! Thanks, H :)

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

I am abscent no more!

Sorry about the extended absence I have spent the last 8 days in Italy, unfortunately not a holiday as such, I was there with uni to work. I was fortunate enough to visit some beautiful places and thought I'd share a few of the photographs with you.
Lake Garda


I also picked up a few make-up bits in town yesterday, which I'm sure will make appearances on here in due time. But heres a sneak peek of what I got.

And a few others as well, that I'm a bit excited about. This has been a short post, but service as normal will resume tonight tomorrow. Thanks for reading, H :)
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