Friday, 30 December 2011

What I took with me: Christmas 2011! - Including My Perfect Travel Palette!

Like many people this Christmas I spend a few days away from home! Which of course meant I had the fun of choosing what products to take with me. That's not sarcastic either, I actually love to rummage through my make-up! It would take forever to go through everything I took, as I like to have something for all occasions! So I'm going to refrain from doing so, but I'll talk about the bits I didn't use and why and also my standout travel product from the bunch!

How I like to travel
If this wasn't make-up related I'd tell you about how I hate cars and actually prefer trains! But alas it's a make-up blog so I'll try and stay on topic! Generally I tend to travel pretty light, but for make-up I do tend to take a fair amount. I like to have a choice when I do my make-up everyday, but tend to vear more towards multi-use products and palettes too. I also use travelling as a great excuse to use things that have been neglected, but you'll always find a couple of things I'm currently testing for review and my staple products too! 


The Products I didn't use!
Of all the products I took with me there were only three that I didn't use, which I thought was pretty good. And strangely they were ones I thought I'd get a fair amount of use out of! But anyway they were... 

Sleek Original Palette - This actually strikes me as a great palette for travel, but I was just drawn more towards the Too Faced one I mention below for it's beautiful Christmassy green! I think this would have been used had it not been Christmas!

Benefit's Benetint - I'll be honest with this, the only reason I didn't use it is I forgot I took it with me! I only have a mini size of this and so it worked it's way to the bottom of my make-up bag! I've travelled with this in the past and loved it though! 

Collection 2000 Glam Crystals Gel Liner - This one was brought with me more as an option for a bit of sparkle, but I tended to stay on the safe side with my make-up as we were at my OH's parents! The shade I took was the gorgeous Le Freak! 


The Perfect Travel Palette! 
I found the Too Faced Fun in the Dark Palette to be absolutely fabulous and used at least 2 things from it each day! It also has a great variety of products in it, including a blush, bronzer, lipstick and gloss. Theres also 4 eyeshadows, which you can create very minimal to the slightly smoky looks from. The palest shade - 'Pin-Up' also makes a great highlight for both the face and eyes making this a pretty much complete palette!


Thats all for tonight folks, I hope you found it useful, although most of it was rambling so sorry guys! Tomorrows New Years Eve so I'm off out for movies so I'm afraid there probably won't be a post, but if your stuck on ideas for make-up then you might like to check out My Sparkly New Years Look. 

But most of all Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate you all and hope you've all had an amazing year and that 2012 only gets better! The only way is up :) Thanks again, H :)


  1. I use to travel with way too much makeup but I learned just to take the essentials and deal with it, haha! That TF palette looks like it would be great for almost anything, good choice!

  2. wouldnt recommend using benetint as it contains carmine (crushed BEETLES). search wikipedia and other websites.
    its trrue!!!


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