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Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza! Shifty Collection Review & Swatches

It seems like forever since I last blogged, I'm missed you all very much, your comments really brighten my day! And I'm really glad to be back posting after Christmas, I think my OH is pleased too as it means I won't be rambling about make-up to him as much! And I'd also like to say a quick hello to those of you who've recently followed me, I hope you enjoy it here at Midnight Violets! Today I'm doing the last of my back-to-back Venomous Cosmetics posts, finishing with some swatches and review of the Shifty Collection Lip Poisons.

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

The Basics
Lip Poisons are basically a lipgloss product, coming in a standard style tube with a doe-foot applicator wand. Each one costs $6 and comes with a very reasonable 7.8ml of product. The two I have here are from The Shifty Collection, which consists of 6 different glosses, each having a different colour shift. There are also many other lip poisons available, in both standard colours and more unusual ones such as shimmery black and blue ones too! 

The Formula
These glosses are very slightly thicker than some others I have, but that doesn't make them overly sticky which is good. It does however mean that they're a little longer lasting, staying on the lips for at least 3 hours, even with eating/drinking. I haven't found any problems with these as far as drying my lips out, but my lips seem happy with most things on them! They're also unscented and taste free which some will really love! In the full face photographs I'm also wearing products from the Flashback Collection - swatches here

The Colours!
Both of these glosses are clear and hold a subtle amount of microglitter in them,  making them perfect for layering over lipsticks. I'm assuming the other 4 in the collection follow the trend! Depending on the angle you look at these from you can see a small amount of this shimmer, or they can just look clear. If I'm entirely honest I was expecting the colour shift to be a little bolder, especially with Unpredictable - I found photographing the swatches pretty tricky! 

Unpredictable - Clear gloss holding a very slightly muted hot pink shimmer. 

Warped -  A clear gloss holding pinky purple and blue shimmer - slightly more obvious on the lips than Unpredictable. 

The Company!
Having ordered from Venomous Cosmetics 2 or 3 times now, with another cheeky order on it's way I think I'm ready to give you my opinion on my experiences. Firstly the customer service is fantastic - I'd probably go as far to say the best I've had! Free samples with every order, great communication and I've also received upgrades when my order took longer to ship the the time span given on the front page. The product range is also pretty impressive for an Indie company, offering pressed and loose shadows as well as lip glosses. And also as of today their first Fang Lip Liner, which I'm excited to try! 

The Good - no taste and unscented, practical packaging, lot of product, good for layering over lipstick, long lasting (3+ hours). 

The Not so Good - I'd personally prefer the shift to be a little stronger, the smaller purse sizes aren't available anymore :(  

Would I buy these again? Not the Shifty Collection, but I've already cheekily ordered a coloured Lip Poison - Candy Apple! 

Who might like these? Those that like unscented/taste free lip glosses. And these particular ones would be great for those that prefer more of a gloss without much colour. 

The Bottom Line - Sorry Venomous Cosmetics I have to be honest and say they're nothing special, but I can't wait to try the new lip liner and my Candy Apple one when the postman comes! 

That just about rounds off my Venomous Cosmetics Bonanza, but this won't be the last of my reviews/swatches as I'm far to addicted to the brand! But anyway I hope you all had an amazing Christmas and were far to busy enjoying yourselves to notice I haven't posted in a whole week! But as always thanks for stopping by, H :)   


  1. haha...i cant see any difference :P

  2. I love this! I usually go for very subtle colors when it comes to lip gloss.

  3. @ MrAJBx3 - There is some gloss to it and a very subtle shimmer to it which you can see a bit better in real life. But like I said, it's not for everyone! :)

    @ MoniqueS - Glad you like it :) It's definitely very subtle, but not just a clear gloss, kinda like the best of both worlds!


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