Thursday, 24 November 2011

Lip Swatches: Models Own Tinted Lip Balms

Back in the summer I took the plunge and brought the full set of the Models Own Lip Balms whilst they were having a 50% off sale. It has taken me a while to get the lip swatches up but better late than never as they always say! Being me I stupidy forgot to put one of the balms in the picture below, but all 6 have been included in the lip swatches! They are available from Boots and the Models Own website for £5 each

The Basics
These come in pretty basic but sturdy and practical glass jars that fit nicely in your pocket. Inside each one have 6g of product in. They all have different subtle fruity scents, nicer than the scent of Sleeks Pout Polishes and without the taste too. There is a range in pigmentation, but I'll go through that when I talk about them individually. They have a good moisturization and all have a nice glossy finish


01 - Glass
This is just a clear balm, with a nice glossy finish and a thick almost slightly gel like texture. Great for adding over lip stains or to use on it's own for a subtle shine. 


02 - Ballet Pink
This was the one that I was on the fence about buying as I was scared it would be a pigmented baby pink - which definitely isn't me! But it actually applied pretty much colourless with a very subtle golden shimmer to it. Again great on it's own or over a lip colour. 

03 - Tangerine
The name would lead you to think that this is a bright orange. But actually I'd probably call it more of an orange based red, which I think I can just about get away with on my skintone. This one has no shimmer/glitter to it with a fair amount of pigmentation for a lipbalm. 


04 - Fuchsia Full
This is the first one I ever brought back in last spring. This one sure packs a punch and is very pigmented, which is either good or bad depending on your preferences. But I like it! The colour of this one is a bright cool toned fuchsia with a subtle shimmer running through it. 


05 - Red Hot 
This is a bright scarlet red without any shimmer/glitter in it. The pigmentation isn't quite that of Fuchsia Full but is still pretty strong. This is also reasonably close in colour to Tangeringe - less orange though! 


06 - Blackberry
This one looks pretty scary in the pot, but luckily it has less pigmentation to it than the others making it much more wearable. The main colour here is a berry tone with tones of red and pink and very slight hints of plum. Again no shimmer/glitter and a great colour for this time of the year. 

Sorry again for taking forever to get this post up, but hopefully it's been helpful to some of you. But as always if I haven't gone over what you want to know then don't hesitate to ask me.

I think I'm having a bit of a tinted lipbalm thing at the moment, I'm really tempted to pick up some of the new NYX ones! Has anybody tried them yet? But anyway thanks for stopping by, H :)


  1. Awesome post i love the clear one but omg these are soo pigmented haha


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