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Review + Swatches: No7 Mini Metallic Eyes Pencil Set - Beneath the Morning Skies

Possibly one of the longest post titles ever! But also one of my favourite eyeliner formulas too! I've used the pencil set I brought from No7 last Christmas so much over the last year that I decided it would be a shame not to check out this years offerings. On first look they seemed pretty similar to the shades I had, but after getting them home and swatching, it was definitly money well spent. Talking of money the set costs £13.50 from Boots. 

As always I've included a summary at the end. 

L-R: Gold, Bronze, Copper, Amethyst, Emerald.

The Basics
Like last year this pencil set includes 5 pencils in different metallic colours. Each pencil contains 0.8g of product, which isn't full size but is still a reasonable amount of product. The colours included in this set are Emerald, Amethyst, Copper, Bronze and Gold. They do have some resemblence to the ones in the sets last year, but none of them as far as I know are exactly the same (but I don't have all of last years ones!). And finally No7 has also released another Pencil Set with different colours this year called Beneath the Evening Stars. 


The Formula
Apart from the black plastic style tubing, the formula also reminds me of Urban Decay 24/7 liners. They are creamy and smooth and apply really nicely and easily to the eye. They don't drag on the eye either. One slight draw back of the soft creamy formula is that they're not the easiest to sharpen. But putting them in the fridge for a bit first can help!


For me the wear on these isn't perfect to the end of the day, but nothing really is on my eyes! But this is my favourite pencil formula I've tried so far, especially for the way it lasts on my lashline. There is a small amount of smudging by the end of the day around my outer corners and only reminants on my waterline. So basically this is more of a lashline liner

L-R: Gold, Bronze, Copper, Amethyst, Emerald.

Colour and Pigmentation
The pigmentation as a whole with the liners is really good, with Copper in this set being not quite as strongly coloured as the other four. But it's still pretty good! They also all share the same lightly metallic finish.

Gold - This is a pretty yellowed, slightly paler but still bright true gold. What a muddled sentence!

Bronze - A really pretty tarnished bronze colour, with subtle golden shimmer, making it great with green eyeshadows. 

Copper - This is a pretty standard copper shade, not quite my thing, but a thin line is just about do-able! And like I said above this isn't quite as pigmented as the others. 

Amethyst - This is a bright plummy purple with a very slight pink tinge to it - don't let this put you of though as it's beautiful. Amethyst is a brighter/lighter purple than the Smoky Purple pencil from last year. 

Emerald -  This is VERY similar to the Smoky Peacock liner from last year, I'll probably think of them as the same when using them. But still a pretty, darkish emerald green, leaning slightly teal.

The Good - long lasting, creamy soft, good value set, good colour selection, good pigmentation.

The Not so Good - doesn't last on the waterline,  limited edition colours, can be a little too soft - don't press hard! (not that you'll need to)

Would I buy these again? Absolutly, I have 10 of the Metallic Eyes Pencils now and theres always room for more! And I must say I'm tempted by the other set they have this year... 

Who might like this? Those looking for a cheaper version of the 24/7 liners. People looking for a pencil with good longevity. 

After writing this post I've realised I really should have added some comparison swatches as I've mentioned a few other liners. So if that's something you'd like to see then just let me know and I'll get some up here for you :) But as always if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. 

Thanks for stopping by, I really appreciate it, H :)  


  1. Good post :-)
    I might buy these for my sister for Christmas.

    Holli x

  2. Great post! I'm a huge fan of the UD 24/7 liners but these sound like a fabulous less expensive alternative!

  3. @Dragon Mommy - I hope she likes them! I know I'd be more than happy to receive a set for Christmas!

    @MrsCassizzleSparkles - They are, they don't have the same colour range and as many bright colours. But overall quality wise they are definitely comparable :)


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