Saturday, 10 December 2011

Review + Swatches: Sleek Face Contour Kit - Light

I wasn't really much one for contouring until I tried Sleek's Suede Blush as a contour shade and was very impressed. So when Superdrug recently had a 3for2 running on their make-up I thought I might as well try this as I haven't come across anything from Sleek that I've hated yet! The kit is available from Superdrug and Sleeks Website for £6.50

As always I've included a summary at the end.

The Basics
As you can see this little kit comes in the same style of packaging as the blushes, but is a little bit bigger. Inside there is a contour shade and a highlight shade, with 14g combined product. There is more contour shade than highlight, which is probably for the best and makes it more aesthetically pleasing! There are three different colour choices, light, medium and dark, so hopefully a little something for everyone! I probably don't have to tell you this, but I have the one in light! 


The Contour Side
Colour wise this is a warm matte brown that's on the paler side as to not be too over the top on us pale ladies. The pigmentation isn't quite as strong as the blushes generally are, but actually this is good as I don't want a strong pigmentation for a contour shade. Blending also isn't quite as easy as I might like, but it's still pretty decent - I tend to have high standards with Sleek as they impress me so much! On my face I find this lasts around 6 hours, which is very good for me! I did find the colour didn't work that well as a bronzer on my skintone though - too warm!

The Highlight
This is a warm pale champagne highlight with a pearl finish to it. On me this lasts throughout the whole day, even if I'm outside! It applies really nicely and can be blended to give more of a glow or can be applied heavier to give a more intense highlight. This makes it great also on the eyes as a browbone/inner corner highlight. 

The photo below shows the kit on my face so you can see what it actually looks like on!


The Good - loads of product, long lasting, not powdery at all, comes with a little guide, value, pigmentations spot on. 

The Not so Good - contour shade is a little too warm, on my ghostly skin tone.

Would I repurchase this? I'm not sure, the products great quality, but I'm not convinced on the colour for me. 

That just about rounds up tonights review, I promise I'll get something a bit less repetitive than the constant reviews up in the next couple of days for you! I'm thinking another installment of my Top Picks, Christmas Red Lips anyone?! 

PS BuyaPowa has some great make-up deals on at the moment, I'm more than a little bit tempted! Thanks for stopping by, H :)


  1. I actually think that it looks really lovely on you! You've applied it really nicely and it's blended well! x

  2. I just found your blog, subbed right away! I agree, it looks great on you and actually the fact that its warm really gives more life to the skin, at least from what i see in the picture. I am now convinced that I wanna purchase this!

    1. Thanks for following, really appreciate it! And also thanks for saying it looks nice :) It's grown on me a bit over the last few months - this is a reasonably old post! It's totally worth purchasing!

  3. Thank you for reviewing, i am actually about to buy this hehehe.. visit my blog too at


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