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Top Picks: Christmas Red Lips

Up until now I've held off from bombarding you all with Christmas posts as theres so many of them floating around cyberspace. But now that we're getting a bit closer I thought it was about time I acknowledged Christmas! So I thought I'd give you another Top Picks post of some great red lip colours! If you don't celebrate Christmas or don't want to rock a red lip on the day then these are still great red lip colours for anytime. But I have selected some more glittery ones and bold ones too and not just lipsticks either!
Anyway I hope you enjoy my post - all swatches on the skin are at the bottom, with the lip swatches running throughout, with a mini review each.

Products L-R: BeautyUK Lip Lust - no.10 Moulin Rouge, Clinique High Impact Lip Colour - Rosette, BarryM Lip Lacquer Crayon - no.1 Cherry Red, MakeUp Academy (MUA) Lipstick - shade 13, Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up, MUA Lipstick - shade 8, GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Red. 

BeautyUK Lip Lust - Moulin Rouge
It wouldn't be Midnight Violets if I didn't kick of the party with a Lip Lust - possibly my favourite lipgloss formula as they aren't even the slightest bit sticky. This particular one is a slightly deepened red shade thats chocker block full of shimmer, but in a very wearable way as you'll be able to tell from me wearing it below. Great on it's own as it has a pretty good pigmentation, but also looks good over a lippie! Oh and BeautyUK have just released a much more pigmented version of these glosses called Lip Vinyls - review coming soon!

Price & Availability -  £2.99 at Superdrug and the BeautyUK website. 

Clinique High Impact Lip Colour - Rosette
This is one of those lipsticks that's slowly worked it's way to the back of the drawer, but when looking through my lip stuff for this post I pulled it out and realised how great it'd be for Christmas. It's a warmish red that is slightly muted making it a much more wearable for those a bit shy of bold lips. But what makes it perfect for this time of year is the subtle golden shimmer it has running through it making it really pretty. Mine doesn't have the nicest packaging as it was a magazine freebie, but if you pay full price you'll get something nicer :) 

Price & Availability -  £15, Boots  

Barry M Lip Lacquer Crayon - No.1 Cherry Red
I'll be honest, when I first brought this I really hated it. It was so bold and has an almost metallic finish, which scared me a lot. But I've got a bit braver and think of it in a better light - when paired with suitable eye make-up! It's pretty long lasting and has a pretty true red, that if anything leans slightly cool. I'd definitely say this is one for the brave, due to the intense colour and finish, mixed with a fair amount of gloss too! 

Price & Availability - £4.99, Boots, Superdrug and the BarryM Website. 

MakeUp Academy Lipstick - Shade 13
I love love love the formula of the MUA lipsticks, they feel like balm, reasonably long lasting, good pigmentation, and have a really nice subtle vanilla scent. I can't really say a bad word about them, except shade names not numbers would be nice! But anyway I picked up a few of their reds recently and this one has turned out to be my favourite. It's a bright bright, slightly lighter red, with no shimmer/glitter to in it but a slightly glossy finish. In the picture below I've used a gold eyeshadow (Shiro's Perfect World) in the centre of the lip to add that Christmas spirit!

Price & Availability - £1, Superdrug. 

Sleek Pout Paint - Pin Up
Another lip product I love love love, the Sleek Pout Paints are intensely pigmented, you only need to use the teeniest amount to get full, lasting covergae. Pin Up is the standard red shade, but if you wanted something different these are made for mixing up your own unique colours using other shades of Pout Paint. I'd happily wear this on it's own though, with its slight glossy finish. 

Price & Availability - £4.99, Superdrug (can't find it on the Sleek website). 


MakeUp Academy Lipstick - Shade 8
I've already talked about the MUA Lipstick a little further up in this post so I won't bore you all by repeating myself! This one is a lot more toned down in colour than the other shade though and slightly sheerer too. It's slightly deeper than the other shade, but the reason I've included it here is it's a perfect red for christmas with some subtle and wearable glitter running through it! Whats Christmas without a little glitter?! And this is so cheap!

Price & Availability: £1, Superdrug.

GOSH Long Lasting Lip Marker - Red
My last red lip product is one I've talked about a fair amount before and something a little different to the lipsticks/glosses that made up the rest of this post. This is basically a pen that you can colour your lips in with, it does stain so you'll want to get it right first time, but it'll last really well - perfect for eating your Christmas Dinner, or as a base under your favourite red lipstick. The colour is slightly warm, but nothing us cool toned ladies won't be able to pull off! 

Price & Availability - £6.99, Superdrug


Adding that little bit of Christmas magic!
It wouldn't be christmas without a touch of gold and glitter would it? So adding a touch of gold eyeshadow to the centre of the lips can be a subtle and beautiful way to do that. Something with a pearly finish is great as it will make your lips look fuller and more defined. I've given an example a bit further up my post in the MUA shade 13 swatches. But of course you'll want your beautiful red lips to last as well. Which is no easy task with all the eating and drinking thats become a tradition of the season. But using something such as ELF Makeup Lock and Seal (£3.50) can be great at prolonging wear. 


And that just about rounds of my epic red lip post, I'm not claiming they're the best out there, just some of my favourites. So if you have any others you wanted to share then don't hesitate to leave them as comments below, you guys always have great suggestions!

But as always if you wanted to know anything about any of the products mentioned then don't hesitate to ask. Thanks for stopping by, H :)


  1. Brilliant post! I love my red lipstick!! :D I actually really like the look of that Barry M one!

  2. You have to be so careful i find with the pout paints but you did an awesome job xD awesome post too! <3

  3. Thank you :) I'm totally with you on loving a bit of red lippie, saying that though I'm quite a fan of the pink lips as well!

  4. Hi! You mention ELF lock & Seal, does it work well? I've tried Lipcote and though it does make the colour last longer, it makes my lips very dry. Nice blog btw!

  5. @Nora - For me ELF Lock & Seal works well at making lip colour last a longer. And I haven't found it to be drying, but I don't tend to have too much of a problem with my lips drying out! Overall I think it's pretty good, but stay tuned as I'll have a proper review up in the new year! And I'm pleased you like my blog, comments like yours are nice to come home to after a long day at work!

  6. Sleek lipstick is super pretty I love that color!

  7. Good to know, thanks so much for ur answer Hannah! I look forward to ur upcoming reviews! xx

  8. loving your red picks :D the sleek, barry m and mua looks awesome and really good on you :) For me now I am loving Rimmel Alarm and Maybelline red rivival :D I don't mind hoarding more red lipsticks in the future ;)



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